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I'd been wandering the streets of Tijuana, Baja California, since early in the morning, and eating a lot of delicious Mexican food in the process, but by the time I returned to my motel room, I was ready for a different cuisine, as I'd been inundated in Mexican food for the last couple of days.  If you're a reader of my web site, you'll probably remember that Mexican food is my favorite food genre, but Chinese ranks right up there.  Just across Woodlawn Ave. from the motel is a shopping center, and Dragon Express and Pho Vietnam Express just happens to be located in that shopping center, so it was off to Dragon Express, a 2-minute walk from the motel, to enjoy a fine dinner of Chinese cuisine.

Photo:  Dragon Express and Pho Vietnam Express is located in a shopping center, that has definitely seen better days, as there are many vacant suites, and the majority of the tenants seem to be thrift stores, laundromats or liquor stores.

Photo:  Early Tuesday evening, March 22, 2011 I dined at Dragon Express.  The gal behind the counter is Linda, and I'd just ordered sweet and sour chicken to go, and she's preparing my order.  The older couple are Linda's parents, and the young girl running around is her daughter, Michelle.  At Dragon Express and Pho Vietnam Express, you can dine or take out, and they also cater to all occasions.  The menu is posted above the counter, and they also have small paper menus that you can take with you.

Photo:  Michelle was enjoying dinner as I snapped her photo, just before picking up, and paying for my order.

Photo:  The owner of the business, Linda, gets ready to had my take-out order to me.  She was very shy and didn't want her photo taken, but I took a grab-shot anyway... and left her a generous tip.

Photo: You get all of this for only $6.25!  My order of sweet and sour chicken, fried green beans, noodles, Chinese rice, and a potsticker.  Believe me, this dinner tasted as good as it looked in this photo...

Dragon Express and Pho Vietnam Express serves good food, at very reasonable prices, and I got a lot of food for the $6.25 I paid for my dinner of sweet and sour chicken, with all the sides.  Linda might be very shy, but she's a hard working lady and prepares delicious Chinese and Vietnamese food.  Dragon Express and Pho Vietnam Express definitely is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal!

Dragon Express and Pho Vietnam Express
678 E Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910
619 427-2111

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