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Truck stop diner heaven!  Cinders Café is the best - and only restaurant that is always open - located between the cities of Weed, CA., and Klamath Falls, Oregon, which is a remote 90 miles or so, of U.S. Highway 97.  Located at the Worden Truck Stop, a few miles south of Klamath Falls, Cinders Café caters to the taste of locals, truckers, fifth-wheelers, bikers, and anybody who enjoys delicious food in this part of southern Oregon.

Photo:  Cinders Café is located at the Worden Truck Stop, about 10 miles south of Klamath Falls.  You don't have to be a trucker to appreciate this fine diner, as this wonderful restaurant features something for every taste.

Photo:  It's 0630 on Sunday morning, June 28, 2015, and I'm the only customer in this very empty restaurant. Photo is the dining counter, which centers the kitchen, but there are many tables, booth, and even a semi-private dining room.  You don't need to be a trucker to enjoy Cinders Café!

Photo:  My friendly server, Jerri, writes up my order, as I sit at the bar, and enjoy the Klamath Falls atmosphere. When I dine alone, I prefer to sit at a counter or a bar, so I can chit-chat with the staff, and observe them in action. Jerri remarked that this early Sunday morning was very slow, but sometimes, at this hour, the restaurant is packed with hungry diners.  She took the time to open the windows, to welcome in the breeze, on this warm Sunday morning.

Photo:  My friendly server, Jerri, brings my order to my spot at the breakfast counter.  She really didn't appreciate having her photo taken - why are women so sensitive about that? - but totally agreed to my general photography, and my many questions.

Photo:  I pose with my breakfast, ready to enjoy.  Thank you, Jerri, my friendly server, for taking the photo.

Photo:  The menu advertised a "Sausage and Eggs breakfast - ask server," so I asked my server, Jerri, about the sausage and eggs.  OK, it seems the choice of sausage varies from day to day, and today's choices were Louisiana Hot Sausage, or Linguica.  What a choice!!!!  After a bit of agonizing, I went for the Louisiana Hot Sausage.  I was dazzled and amazed to find the breakfast included TWO Louisiana hot links, grilled to perfection!  The links were served with a mountain of hash brown potatoes, two fried eggs - over easy - which is my usual choice, sourdough toast, coffee, and an optional bowl of gravy.

The breakfast was simply AMAZING!  Everything was cooked to perfection, exactly as I had ordered.  Note the eggs over easy were cooked EXACTLY over easy, which is a benchmark of a good breakfast restaurant.  The food was not fancy, but at less than $10.00 for the entire meal, it was just what I look for in a breakfast restaurant.

How can I not absolutely LOVE this restaurant, as Cinders Café includes everything I cherish in a restaurant?  I LOVE the diner-style food, the traditional country music playing in the background, the "trucker" atmosphere, and the outdated, 1970's vintage decour.  Add it all together, and you get a great dining experience!

Cinders Café
19809 Hwy. 97 South
Klamath Falls, OR. 97603
541 273-1144

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