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How can you resist a breakfast special of two pancakes and two eggs for $1.49?  I can't...  Ted's Place, in Harbor City offers such a breakfast special on weekday mornings...

Photo:  Ted's Place is located only about three blocks from the motel where I was staying, so it was easy to walk to the place and not have to worry about parking.  Ted's is located at the busy corner of Normandie Ave. and Supulveda Blvd., in Harbor City.  Note the banner on the railing that advertises the "Early Bird Special," which I couldn't resist.

Photo:  Ted's dining room is quite narrow, long, and very cramped.  The gentleman in the red is at the order window; note the menu reaches well into the dining room, past the self-serve soda machine and the empty salad bar.  The entrance to the restaurant is at the extreme left of the photo, making it quite awkward to wait your turn to order, as during my visit, a lined formed out the door.

Photo:  Ted's works on the format that you choose your item from the overhead menu, pay the cashier, who in turn gives you a number. When your order is ready, another gal brings it to your table.  Photo is taken of the order counter, and the kitchen to the right, from the customer's side of the counter.  During my visit on Friday morning, October 4, 2013, Ted's Place was very busy, and a small line snaked out the front door, as there is no lobby of any kind between the front door and the order counter, making thing cramped and awkward, as people wait in line, and others attempt to enter and exit the restaurant.  Because things were so busy, I didn't have time to take many photos, chat with the staff, or get any names.  The bill identified my harried cashier/order-taker/waitress/bus person as "Front 1."  Nice to meet you, darlin'.

Photo:  I ordered the "Early Bird Breakfast Special," which was two pancakes, and two fried eggs, as per my wish, over easy.  The breakfast itself cost $1.49, which is truly a bargain.  The all-you-can-drink coffee came to $1.39, tax amounted to $.28, for a grand total of $3.14 for breakfast!  Because the restaurant essentially self-serve, no tip was necessary.  The breakfast was basic, well-prepared, and included butter and maple syrup.  At $3.14, I have no complaints!

The breakfast was a bargain, and the quality was definitely several steps above any fast-food restaurant breakfast. The lack of waiting space at the order counter is very awkward, and the narrow, cramped dining room leaves a lot to be desired.  But, I'm willing to tolerate the disadvantages for the bargain-priced breakfast...

Ted's Place
23401 Normandie Ave.
Harbor City, CA 90710
310 891-3000

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