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One of my favorite things in this world to do is to spend some quality time enjoying an old-fashioned burger and fries, in a retro, no-frills restaurant.  There aren't too many restaurants that offer this kind of nostalgia anymore, as they seem to have vanished from the landscape as fast as the 1960's disappeared.  I'll let you in for a surprise... In the small West Placer town of Loomis, an "old school" burger restaurant is alive and well, and it's Taylor's Burgers.

Photo:  Taylor's Burgers is located in a small restaurant, that offers both indoor and patio seating.  It's 09 o'clock in the morning on Saturday, March 12, 2016 and today I chose to sit inside, due to the chilly wind blowing.  At this early hour, the restaurant is nearly empty of customers, as I suppose that I'm one of a few hardy breed who enjoys waking up to a good burger and fries.

Taylor's Burgers has another location, a couple of miles west of this restaurant, that's owned by the same family. It's in the small town of Loomis, just as your about to cross over the Rocklin City Limit line.

Photo:  Meet Suzanne, the friendly gal who took my order.  Taylor's menu is posted above, to the side, and below the counter, and offers burgers, fries, sandwiches, fried fish, soft drinks, malts and milkshakes... too many varieties of milkshakes to count!  The menu also features a small breakfast selection, as the restaurant opens at 0600 every except Sunday.  A burger at 0600?  No problem...

The format is simple and time-honored, as you make your selection from the menu, pay for it, choose a seat, and they will either call your name or bring your order to you when it's ready.  Tips are not expected, but they are appreciated, and there is a tip jar on the counter.

Photo:  The inside dining room is very small, with booths lining the wall facing the restaurant, where I'm standing as I snap the photo, and a line of high barista-style tables and matching stools.  I love the "old school" look of chrome and naugahyde of the stools.  The dining room is small, but it's clean, comfortable, and it reminds me of a burger-joint dining room of the late 1960's.  I love it!

You'll note on the partition behind the tables there are a couple of large ketchup dispensers and little plastic cups to put it in, if you're like me and love to dip your fries in ketchup.

Photo:  I take a peek into the kitchen, and see chef Ken hard at work cooking my burger and fries.  Each order of fries, and every burger is cooked, fresh to order, as Taylor's Burgers isn't a "fast food" restaurant, as it's a restaurant reminiscent of the drive-ins that I used to enjoy as a young teenager in the late 1960's.  Taylor's may not be a "fast food" joint, but my order arrived in less than 10 minutes after I paid for it.

Photo:  Suzanne chats with a customer while his order is being prepared.  Taylor's makes outstanding, tasty, "old school" burgers, and their fries are delicious.  However, what's amazing about Taylor's Burgers is their vast selection of milkshakes... real honest-to-milk milkshakes.  The menu offers OVER 300 VARIETIES of milkshakes!  All of the printing you see posted, from the gentleman to his right, is milkshakes... My mind was simply blown away, as I have NEVER seen a restaurant that offers such a vast array of milkshakes!  When I made a comment on the huge selection of milkshakes, Suzanne let me know they're always adding new varieties.  Amazing!

The milkshake menu features all of your favorites, such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch.  If you're in the mood to walk on the wild side, and enjoy a slightly different flavor of milkshake, you can order such varieties as avocado, bacon, grape, quince, ninja turtle, tigers blood, shark bit, prickly pear, and hundreds of mainstream, off-beat, and just plain crazy varieties of milkshakes.  

Photo:  When my name was called, I went to the counter, picked up my order, and asked Suzanne to come over to my table to take my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a breakfast of cheeseburger and fries. Despite the amazing varities of milkshakes, I wasn't in the mood for a milkshake, so a glass of water worked out for me to drink.  Next time I visit, I definitely want to enjoy a milkshake, but it will definitely be a "mainstream" variety, as I'll leave a "Ninja Turtle" milkshake to another reviewer.

Photo:  Since today was my first visit to Taylor's Burgers, I opted to start out "basic" and order a cheeseburger and fries.  Normally, I'd go with just a hamburger, but a cheeseburger was only $.40 more, so I went with it.  I called my banker and he told me that I could afford the extra 40 cents, which was a relief to me.

Taylor's will make the burger any way you want it, as they're not a "fast food" restaurant.  Unless you instruct them otherwise, they will cook your beef patty medium, which is the way I like it, so no instructions were necessary. Suzanne asked if I wanted "everything" on my burger - yes, of course! - but, say you didn't like onions, they'd leave them off, as they make the burger the way YOU want it.  Since I wanted "everything," my burger included lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, mustard, mayonnaise, and, of course, a slice of cheese.

Everything about the burger was perfect!  The bun was soft and chewy, the lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle were fresh, and the meat was cooked to order.  Perfect!  Ditto for the fries, as they were golden-crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside.  The burger and the fries tasted "just right!"  Now, I'm wanting to come back for more...

Great, retro burgers, great fries, amazing menu, reasonable prices, and fast, friendly service. If you're in the mood for an "old school" burger and fries, make your way to Taylor's Burgers, on Historic U.S. 40, in the small town of Loomis.  

Taylor's Burgers
3636 Taylor Rd.
Loomis, CA 95650
916 652-8255

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