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I arrived in historic Tonopah, Nevada late Saturday afternoon, October 23, 2010, under very threatening skies.  It had been raining on and off, it looked like it would start raining any minute, the temperature was in the low 40's, and the wind was gusty.  In other words, it would not have not made for a pleasant evening to be tent camping in the high desert.  I was looking for a place to stay for the night; I didn't want anything fancy, as I didn't want to break the bank, but I had to have Internet access.  Location isn't a problem in Tonopah, as all motels are located along Main Street, and all attractions in Tonopah are in walking distance.  After cruising Main Street a couple of times, the Tonopah Motel caught my eye, as they advertised rooms for $34.95 a night, which included high speed Internet access.  

Photo:  There's vacancy, lots of it, at the Tonopah Motel, on this chilly, rainy Saturday afternoon in late October. Note the Jim Butler mountain in the background, with lots of antennas for the City of Tonopah, and Nye County.

Believe me, Tonopah is a long ways from everywhere, so I figured that "high speed" Internet access would be 56k at best, or 28.8k at worse.  Surprise!  When I walked into the lobby at the Tonopah Motel, I noticed behind the desk a rack of electronic equipment, and upon closer inspection, I noticed a Cisco router and a Cisco server!  In Tonopah?  The very talkative, but mostly toothless gal behind the counter told me that Internet access if by Frontier, it is piped-in via satellite, it's very fast, and the price of a room includes unlimited access.  

Photo:  On this Saturday afternoon, the motel is open for business, and the window is open for service 24 hours. Oh, it's for sale, if you're interested in purchasing a motel in Tonopah.

Photo:  The motel lobby blends low-tech - the hand-lettered "Please ring bell for service" - with the high-tech server in the background, near the window.  The refrigerator contains soft drinks and ice.  There is no ice machine, as the lady at the counter told me that previous guests had trashed their ice machine long ago, so now they charge a nominal fee of $.25 per bag of ice, which is enough to keep a six pack cold.  She took great pains to tell me that they purchase bags of ice at a retail store and them separate them into the little bags they sell for a quarter.  

Photo:  Tomopah Motel includes a patio, complete with a party area and a fully-functional gas grill that really works, and is available for no charge.  The motel picks up the gas bill, which is a nice touch.

Photo:  The panoramic shot shows just how large the motel room really is, as I stand at the rear of the motel room and take a collage of photos that basically will give you an idea of how large this motel room really is.  Aside from my computer in the center of the photo, it's pure 1970's!

Photo:  Yes, the decor is outdated, the room is Spartan, but it's clean, comfortable, spacious, and a super value at $34.95 a night, with lightning-fast Internet service.  You also get to open the door with a real key, and you're treated to delicious, free coffee in the morning, made with a real coffee urn, just like in the 1970's!  You know, I really like this motel and I highly recommend you stay at the Tonopah Motel when you visit Tonopah, Nevada.

Tonopah Motel
325 Main Street
Tonopah, NV 89049
775 482-3897'

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