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Venice Beach, California... Need I say more?  Exotic, overpowering, crazy... FANTASTIC!  Crazy events aside, if you're looking for fish and chips, and a lot more... On The Waterfront Cafe will fill you up with delicious Swiss or American cuisine, and put a smile on your face, as you enjoy the dynamic happenings on Venice Beach.

Photo:  On The Waterfront Cafe is named well, as it's located on Ocean Front Walkway, facing the beach, and all the craziness of Venice Beach.  It's early Saturday afternoon, September 16, 2006, and the beach is getting crazier by the second.

Photo:  The walk is not only crowded with humans, there are lots of pigeons as well, who seem to be enjoying this warm, delightful Saturday afternoon in September, 2006.

Photo:  We didn't even venture inside the restaurant, as it was a beautiful sunny day, and it was a perfect day to enjoy patio dining, in order to watch the continuous entertainment that Venice Beach offers.  Our daughter, Jacquie, and grandson, Paris, enjoy the beach atmosphere, and in Jacquie's case, a mug of beer from the nearby pitcher.

Photo:  Our two servers are caught at a moment when they seem to be wondering who's tab belongs to who?  No worries, as we were treated like family.

Photo:  We weren't doing any driving, so a pitcher of Samuel Adams beer seemed right for Jacquie and I, since we both love great beer.

Photo:  All of us ordered fish and chips, from the lunch menu, as it seemed like a wonderful option on this warm Saturday afternoon.

Photo:  From the lunch menu, my order of fish and chips.  On The Waterfront Cafe is quite unique, as the menu specialises in American, and Swiss "beer pub" favorites.  Since you're in sunny California, you'll also find a few Mexican dishes on the menu.  My lunch was delicious!

Photo:  Chess anybody?  Yes, a full-scale chess game is being played on the beach, as we watch while enjoying delicious fish and chips at On The Waterfront Cafe.

Photo:  We're strolling on the beach, and we observe this gentleman who's mission in life seems to be to legalize the use of recreational marijuana.  The bikers, beachgoers, and others seem to agree, or don't care, as nobody seems to pay attention, as this guy blows on his flute to further his cause.

Photo:  It's not hard to achieve great heights in life at Venice Beach, as all you have to do is to bring a ladder, and find a way to address the folks strolling by.  As far as "missions in life," mine is to enjoy great food, good beer, interesting people, and great scenery.  Long live the craziness enjoyed at Venice Beach!

Here's an "interesting" note to this article:  Our visit to On The Waterfront Cafe was in September, 2006, yet this article was finally published to this web site on January 14, 2006.  Why the long time between shooting and publishing?  I "dunno..."  I guess it got forgotten, but I take great notes, so here it is.

Talk about a restaurant with a "view..."  As you dine on the patio, you have a seat watching one of the greatest shows on the west coast of the United States of America!  That is, a Saturday afternoon on Venice Beach.  Oh yes, On The Waterfront Cafe serves great fish and chips...

On The Waterfront Cafe
325 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, CA 90291
310 392-0322

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