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After spending most of Thursday, October 3, 2013, touring the U.S.S. Iowa (battleship) museum, I was looking for something delicious, hearty, and different.  Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has stores all over the country, but none near my home.  Today, I was in luck, as there is a Popeyes located only three blocks from the motel that I was calling home for the next two nights.  Dinner at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen tonight!


Photo: Torrance, CA Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is located in a small strip mall, on busy Sepulveda Blvd.


Photo:  Like most other fast food restaurants, you walk up to the counter, choose from the menu, place your order, pay for it, and wait for your number to be called.  Like the "Secret Agent Man," they threw away my name, and gave me a number, and my new "name" was #253.  The counter girl's "name" was #2010.  Personality plus!  I didn't get a chance to ask her name, nor did I get a chance for her to take a photo of me, as she and the gal cooking the food were the only staff members present, and they were quite busy, and I didn't want to make a pain of myself.


Photo:  Server "2010" explains the menu to a potential customer.  It was quite interesting to observe, as this guy was arguing with her, claiming the prices were too high, and attempting to get her to reduce the price, for his benefit.  She explained to him several times that she didn't have the authority to change the price, and that the restaurant was a franchise, and the owner of the franchise set the price, as per corporate guidelines.  After arguing with her for a couple of minutes, this unwelcome customer stormed out of the restaurant in a huff.  My order awaits on the shelf, ready for me; "2010" gave it to me as soon as "Mr. Cheapskate" left.


Photo:  I ordered a "3-Piece Dark Combo Meal," and sipped on my drink, a Dr. Pepper, while my order was being prepared, which took about 10 minutes.  I chose the "regular" rather than the spicy chicken, as I'm more of a "regular" kind of guy, when it comes to Cajun chicken.  For my side dish, I agonized over the wide array of Louisiana choices that Popeyes offers, but I finally settled on Cajun Fries over Red Beans and Rice. The meal came with the de facto standard biscuit, and the beer came from my cooler.  The chicken was marinated, battered, and perfectly deep fried, and delicious.  The fries were cooked perfectly too.  Altogether, this was a delicious meal.

Popeyes definitely has a different slat on chicken thin the Colonel, or other fast food outlets that specialize in chicken.  It's tasty, it fills you up, and it's delicious!  I love their spicy fries, and the fresh biscuit adds a nice touch to the meal.  If there is Popeyes near you, I recommend them for a delicious meal, with a very different outlook on fried chicken.

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen #3325
916 W. Sepulveda Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90502
310 539-0632

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