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I know a little diner, tucked away in Diamond's Casino, co-located with Reno's Ramada Hotel, that's open 24/7, and serves delicious diner cusine at 1985 prices.  Yes, we're talking about Diamond's 24-Hour Diner...

Photo:  Diamond's 24 Hour Diner is located inside Diamond's Casino in Reno, about a mile east of downtown.  The diner is the only restaurant located in the casino, but it's open 24/7, serves delicious diner cuisine, at prices reminiscent of 30 years ago.  Judging by all of the semi-trucks parked in the spacious parking lot, this restaurant/casino must be popular with truckers.

Photo:  The diner is located just inside the casino, at the main door, which faces the parking lot.  The "dining room" is an enclosure that features a bar with a few stools, and three tables and chairs.  There is seating for maybe 18 diners, with 6 stools at the bar, and four chairs per table.

Photo:  Check out these low-low prices on the posted menu!  The menu selection is limited, but you can't beat the prices, and note the daily specials.  In 2015, these are 1985 prices, which makes Diamond's 24-Hour Diner one of the best bargains in the Reno area.

Photo:  The format is very simple, as you make your selection from the posted menu, place your order, and pay the cashier.  There is no real "service," as this is a bargain-basement, "no frills" diner, but the food is great, and no tip is necessary.  This little diner doesn't even have a tip jar!

Photo:  On this Friday morning, September 04, 2015, there were two ladies working the restaurant, one lady cooking, and the other taking orders and operating the cash register.  During the half-hour I was at the restaurant, the place enjoyed a steady stream of customers, and these ladies were busy all of the time.

Photo:  I love open kitchens; this photo was taken after I placed my breakfast order.  The gal who was cooking yelled at me, "Why are you taking photos?" I told here I love to take photos of beautiful women, but that didn't seem to make her any happier, so for the remainder of my visit, my camera kept a low profile.

Photo:  Today, I ordered steak, eggs, hash brown potatoes and sourdough toast, for the price of only $6.50.  You can't beat the price, but if you're looking for 5-star dining, you'd better go elsewhere.  I sat at he counter, and when my order was ready, the cashier simply handed it to me, with out a word.  Not exactly "service with a smile," but no tip is expected, so that is not a problem.  The plate is disposable styrafoam, and the utensils are cheap plastic.  My steak was cooked medium, as per my order, and quite tender, but the cheap plastic knife would barely cut it, and the fork bent as I speared the meat!  I ended up breaking the fork, and went to the counter for another one.  But at the price of this meal, who cares?

When you pay a visit to Diamond's 24-Hour Diner, don't expect 5-star cuisine, and don't expect much, if any service. You can expect to enjoy modest diner fare, in a no-frills dining room, you won't pay a tip, and you'll be enjoying great food in 2015, priced as if the year was 1985.  Such an unbelievable bargain!

Diamond's Casino 24-Hour Diner
1000 E. 6th St.
Reno, NV 89512
775 786-5151

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