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When the thought of the small northern Nevada community of Gerlach drifts across your mind, what do you think of?  Burning Man?  Four wheelin?  Hunting?  Yes, all of the above, but I must confess that I've neither attended Burning Man, nor have I hunted for anything but beer cans during my travels to northern Nevada.  Here's something else to think about, when your mind wanders in the direction of Gerlach:  Bruno's Country Club.

Photo:  If you're looking for a fine place to eat in the small town of Gerlach, Nevada, you've found your restaurant, as Bruno's Country Club is THE place to eat in Gerlach, as it's the only restaurant in town.  To put the aforementioned statement into the proper context, Bruno's is the only restaurant for at least 60 miles to the south, and almost limitless miles in any other direction.  Besides a fine restaurant, Bruno's offers a bar, casino, motel, and a mobile home/RV park.  Bruno's in Gerlach, Nevada, with a population of about 200 people - how knows how many dogs and rattlesnakes? - offers the only amenities for many miles around in this lonely part of the world.  It's 0800 on this Tuesday morning, June 23, 2015, and after the morning "rush," I'm the only customer at the restaurant.

Of major interest in this photo, to enter the restaurant, use the door the the left.  The right door leads to the bar/casino, but there is a door into the restaurant from the bar/casino.  If you want to register at the motel or RV park, you need to visit the restaurant, or the motel.  At Bruno's complex, it's "old school" all the way!

Photo:  There is nothing fancy about the dining room at Bruno's Country Club, but it's comfortable, clean, and very friendly.  Yes, there's about as much atmosphere as a 24-hour truck stop diner in Oklahoma, but who cares when you're rewarded with friendly service, great food, and the only restaurant for, literally, hundreds of miles?  My friendly, yet camera-shy server, Diana pours coffee behind the breakfast bar.  At 0700 in the morning, locals populate the restaurant.  Note the cowboy hats, which tell you that Bruno's serves a delicious breakfast!

Photo:  The breakfast menu is very basic, yet it offers everything that a hungry diner could want for breakfast. Compared to my breakfast of yesterday, nothing is "foo-foo," and it's all good stick-to-your-ribs breakfast food.

Photo:  My friendly, informative, yet camera-shy server, Diana, took my photo, as I'm about ready to enjoy the best breakfast in Gerlach.  Without asking, you're served a glass of ice water, which is a nice touch in the drought-stricken southwestern U.S.A..  Bruno's Country Club serves delicious food, local atmosphere, and lots of friendly service.

Photo:  From the breakfast menu, I ordered two eggs "any style," but in my case, 99% of time, I prefer my eggs over easy.  You get a choice of bacon or sausage, so, in 99% of the time, I choose sausage.  Hash browns and your choice of toast - 99% of the time, sourdough for me - and a bottomless cup of OUTSTANDING coffee complete the meal.  I ordered a side of gravy, which reads on the menu as $2.45, and I wasn't charged for it!  Sweet!!!!   Such a delicious breakfast at an OUTSTANDING restaurant!

Yes, Bruno's Country Club has a monopoly on restaurants in northwestern Nevada, and parts of southern Oregon, but they do not gouge their patrons, as they serve delicious food, at a very reasonable price.  I highly recommend Bruno's Country Club as a fine restaurant!

Bruno's Country Club isn't fancy, and it doesn't even sport the sophistication of an interstate truck stop café, but consider the fact that the food is GOOD, in fact I would say DELICIOUS, you get LOTS of it, and the prices are VERY reasonable.  It's the only restaurant in town, and a favorite of locals, travelers, and "burners" alike, so you know Bruno's Country Club is a great restaurant!

Bruno's Country Club
445 Main St.
Gerlach, Nevada 89412
775 557-2220

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