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Tuesday afternoon, May 03, 2011 found my wife and oldest daughter away on a shopping expedition, and I was busying myself around my honorary daughter, Iris' place, performing step-dad and handyman duties.  After I repaired all of the burners in her kitchen range, she suggested that she and I take a little excursion to Lake House Tavern for some friendship, beer and pizza, and I readily agreed...


Photo:  Jacquie and Iris pose in front of Lake House Tavern.  Many of the bar patrons arrive in golf carts, as the tavern is located next to a golf course, and it's just across Railroad Canyon Road from the gated community of Canyon Lake.


Photo:  Kevin and other folks relax at the bar, as daughters Iris and Jacquie, in the center of the photo, enjoy their pizza and beer.  Note Jacquie's gesture to the camera, if I recall my history, she's giving me the "Hawaiian good luck sign."


Photo:  Tavern owner Justin and "daughter" Iris pose for my camera.  Justin is a nice guy, and a very gracious host, and he'll make you feel welcome at his fine tavern.


Photo:  Bartendress Gina, and patron Bob, seem to be having an intense discussion of local politics over his martini.


Photo:  Iris and I ordered a large combination pizza, and between the two of us, with a little help from our friends, we managed to eat the whole thing.  Despite being quite small in stature, Iris can eat, in fact, she can out-eat me! Lake House Tavern makes some of the best pizza that I've ever eaten.


Photo:  Iris and I toast the camera as we do what we do best:  Drink beer and eat pizza at Lake House Tavern.


Photo:  Friendly Kevin and bartendress Gina share good conversation, hot dogs, fries and hot sauce.


Photo:  Gina polishes off a hot dog, after applying a liberal coating of hot sauce on it.  Note the tattoos on both Kevin and Gina's arms, as tattoos are almost uniform in Canyon Lake, among patrons of Lake House Tavern.


Photo:  Today's Lake House Tavern gang, from left to right:  Jacquie, Sharlene, Eric, Iris and Kevin.  Note that we've almost finished the delicious pizza.  Taverns aren't noted for their pizza, but Lake House Tavern serves some of the best pizza that Canyon Lake has to offer.

After their shopping excursion ended, my oldest daughter Jacquie, and my wife Sharlene joined Iris and I at the tavern.  Iris and I had already polished off the pizza, but there was plenty of fun, friendship and beer leftover for everybody to enjoy!

Meanwhile, back in March, two months earlier...

Some folks consider Lake House Tavern a dive, but that's not a bad thing, as dives are always a lot of fun.  Of the several clubs located next to the gated community of Canyon Lake, CA, Lake House Tavern is perhaps the closest thing to a dive, as it attracts a mostly 20's and 30's, blue collar, tatooed crowd, who really enjoy the $1.50 draught beer, the delicious food - read pizza - they prepare, and the occasional live band that performs at the club.  On Saturday night, March 19, 2011 while visiting my oldest daughter, I had the opportunity to spend an evening at Lake House Tavern, drinking beer, eating pizza, listening to live rock 'n roll music, and dancing with many beautiful women, less than half my age.  Life doesn't get any better!

Photo:  It's still early on Saturday, March 19, 2011, and the crowds have yet to arrive at Lake House Tavern.

Photo:  We ordered one large pepparoni pizza for the five us, along with salads, and it satisfied our hunger.  Despite the tavern's reputation among the locals for being a dive, this pizza was excellent!

Photo:  Our gang, minus me, who's taking the photo, at the bar, enjoying fine company, great pizza, and icy-cold draught beer, from left to right:  Josh Buchanan (standing,) MacKenzie Buchanan, my daughter Jacquie Bower, and Iris Haughton.

Photo:  Jacquie and Iris enjoy pizza, side salads, and beer.  Iris looks as if she's escaped to pizza nirvana and doesn't want to come back to reality.  Note Jacquie's beer, which is her beverage of her choice... she remarked to me that she's a cheap date, as all she drinks is the $1.50 draught beer.  Like father, like daughter, as draught beer is also my beverage of choice.

Photo:  Beauty meets "The Beast," as I, Eric Rench, pose with Iris and MacKenzie.  You order your pizza at the bar, just like you would a drink, and it's cooked in the kichen on the far side of the room, and brought to you, at the bar. You don't even have to climb down from your bar stool.

Photo:  By the time the band started to play, at 2100, the place got crowded!!!  Lisa, the friendly bartender, mixes another one...

Photo:  Canyon Lake is an upscale, gated community, with many million-plus dollar homes, yet practically everybody sports a tatoo, although this staff member is tatooed more than many of the patrons.

Photo:  The band, The Next, playing at Lake House Tavern, which really drew in the crowds.  Jacquie told me that Canyon Lake rarely sees live music, so it was a real treat for everybody, and these guys are good!  I requested a slow dance for the gal I was dancing with, and they were kind enough to play the Heatwave classic, "Always And Forever..." I love to dance to waltzes with a pretty girl!

Lake House Tavern may be first and foremost a club, but their pizza is excellent, their salad is fresh and perfectly made, and the price is unbelievably reasonable.  The five of spent three hours eating pizza and salad, and drinking countless draught beers and mixed drinks, and I picked up the tab which only amounted to around $85.00!  Such a small price to pay for such a good time.  The others left, leaving Iris and I at the bar, and we ended up closing the place.

Lake House Tavern
31504 Railroad Canyon Road, Suite 1
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
951 246-9900

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