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All of us have lifelong dreams just waiting to be fulfilled.  How many of you have wanted to take a 6-month, around the world cruise, where you could live the good life, sample exotic cuisine, and be pampered like royalty?  Others have dreams and goals slightly practical such as finding a cure for cancer, discovering a sure-fire way to predict earthquakes, or maybe becoming the next president of the United States.  Then, consider the sporting field, such as winning the Heisman Trophy, bringing home a Superbowl ring, or in the boxing ring, maybe bringing home a piece of your opponent's ear, such as Mike Tyson did a few years ago.  As for me, I've always dreamed of climbing mountains, the higher the better - K2 is only second best - I've always wanted to climb Mt. Everest... but now that I'm pushing 60, my dream of climbing Mt. Everest is sort of fading into a pipe dream...

Photo:  Broken Yolk Café is located in a upscale shopping center, and offers lots of room for parking, which you'll need if you attempt to eat the 12-egg omelet.

On Tuesday morning, March 22, 2011, I was able to challenge the "Mt. Everest of Breakfast..."  the 12-egg omelet, known as the "Broken Yolk Café Special," at the Broken Yolk Café, in beautiful San Marcos, CA, which is just a few miles northeast of San Diego.  No, I didn't get the chance to climb the highest mountain in the world, but I did get the chance to challenge a mountain of eggs, biscuits and home-fried potatoes, delivered on a 15-inch pizza pan by a friendly and efficient waitress, and I got to enjoy the company of my cousin Theresa, and her lovely daughters, and most of all, I was able to give the "Mt. Everest of breakfast" the ol' college try.  Read on...

Photo:  Broken Yolk Café offers lots of spacious, family-friendly dining, and lots of room to spread out - you'll need it if you attempt to challenge the Broken Yolk Café Special, as I did.  Yeah, all I attempted to do was challenge it, and give it the ol' college try...

Photo:  Friendly server Meagan delivers Lindsay's plate of eggs benedict and sausages; the stack of fluffy pancakes are already on the table.

Photo:  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  Meagan delivers my breakfast to me.  I had a hard time snapping this photo, as I'd never seen a breakfast, or for that matter, a meal, as gargantuan as this...  I'm supposed to eat this...???

Photo:  My cousin Theresa took this photo of me, with my good ol' college try breakfast, in front of me.  I think this breakfast could feed a hungry platoon of army soldiers... I'm supposed to eat all of this?  ¿De verdad?

Photo:  OK kids, here it is, and the coffee mug and the fork, knife and spoon put this breakfast in prospective.  For, at the time of this writing, at the price of $24.99, this is that you get:  12-egg omelet, with cheese, mushrooms, chili, more cheese, and topped with cheese, 2 giant biscuits, and a mountain of home fried potatoes.  It's all served in a 15-inch pizza pan.  If you're able to finish the breakfast, by yourself, in an hour, it's on the house, and you get your name forever engraved on Broken Yolk's wall of fame, and you get a complimentary tee shirt.  I asked our waitress Meagan how many people order this breakfast, and she said quite a few each week, and I asked her how many actually finish it, and she said not many do.  Sadly, I forgot to visit the "Wall of Fame..."

Photo:  Our group... from left to right... Me, Eric Rench, posed with my "Broken Yolk Café Special," second cousin Emily, second cousin Lindsay, and their mom, and my cousin, Theresa.  These folks were entertained by my attempt to conquer "Mt. Everest," but beside my breakfast antics, these relitives of mine enjoy a good breakfast, and if they lived in Sacramento, they would most likely become members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Photo:  I tried... I tried... and I tried... I even gave it the good ol' college try... and thinking about the college football fight song, "On Wisconsin!" gave me inspiration, but it didn't happen, and I couldn't even come close to finishing my mammoth breakfast.  My cousin and her family gave me love, support and encouragement, but I just wasn't up to the task... sort of like the Mt. Everest climber who has to give up after hiking to the Advanced Base Camp a couple of thousand feet below the summit of Mt. Everest, and saying to himself, "This is it..."  

After it was all said and done, I ate, maybe 15% of my breakfast, so I had to pony up the $24.99 price of admission, and I didn't get my name on the Broken Yolk Café wall of fame, nor did I get the trophy tee shirt that Broken Yolk awards to finishers.  That aside, I got to company of my cousin and her girls, the family-friendly dining that Broken Yolk offers, the smiling service of our server, Meagan, and a delicious breakfast... huge, but delicious... and the fact that I gave it the ol' college try.

Broken Yolk Café
101 S. Las Posas Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92078
760 471-9655

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