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Early Friday afternoon, March 23, 2012, Sharlene and I were shopping at the Lake Elsinore Costco store for some specialty items that our daughter and her friend needed for the dinner the were preparing in our honor tonight.  It was lunch time, and who could every pass up one of Costco's hot dogs, and a bottomless Coke for $1.50, plus tax. That's even cheaper than a lunch in Mexico!


Photo:  We wait in line to purchase our bargain-priced hot dog, and a 20-oz, bottomless drink for $1.50!  The menu shows other offerings, all at bargain-basement prices.  The line looks long, but the wait was only a couple of minutes.  Costco has the best lunch deal in the Canyon Lake area!


Photo:  Besides hot dogs or Polish dogs, Costco also offers several varieties of pizza, either whole, or by the slice, along with sandwiches and breaded chicken strips.  It's all good...


Photo:  Sharlene places our order, and the gal behind the counter asks the usual question, "Why are you taking pictures?"  I told her that I love to take photos every place I eat, and she actually thought it was sort of "cool."  My wife is usually annoyed at my picture taking antics...


Photo:  Sharlene is about ready to add condiments to her all beef, quarter pound hot dog.  Condiments include mustard, ketchup, relish and diced white onions.  Sodas are Coca Cola products; you get a 20-oz cup, and you can refill it as much as you want.  A quarter pound dog and a bottomless soda for $1.50?  Such a deal!!!


Photo:  My delicious quarter pound hot dog, on a soft, chewy bun, garnished with lots of mustard, relish and diced onions.  I never use ketchup on my hot dogs, as ketchup is for kids....

29315 Central Ave.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
951 253-6030

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