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Cisco's Restaurant is one of the few "sit down" restaurants in the small Nevada town of Tonopah.  The restaurant is family owned and operated, and sits on a hill at the north end of town.  Cisco's features the best of everything, as they not only offer "sit down" dining, but you can order "take out" or they will even deliver your order to you, for a small additional charge.  That's service!

Photo:  That's my Ford F-250 parked in front of Cisco's on this cold, rainy. Saturday afternoon in Tonopah.

Saturday, October 23, 2010 I was staying the night in Tonopah, and was looking for a place for dinner.  There was a highly-recommended Mexican restaurant across from the Tonopah Motel, where I was staying, but I really wasn't in the mood for Mexican food - which is unusual for me - as I'd been toying with the idea of some sort of burger, and I really just wanted to take it to the motel room, relax, and eat it later.  When I checked into the motel room, a menu from Cisco's Restaurant was placed near the television, and looking it over, I saw exactly what I had in mind:  An Ortega Chili Burger, with optional guacamole, and fries.  Done deal...and without delay, I was on my way to Cisco's.

Cisco's Restaurant is a unique combination that combines the best of "sit down" and takeout, as you order your food at the register, and if you're dining in, you sit down and one of the friendly staff will bring the food to your table.  The menu is posted above the order counter, and it's colorfully back-lighted in a colorful format that really grabs your attention.  The menu is all over the place, as it features something for every taste, including a smattering of Mexican dishes, American "comfort food," and lots of burger choices.  They also have an ice cream bar that offers many choices of exotic ice cream, served on cones, and depending on your mood swing and the status of your pocketbook, you can order one, two or three-scoop ice cream cones.

Photo:  The ice cream counter is to the left, and Cisco's lighted menu is posted above it.  The order counter and the kitchen are in the center of the photo.

Photo:  Cisco's Restaurant features a comfortable dining room, should you care to dine in.

Since I'd seen the flier placed in the motel room, I already knew what I wanted, so without hesitation I walked up to the order counter and placed my order of an Ortega Chili Burger, which included fries, and an optional topping of guacamole - I can't resist guacamole on anything - with the young man who was working the counter and the cash register.  I noticed a tall, older gentleman in the kitchen who seemed to be the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer of the operation.  A pre-teen girl was sitting next to the counter, doing what appeared to be homework, for school. Such informality... after all, I'm in Tonopah!

The tall, lanky guy who was cooking my burger introduced himself to me as Red.  He asked me where I was heading to, and told him in the next couple of days that I'd be going home to Roseville, and he advised me that another storm was on the way, and that I should be carefully driving over Donner Pass.  I asked the young girl behind the counter if she was catching up on her school homework, and she told me that she was brainstorming some "stuff" for the upcoming Halloween, whatever that meant.  She asked me if I was going to dress up, and I told her that I wasn't, as my mission was to stay at home and pass out candy to the trick-n-treaters.  As Red was cooking my burger, he chimed in that when he goes trick or treating, he likes to wear a mask, as it hides his beard, and nobody can tell how old he is.  You just gotta love it!

Photo:  I surprise Red and son as I take their photo while they make my burger.  Red made the burger and his son prepared my order of fries.

Photo:  Red takes a order over the phone while his daughter sits behind the counter, as she brainstorms her "stuff" for Halloween.

In passing, Red also told me that he drove a long-haul truck before settling down into the restaurant business, as he wanted some stability in his life, he was tired of being away from his family, and that he'd always liked to cook.  Well, Red, it's good your job is your hobby, as you make the best burger in Tonopah!

A couple of hours later, back in my motel room, I reheated Red's burger, and guess what?... A super-size, perfectly cooked Ortega burger, covered with guacamole awaited me!  Included in the styrafoam box was a mountain of golden brown fries.  Oh baby!  The burger was good, as the meat was cooked well done, but not at all burnt, the chili was grilled and cooked perfectly, and the cheese was melted, gooey, and delicious.  Not to mention that the burger was topped with optional guacamole, and served with a mountain of golden colored fries.  Altogether, a truly delicious meal.

Photo:  My Ortega Chili Burger, with optional guacamole, and a portion of the mountain of fries that came with my burger.

There aren't many dining options in Tonopah, but when you're in town, and you're in the mood for a delicious burger, and more, dine at Cisco's Restaurant, as they have all dining formats covered, serve delicious food, and are staffed by friendly people.  Cisco's is my kind of place!

Cisco's Restaurant
702 N. Main St.
Tonopah, NV 89049
775 482-5022

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