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Early Wednesday afternoon, May 04, 2011, my daughter Jacquie, her friend Iris and I were lounging around the house and started talking about what to do for dinner.  It was a warm afternoon, we were in a lazy mood, and nobody felt like cooking, and tri tip sandwiches sounded like just the thing.  So the solution was to hop in Iris' golf cart, drive through the gated community, cross busy Railroad Canyon Road, and park the cart in front of Canyon Lake Market, where they have an awesome deli that produces some of the best tri tip sandwiches that I've ever had the pleasure to eat.

Photo:  I set in the back seat as Iris drives the golf cart on Canyon Lake Drive North.  Local regulations allow golf carts to cross Railroad Canyon Road, which allows access to the shopping center where the market is located.

Photo: The market is located in a small, upscale strip mall, across Railroad Canyon Road from the gated community of Canyon Lake.  If you're in the mood for a beer and some fine pizza, you're just around the corner from Lake House Tavern.

Photo:  Iris and Jacquie place the orders and watch the skilled staff members make the delicious sandwiches.

Photo:  Jacquie watches her sandwich being made.

Photo:  After our sandwiches are ready, Iris and Jacquie pose for the camera, and seem to feel like graphically expressing their thoughts about the age-old question of, "Why are you taking my photo?"

Photo:  Iris seems to have warmed up a bit to photos, as her pose is somewhat more relaxed as she gets her photo taken with me, her dear old stepdad.

Photo:  My delicious tri tip sandwich, with lots of meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and onions, on a roll, along with a generous side of creamy potato salad.  After enjoying this superior sandwich, I fully understood why the girls raved about it so much, as it was good, and it filled me up.  At $6.49, it represents a good value.

Photo:  Iris enjoys her sandwich, as her daughter, Alex, and Jacquie look on.

Jacquie and Iris had raved about the sandwiches made at Canyon Lake Market, and everything they said was true, as everything, including the roll was super fresh, the garnishes "snapped" when you bit into them, and the meat was cooked perfectly, and very juicy.  The potato salad was delicious too... and at $6.49 for a gigantic sandwich and a container of potato salad, the meal is bargain priced.  Thumbs up for the deli at Canyon Lake Market!

Canyon Lake Market
31682 Railroad Canyon Rd.
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
951 244-0311

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