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Last year, my friend David DeMario, who is a charter member of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, visited a friend of his, who resides in the San Fernando Valley, and being breakfast enthusiasts, they visited the Egg Plantation.  When friend David returned from vacation, he raved about the breakfast that he enjoyed at Egg Plantation, and the fact that the menu offers 101 omelets.  After listening to his rave review, I reserved a sector in my memory bank to visit the restaurant, the next time I was in the area.

Photo:  Egg Plantation is located in a post card setting, in downtown Newhall, California.  The restaurant is close to many area attractions; I could spend a couple of weeks in Newhall, and never run out of things to do

Fast forward to December 29, 2008 at 0800, as my brother Paul and I pulled into Newhall, and thanks to my GPS, found our way to Egg Plantation.  We walked into the restaurant, and it was just the way my friend described the place:  Rustic, comfortable, family-friendly, and, well, a darn good place to enjoy breakfast.  Our friendly server, Suzanne greeted us and asked what our seating preferences were.  Being first-timers at the restaurant, we had none, so she seated us in the main dining room, not far from the bar.

Bar?  Yes!  Although Egg Plantation is only open for breakfast and lunch, they have a full-service bar, which is a nice touch for a breakfast-lunch-only restaurant.  If you'll refer to the hyperlink at the top of the page, you'll note that I'm a hard-core breakfast enthusiast, and when I notice that a restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only, it adds about 10 dB to my review of the place, and puts a long lasting smile to my face.  But a breakfast/lunch only restaurant that features a full-service bar?  Wonderful!  Outstanding!  But, golly-gee, it was early in the morning, and we were headed to Tijuana, Mexico, and we're responsible and we don't drink 'n drive.  For me, coffee was the beverage of choice.  But the beer was tempting...

Photo:  Our friendly server, Suzanne, places my side dish order of gravy on the table, as my younger, somewhat apprehensive brother, Paul, looks on.

Yes, the menu really does offer 101 omelets.  The omelets are catered to a he-man sized appetite, as the basic platform is composed from four eggs.  Four eggs!  If you're a breakfast lover, your wildest fantasy will be fulfilled when you ponder the menu, as their omelet menu offers everything, and probably more, than a breakfast fanatic could wish for.  I was dazzled, amazed, and stunned at the omelet choices on the menu.  What the heck?... chicken liver... shrimp... turkey... ham... and more... a whole lot more... but I finally settled on #54 from the menu, a four-egg omelet composed of chorizo sausage and jack cheese.  My brother Paul, who is not a breakfast person, chose side of bacon and sausage for his meal.  To each, his own.

Photo:  Your web author Eric, at the left, and bother Paul, to the right, pose as our server Suzanne graciously snaps our photo. For all of her efforts, far beyond the call of duty, we rewarded her with a generous tip.

At Egg Plantation, the coffee flows freely, and the coffee is good... maybe great!  Your coffee cup never runs dry, and that's a benchmark for restaurants that are only open for breakfast and lunch.  On the other hand, how can you enjoy dinner without coffee?  More... how can you exist without coffee 24/7? (I'm a coffee-holic... I do coffee 24/7... but golly-gee, I'm reverting to my Navy days, but I do enjoy my coffee.  No problem at Egg Plantation.

Breakfast:  Four egg omelet, delivered piping hot from the kitchen.  Order:  Exactly, as the omelet was prepared exactly as ordered.  Sides:  Wow!  Service:  If I was 30 years younger and single, I think I'd ask our friendly server Suzanne to marry me.  Maybe she'd serve me 101 kinds of omelets at home?  Only in my dreams!

All kidding aside, the food is good; wrong:  The food is outstanding, just as my friend David reported.  The portions are beyond generous, the price is reasonable, and the service is wonderful.  The food is finger lickin' good... Good stuff!  If you love breakfast, you just have to visit Egg Plantation.

Photo:  Oh boy!  ... a four egg chorizo and jack cheese omelet, delicious home-style potatoes, and buttered sourdough bread.  Combine the delicious breakfast with a cup of coffee that never goes empty, and you have a delicious breakfast... at a reasonable price.  What about the garnish of the orange slice?  First class!

As an aside, while Paul and I were enjoying our delicious breakfasts, I called my buddy David to alert him what I was up to.  At first, it didn't register with him, as he as dazzled and amazed that I was calling him from Newhall while he was still at work, but when I told him that I was dining at Egg Plantation, he congratulated me, and told me that he wished that he was there with me.  Golly gee, I wish that he was there with me too.

Photo:  Looking towards the full-service bar, as I photograph the friendly owner for the restaurant, Simon, enjoying breakfast, as Suzanne picks up the tab.  If you own the restaurant, you have perks!  Simon was a very gracious host, and treated us like family.

We made a bit of a detour from Interstate 5 to enjoy breakfast at Egg Plantation, but it was well worth it, as the restaurant combines everything that I cherish in a restaurant.  Egg Plantation is a one-of-a-kind, family-owned and operated restaurant, that caters to the taste of the locals. No pre-packaged, chain-store type grubb is featured at Egg Plantation, as they cater to the local tastes, and feature the kind of breakfasts that only your mom, or your grandmom could cook.

Take the 5 mile detour from the Interstate to Egg Plantation, and you should too, as it's worth the drive. You can't go wrong, as you'll love the restaurant.  Trust me on this one!  Oh, by the way, Egg Plantation is everything that my buddy David raved about!

Egg Plantation
24415 Walnut St.
Newhall, CA 91321
661 255-8222

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