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Friday morning, September 9, 2011, my so, Matthew and I were given the task to purchase various items for the dinner that our gracious hostess, Iris Haughton, was to prepare for the evening meal.  Matthew and I spent a bit of time going over the detailed grocery list that Iris tasked us with, and we had to visit two major supermarkets to purchase all of the ingredients.  Shopping is hungry work, and since neither of had eaten breakfast, we agreed to head to the nearest full-service restaurant... Denny's.


Photo:  Lake Elsinore's Denny's is located at the west end of an upscale shopping center just off Railroad Canyon Road, in Lake Elsinore, CA.  The restaurant features lots of parking, close to a major supermarket, and other shopping adventures.


Photo:  Yes... it's a typical Denny's Restaurant, filled with locals, very busy, and features spacious, clean, comfortable dining.  Yes, the menu is identical to every other Denny's... what more could you ask for?


Photo:  Our gracious server Marilyn, who was a bit camera shy, is at the extreme left of the photo, and the breakfast counter, and the kitchen is seen at the rear of the photo.  This photo, and the first five photos in this article, were taken using the camera option of my iPhone 4, as we really hadn't planned doing a restaurant expedition... this just sort of "happened."


Photo: My son Matthew and I pose at our table.  The photo, although technically flawed, was graciously taken by our server Marilyn.  I had to help Matthew finish his lunch... so much for my low calorie diet!


Photo:  Yes, I have to watch my calories, so my lunch was a turkey avocado burger, with a bowl or Ranch dressing on the side, and instead of fries, I opted for a plate of raw veggies.  Denny's advertised the calorie count for something like 500 calories, which worked right into my diet.  I ate my veggies raw, and didn't touch the dressing, which made me a good boy.


Photo:  Chefs Matthew Rench and Iris Haughton prepare meatballs for tonight's spaghetti dinner.  We were in the area to purchase ingredients for this fine dinner, and after completing our shopping expedition, hunger got the better of us, so we paid a visit to Denny's for a delicious lunch.

Denny's in Lake Elsinore, CA, may not be a unique dining experience, but like every other Denny's store, they offer great food, good service, ample portions, at a fair price.

31760 Grape St.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
951 245-5058

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