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Saturday, March 16,  2012 we arrived at our daughter's new place in Menifee, after a long drive from Merced, just ahead of the snowstorm that closed the Grapevine not long after we'd left it in our rear view mirror.  We didn't feel like cooking, but we did feel like something good, so it was Papa John's to the rescue!  We made the short drive to Papa's, which is just west of the West Gate, placed our orders, watched them make our pizzas, took them home, and enjoyed great pizza on this rainy Saturday night!


Photo:  Papa John's Pizza is located in a small, upscale shopping center, about a mile west of the West Gate of the gated community of Canyon Lake, CA.


Photo:  Sharlene places our order of two pizzas, and an order of buffalo wings.  Look at the pizza guy in the kitchen, near the center of the photo, manhandling the pizza dough.  At Papa John's, you get to watch your pizza being made.


Photo:  I stepped right up to the counter and snapped a photo of the pizza guy throwing the dough in the air.  He repeated this move four times per pizza.  Quite a sight to watch!


Photo:  Our order of a large "Pepperoni" pizza, and an extra-large "The Works" pizza, with everything on it.  Not shown was our side order of "Spicy Buffalo Wings," which really weren't all that spicy.


Photo:  Close-up of "The Works," which is a mighty fine pizza.


Photo:  I'm never shy in front of a camera, and I pose with one of my favorite meals:  A cold M.G.D., two pieces of "The Works" pizza, and a couple of "Spicy Buffalo Wings."  This was only the first course, as I went back for seconds, thirds and fourths.  Ditto on the beer...

Papa John's #3283
25381 Railroad Canyon Rd.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
951 246-2773

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