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Variety is the spice of life, and that phrase especially comes true when it comes to food.  I'm fortunate, as I savor every cuisine, and when it comes to food, there is practically nothing that I don't love.  When it comes to restaurants, I'm especially eager to try new foods, especially something a bit "off the beaten track."  Today, I enjoyed a Mediterranean-style sandwich at Pita Kitchen Plus, which is definitely a change of pace for my taste buds.

Photo:  Pita Kitchen Plus is a fairly new restaurant in Roseville, and they're located in a shopping center, with lots of safe, free parking.  Pita Kitchen Plus has one other location, in the Arden-Arcade area of nearby Sacramento.  As the sign says, they're open for lunch and dinner.

Photo:  The view of the dining room, as you walk in the door.  Note the lunch specials handwritten on the white board.  My friendly server, Kayla, can be seen in the background, waiting on a large party.  On this mid-Friday afternoon, February 12, 2016, the dining room has only a couple tables seated.  The table to the left of the photo has books about Mediterranean cuisine which you're welcome to read while you wait for your order to arrive.

Photo:  My friendly server Kayla, on the right, and the equally friendly cashier, who's name I didn't get, "ham" it up for my camera, after I asked permission to take their photo.  They're at the cashier's station, which is located to your left, as you enter the restaurant.

Photo:  Looking towards the front of the restaurant, in the extreme rear of the dining room.  The cashier's station can be seen in the top center of the photo.  The dining room is divided into two sections, separated by a low partition, decorated with realistic-looking artificial plants.  The dining room is spacious, attractive, clean, and very comfortable.

Photo:  Meet Kayla, my super-friendly server, who brings my Kabob Sandwich with a smile.  As I was seated, I told her my mission - to take photos, post on this web site, and to post on Facebook - and she enthusiastically agreed. I love a server such as Kayla, who is not only friendly and efficient, but a truly nice person. Hopefully, this article will help spread the word that Pita Kitchen Plus is an exceptional restaurant.

Photo:  Upon my request, Kayla snapped my photo, as I'm about to enjoy a delicious lunch.  My only complaint, and it's very minor, is that Pita Kitchen Plus doesn't server beer, tea or soft drinks didn't interest me, so I simply ordered a glass of ice water, which Kayla cheerfully brought to my table, free of charge.

Photo:  Here's where the pita meets the meat, in this case, lamb.  Today, I ordered a Kabob Sandwich, without any fries, as I didn't have my usual appetite on this mid-Friday afternoon.  Note:  For an extra $2.00, you can include soup, a garden salad, or fries to your order... Next time!  The menu describes the sandwich as "Marinated tender pieces of your choice of meat, grilled and stuffed in a freshly baked pita pocket, with tomatoes, lettuce, and our homemade tarlic-tahini sauce."  As far as meat is concerned, the menu offers your choice of chicken, lamb, beef, or kuffa, which is basically ground beef.  I went with lamb... What else could I do?

The menu also goes on to state, "Health food, made from scratch.  All natural, with no additives or preservatives." Sounds good to me...

This sandwich was a joy and a pleasure to eat!  It includes a generous portion of grilled lamb, marinated, tender, juicy, and just plain delicious.  The veggies were super fresh, ditto for the pita pocket.  I really thought the sandwich had cucumber in it, but I assume cucumber is part of the tarlic-tahini sauce, which was creamy and delicious.  The pita bread was fresh and delicious, and had just the right texture.  Oh, I forgot to mention the sandwich arrived warm, not hot, which was perfect.  I rate this sandwich as AMAZING!

My friendly server, Kayla, asked me what I thought about the sandwich, and I told her, what I'm posting on this web site:  Delicious!  I've said it all in the preceding paragraphs, but I'll say it again:  Delicious!

Photo:  My Kabob Sandwich with lamb, up-close-and-personal, ready to enjoy.  This sandwich looks delicious in the photo, but tasted even better.  Such a great sandwich!

Such a great lunch at a wonderful restaurant!  The food is delicious, the dining room is clean, comfortable and spacious, and the staff are super-friendly, and absolutely wonderful!  Pita Kitchen Plus is a welcome addition to the Roseville dining scene.

Pita Kitchen Plus
1725 Santa Clara Dr.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 780-0665

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