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Welcome to Las Vegas!  If you're in the food for a fun dining experience, and you're in the mood to enjoy the best fish and chips in town, Mickie Finnz, at the Fremont Street Experience is the place to dine!

Photo:  Mickey Finnz is located at Fremont Street Experience, on Fremont Street, just off Las Vegas Blvd., just across the street from the world famous Heart Attack Grill.  

Photo:  Atmosphere inside resembles a sports bar, complete with television monitors, and, since it's Las Vegas, you'll find a slot machine or two.  But the dining is comfortable, spacious, clean, and... well, it's lots of fun!

Photo:  As the machine reads, "You catch 'em, we cook 'em!"  A lobster machine, where you feed dollars - yes, dollars - into the machine, and if you manage to snag a live lobster, Mickey Finnz will kill it, clean it, and cook it for you, in true roadkill fashion.  OK, kids, after all, this is Las Vegas!  Dave looks on, as Jacquie tries her luck at snaring a live lobster.  Alas, it didn't happen.

Photo:  Me?  Forget attempting to snag a live lobster, as I prefer to drink a 60-oz Pacifico beer, which it takes both hands, and a mouth, to control.  In common terms, that's a HALF GALLON of beer!  Viva Las Vegas! Of course I drank it all...

Photo:  We ordered an appetizer of Crabcake Sliders, which is Maryland style crabcakes, on Hawaiian rolls, each prepared with something a little different, which made our appetites ready for the main course:  Island Fish and Chips!

Photo:  Our friendly server, Christina, delivers an order of Island Fish and Chips to our table, as Jacquie and Dave look on.

Photo:  All of us ordered the same dinner:  Island Fish and Chips.  My order of fish and chips, along with the 60-oz glass of Pacifico beer.  Mickie Finnz's menu describes Island Fish and Chips, as follows:  "A HUGE beer-battered filet of cod, deep fried to a golden brown, and served with tartar sauce on top of a mound of fries."  It's under the menu category of "Buckets and Plates," and, as the menu states, and the aforementioned photo documents, the Island Fish and Chips is served in a galvanized bucket, with the fried fish, and tartar sauce placed on top of a mountain of fries.  The fish is cooked perfectly... ditto for the fries... errr, chips.  Oh yes, the food is good!  Dare I say delicious?  I was the only one in our party that finished all of my dinner, including the 60-oz beer, the fish, and the mountain of chips.  Yes, I was hungry!

Photo:  Our family Sunday, January 27, 2013 diners, from left to right:  Eric Rench, Sharlene Rench, Jackie Bower and David Neuenkirch.  Note that we're all enjoying the same delicious dinner:  Island Fish and Chips, from Mickie Finnz.  Delicious food, with the best fish and chips in Las Vegas.  Check out the guy with the largest glass of beer...

The fish is delicious!  The fries are amazing!  ... and the beer is cold!  Mickie Finnz serves delicious fish and chips, and it's a fun place to enjoy a delicious dinner!  Highly recommended dining, in downtown Las Vegas.

Mickie Finnz
425 Fremont St. #120
Las Vegas, NV 89101
702 382-4204

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