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Sunday, September 9, 2012, I drove the 400+ miles from Merced, California, and arrived at my destination of Chula Vista, just a few miles north of the Mexican border.  I arrived shortly after the noon hour, and my motel room wasn't quite ready, and the motel clerk suggested that I might want to enjoy lunch... or breakfast?  I'm quite familiar with the area, so I made tracks for Delicious Taco Shop, located at the corner of Broadway and "E," in the beautiful city of Chula Vista.


Photo:  Chula Vista, CA, is located only a few miles north of the Mexican border, and Delicias Taco Shop offers delicious Mexican cuisine, at American prices.  It's located at the corner of a small strip mall at the corner of Broadway and "E" Streets, in Chula Vista.

Photo:  Like most taquerias north of the border, you walk up to the order counter, make your selection from the overhead menu, pay for it, and wait for your order to be called.  Such is the protocol at Delicious Taco Shop.  I snap a photo of the dining room, just after opening the front door.

Photo:  I ordered a carne asada torta, with "todo" from the menu.  It was ready in only around five minutes.  I approached the counter, and complimented the chef on his accomplishment, and snapped his photo, as he clowned up for my camera.

Photo:  OK, he said that it was my turn, so the chef snapped my photo, as I hold my delicious carne asada torta, with everything on it.  Photo provides a unique view from the kitchen into the dining room.  I'm lovin' it!!!

Photo:  My delicious carne asada torta, with everything on it, and ready to enjoy...

The food is good, the staff are friendly, and the price is right.  I highly recommend Delicious Taco Shop to anybody who wants to enjoy delicious Mexican-style cuisine in Chula Vista.

Delicious Taco Shop
220 Broadway, at "E" Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910
619 420-5347

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