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We got up Monday morning, May 02, 2011 and were in the mood for, not only a good breakfast, but a good Mexican breakfast.  If you're in Canyon Lake, CA, and if you're in the mood for a superior Mexican breakfast, your choice is easy, as all you have to do is drive out the east gate of the community, head a couple of miles east on Newport Road, and soon you'll find yourself in front of Carnitas Express, ready to enjoy a delicious Mexican breakfast.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Azucina - she remembered me from a previous visit, as "the guy who took pictures" - serves Jacquie and Iris a gigantic bowl of tortilla soup, which they plan to share.


Photo:  Azucina places my order of eggs over easy and refried beans on the table.  Sharlene looks on... she seems a bit envious of my somewhat "generic" Mexican breakfast... but I ordered extra corn tortillas???  


Photo:  Azucina and co-server Nancy deliver additional fresh corn tortillas to our table.


Photo:  Iris and Jacquie split a gigantic bowl of tortilla soup between them, and they they shared entrees from their combination patters between themselves.  Friends share between themselves... it works for me.


Photo:  Sharlene's breakfast of Huevos A Caballo, which the menu states as two eggs, cooked any style, placed on top of two cheese enchiladas, served with rice and refried beans.  Sharlene ate it all, and loved every bite of it.  I was thinking that maybe she wouldn't be able to eat it all and that I'd get to "help her out," but that didn't happen... good thing I ordered a Bloody Mary to accompany my breakfast.


Photo:  My "generic" breakfast of two fried eggs, over easy, refried beans, and corn tortillas.  OK, that was stock, as I ordered extra corn tortillas, and spiced up the whole meal from Carnitas Expresses' salsa bar.  Check it out, as it was a "Bloody Mary morning," for me, as I didn't have to drive, so I passed on my usual copious cups of coffee and ordered a Bloody Mary.  Carnitas Express makes a "killer" Bloody Mary... if you're a fan of that  genre of drink, you owe it to yourself to visit Carnitas Express.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Azucina, reaches over from the kitchen to place Iris' breakfast order on the table, but it seems that Iris is quite busy enjoying a spoonful of tortilla soup.


Photo:  Today's Monday morning breakfast commandos, from left to right:  Iris Haughton, Jacquie Bower, Sharlene and Eric Rench.  We enjoyed each other's company, good food, friendly service, and had leftovers to take home and enjoy for dinner.  Carnitas Express provides a superior dining experience.  

Combine delicious food, friendly service, reasonable prices, a full-service bar, Bloody Mary drinks to-die-for... did I mention delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine, and you can see why we highly recommend Carnitas Express.

Meanwhile, two months earlier in March...

Carnitas Express is a small chain of four restaurants, centered around the small southern California town of Menifee, just outside the gated community of Canyon Lake.  On Monday, March 21, 2011, we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Mexican breakfast at Carnitas Express, and I heard so much about their ledgendary Bloody Mary drinks that a couple of days later, I stopped by to sample one.

Photo:  Monday morning, March 21, 2011, I had the opportunity to enjoy breakfast at Carnitas Express with my oldest daughter Jacquie, and her friends Dave and Iris.  Carnitas is located in an attractive strip mall, and offers easy access with lots of parking.

Photo:  Carnitas Express features a spacious, clean, modern dining room, and it's very comfortable.  Our group is sitting at the booth in the center of the photo, and the kitchen is to the right of the photo.  We're here for breakfast, and have just ordered our meal, and are enjoying the fresh tortilla chips and delicious salsa that accompanies every meal at Carnitas.

Photo:  Our friendly server Azucina brings Jacquie's order of French Toast and my order of chorizo and eggs.

Photo:  My order of scrambled eggs and chorizo, corn tortillas, salsa and coffee. Carnita's menu describes my breakfast as "Homemade Chorizo scrambled with two eggs."  I describe my breakfast as delicious, authentic, and one of the best Mexican breakfasts that I've enjoyed in California.  The menu offers both Mexican and American favorites, and most Mexican entrees are served with beans, and the choice of home fries, or Mexican rice, and your choice of either flour or corn tortillas.  If you're a fan of breakfast, as I am, breakfast is served all day!

Photo:  Actually, it was late morning by the time we got around to eating at Carnitas, so both Jacquie and Iris ordered lunch entrees, but they split an order of French toast between them, and mixed and matched from each other's plates.  

Photo:  Our breakfast group on this beautiful Monday morning, from left to right: Dave Neuenkirch, Jacquie Bower, Iris Haughton, and your author and photographer, Eric Rench.  Iris enjoyed a Bloody Mary morning, and was kind enough to allow me to sample it, so I made up my mind to come back another day, belly up to the bar, and order one for myself.

Photo:  Jacquie and Iris visit Carnitas Express very often, as the food is delicious, the people are friendly, and its located only a couple of miles from where they live, and they raved and raved about the legendary Bloody Mary drinks served at the restaurant, and made by Alicia.  She wasn't our waitress, but Jacquie flagged her down, and started talking Bloody Marys with her, and after sampling Iris' drink, and chatting with charming Alicia, I promised to stop by in a couple of days, on my return visit to Jacquie's place.  The only reason that kept me from ordering one today is that I was on my way to Tijuana, and I didn't want to drive with a Bloody Mary under my belt.

Photo:  Wednesday afternoon, March 23, 2011, I'm back at Carnitas Express, this time, I'm perched on a bar stool, as Alicia makes me one of her legendary Bloody Marys.  A Bloody Mary is one of my favorite drinks, and it's a good way to get the day started... for that matter, they're good anytime!

Photo:  The focus is on the drink, as Alicia walks away to attend to other duties.  Check out the salt on the rim of the glass, which adds a classy touch.

Photo:  Oh yeah!  Alicia's Bloody Mary certainly put a smile on my face, as the drink was truly legendary, and every bit as delicious as Jacquie and Iris had described.

Enjoy the delicious, authentic, Mexican cuisine, enjoy the fast, friendly service by the attractive female staff members, and savor the best Bloody Mary in town... Carnitas Express lives up to their slogan, "Simply The Best.

Carnitas Express
26900 Newport Rd. Suite 117
Menifee, CA 92584
951 679-9747

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