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How does a breakfast with the title of "Buckaroo Breakfast" grab you?  How long has it been since you've enjoyed a link of chorizo sausage, Spanish style?  Sound unique?  Well cowboy, saddle-up and enjoy breakfast at Say When Casino Caf in McDermitt, Nevada!


Photo:  Say When Casino... photo was taken across the street at the motel/gas station.  The Oregon state line is about a hundred yards north of the casino... to the right of the photo, but the casino is in Nevada, so gambling is legal, and the restaurant is great.  On this  beautiful Monday morning, September 19, 2011.


Photo:  This is the entrance of the restaurant, as you enter from the casino, showing the breakfast counter, and the kitchen in the background.  Just for the record, I sat at the breakfast counter in the stool, second from the left of the photo.  I arrived at about 0800 and the restaurant was nearly empty, but by the time I left, around 0845, the place was nearly full.


Photo:  I'm sitting at the breakfast counter, enjoying all of the action, and I can't resist snapping a photo on my iPhone 4 of the kitchen action, with my friendly server, Gwenna, working hard, and a local diner enjoying coffee at the breakfast counter.


Photo:  My friendly server, Gwenna, poses after she has placed my Buckaroo Breakfast on the counter.  Say When Cafe is a great place to enjoy a superior breakfast in McDermitt, Nevada.


Photo:  I love being on both sides of the camera, and I'm not shy of having my photo taken.  Gwenna was quite gracious to honor my request to snap my photo... Hey mom!  Hey dad!  I'm actually in McDermitt, Nevada, enjoying a great breakfast.  No, Mom, I'm not visiting a house of ill repute... I'm just enjoying a delicious breakfast.


Photo:  Say When Casino Caf, like most casinos in Nevada - but not all of them - is a 24/7 operation, and the restaurant offers breakfast 24/7... that is a good thing for breakfast lovers!  If you have ever wondered what a "Buckaroo Breakfast" is all about... well... here it is in this photo.  At Say When Casino Caf, you get your choice of breakfast meat - in my case, I chose Spanish chorizo... how could I resist Spanish chorizo... as opposed to Mexican chorizo???? - hash brown potatoes, eggs - over easy, in my case.... I inherited my taste in eggs from my dad - and a side of toast... my choice was sourdough.  Coffee, of course... Friends... this was a great breakfast!!!

Say When Casino Caf is an oasis in the desert, as the restaurant is open 'round the clock, and they serve great food, with a Northern Nevada, cowboy twist, and they feature super-friendly service, and the price of admission is very reasonable.  When you're in the mood to ask yourself the question, "when," just Say When Caf, in McDermitt, Nevada, for an outstanding breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Say When Casino Caf
U.S. Highway 95 and Stateline Road
McDermitt, NV 89421
775 532-8520

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