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In the wonderful world of Los Angeles, CA dining, there are three institututions that spell out the very soul of Los Angeles dining, and these fine restaurants are:  Pink's Hot Dogs, Dodger Dogs, and Original Tommy's Hamburgers. Universal Studios is fortunate to have all three, so the astute lover of the best cusine that Los Angeles has to offer can sample all three fine dining establishments in one location.  Such was my good fortune on Sunday, May 01, 2011, when during a family visit to Universal Studios I was fortunate to dine at all three institutions, and this article is about my enjoyable, pig-out dining experience at Original Tommy's Hamburgers.


Photo:  Tommy's is located on the second floor of the Universal Studios "City Walk."  It's small, colorful, and doesn't offer any indoor dining, but there are plenty of tables outside the restaurant that are shared among the many restaurants that are grouped together.  City Walk is a foodie's paradise and offers something for every taste.


Photo:  I'm in line, waiting to order.  The lighted menu can be seem above the counter.  In typical fast food fashion, you wait in line, you make your menu selection, you're asked "Is it for here or to go," you pay for an order, and then they give you a number.  You wait until your number is called, and you pick up your tray of food, it it's a "here" order, or you pick up your bag of food if your order is "to go."  The restaurant is quite small, but its spotlessly clean and very colorful.  The line looks long, but I only had to wait a couple of minutes to place my order, and my food was ready less than 5 minutes later.


Photo:  The counter gal, Angel, shouts "You're not allowed to take photos of the kitchen," but I did anyway... are they ashamed of their kitchen?  I couldn't figure out why, as the kitchen is squeaky clean, very modern, and a model in efficiency.  Maybe they think I represent O.S.H.A. or the F.B.I. or something...


Photo:  Paris, Jacquie and Sharlene relax at our table at the food court.  Jacquie and Paris chose to split a foot long Subway sandwich, and Sharlene chose fine cuisine from Taco Bell, and my order of a double chili cheeseburger and chili cheese fries takes center stage on the table.  One of the nice things about dining at City Walk is you have many restaurant choices, yet all share the common dining area.  The dining area is protected from the elements, and it's clean, comfortable and very family-friendly.


Photo:  My arteries shrink at least a millimeter just looking at this photo, but the burger and fries were sooooooo good!  My order of a double chili cheese burger, and an order of fries, covered with cheese, and a generous helping of Tommy's famous chili.  Folks, this is Los Angeles dining at its finest!


Photo:  I proudly show off my meal just before I begin to devour it.  We'd been hiking around Universal Studios all day, which has a tendency to produce an appetite, and a visit to Tommy's Original Hamburgers is the perfect way to end an enjoyable day.  The burger and fries make the drive from anywhere worthwhile... as this is fine cuisine.

Surprise!  Surprise!  During our next visit to our daughter Jacquie's place, later the year in September,  we decided to pay another visit to Universal Studios, since we'd purchased an annual pass during our visit in May and we wanted to get our money's worth.  Plus, Universal Studios is a lot of fun, anyway you look at it!  As during our visit in May, we stopped by Tommy's Original Hamburgers, on the "City Walk," as we just can't get enough of their delicious cuisine.  We know why Los Angeles is proud of their favorite home-grown hamburger chain...


Photo:  Sharlene and Matthew place our order at the counter, taken by counter gal, Angel, who I recognized from our visit from five months ago - she didn't recognize me - but I bet if I would have attempted to take photos of their kitchen, she probably would have remembered me as the kitchen violator-voyeur from our previous visit in May.


Photo:  Matthew placed our order on the table, and I immediately snapped the photo of our cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries.  Paris was feeling a bit under the weather, so he elected not to eat.  This photo shows the typical, "in-your-face" cuisine that Tommy's has based their reputation upon, much to the delight of Angelinos, and the rest of the world.


Photo:  Sunday, September 11, 2011, we enjoy dinner at Tommy's.  From left to right, Matthew Rench, Paris Marklovich, Jacquie Bower and Sharlene Rench.  Your photographer, webmaster and author, Eric Rench - does the "Rench" name sound familiar? - is taking the photo and therefore, out of the picture, in more ways than one.


Photo:  My delicious dinner at Tommy's of a double chili cheeseburger and an order of chili cheesefries.  To describe in only two words:  Simply Delicious!!!!  No wonder Tommy's has been in business for so long, as their food is the sort of food I go crazy over.  Los Angeles can be proud of their native son!

The "food police" probably will not give Tommy's an endorsement for healthy dining, but I give Tommy's an outstanding award, as they serve a super-delicious cheeseburger, covered with their world-famous chili, and their chili-cheese fries are simply a slice of fry heaven.  No wonder Tommy's has been in business since 1946, as they serve a burger that should make every Angelino proud!

Original Tommy's Hamburgers
1000 Universal Studios Blvd.
Universal City, CA 91608
818 754-1011

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