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Ninja Sushi and Teriyaki, located in downtown Roseville, serves delicious sushi, teriyaki, and other Japanese favorites with a twist:  Rock 'n Roll music, in a sports bar-like atmosphere!  But don't let the rock music, or the fun, sports-bar atmosphere fool you, as Ninja Sushi serves delicious sushi, and they're serious about their mission in life. which is to serve the best sushi in town, and to offer superior customer service.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Ninja Sushi and Teriyaki is located on Vernon Street, in downtown Roseville.  Most of the dining can be enjoyed indoors, but if you're in the mood to dine outside, there are a few tables that offer patio dining, and a great view of the activities happening on Vernon Street, in historic downtown Roseville.

Photo:  It's about five minutes past eleven on late Sunday morning, May 22, 2016, and I've just "opened up" the restaurant for the day.  Photo shows the ENORMOUS dining room.  The dining room is so huge the photo doesn't do it justice.  If this isn't enough, there is a second story to the restaurant, complete with a full-service bar upstairs.  As I just "opened up" the restaurant, there are only a few tables seated, but if you show up later in the afternoon, or early evening, the entire restaurant can be completely full of patrons, eager to enjoy great Japanese cuisine and good times.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, as you pass the station where two charming ladies await to greet and seat you arrive at the sushi bar.  When I dine alone, I prefer to sit at the bar, and/or counter, as it gives me the opportunity to watch the staff in action, and ask many questions.  For a visual treat, many varieties of fresh fish, and other ingredients used in sushi rolls are displayed behind glass, on the sushi bar.  At 11 o'clock on this Sunday morning, just after the restaurant opened, there were four sushi chefs behind the bar, hard at work.

Photo:  Ninja Sushi's restaurant is enormous, and it features a second story dining room, which looks down into the main dining room.  From my vantage point upstairs, I'm looking down into the main dining room, with the full-service bar in the foreground, the sushi bar to the upper right, and the main dining room in the center of the photo.  In the extreme left of the photo, the stage can be barely seen, which is a leftover from the days when the restaurant was "Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar and Grill," which closed in February, 2015.  Sushi and rock 'n roll mix very well at Ninja Sushi, as the sound system plays rock music during business hours, and a live band performs on Saturday evening, with karaoke on Friday evening. The restaurant has been extensively remodeled since Sammy Hagar owned the place.

Photo:  Each order receives a complementary bowl of miso soup!  I love miso soup, so that worked for me.  My charming server, Jenny, delivers a bowl of miso soup to me.  She was not my primary server, as my server turned out to be Hugo, but Jenny delivered the bowl of soup, with charm, and a smile.

Photo:  I asked Jenny to snap my photo, after she delivered a bowl of delicious miso soup.  I sat at the counter, in order to watch the sushi chefs in action, and to make pleasant conversation.

Photo:  My complimentary bowl of miso soup, and a pitcher of Sapporo beer I ordered as an appetiser on this late Sunday morning.  The sushi chef is behind the counter making my order - note the fresh fish filets displayed behind the counter - and there are television monitors on the wall, where I can watch the baseball game in progress while I wait for my order to arrive.  Today, it only took about 20 minutes for my sushi roll to arrive, which is very fast.  You must consider that each sushi roll is completely made by hand, each roll is unique, and each roll is a work of art.  If you're in a hurry, Ninja Sushi, and any sushi restaurant is not an option, as each roll is hand-crafted by skilled sushi chefs.

I noted the servers wear black shirts, and the sushi chefs wear red shirts, as a uniform.  I asked my friendly sushi chef why the label of Monk's Cellar was embroidered on his shirt, and if Monk's was affiliated with Ninja Sushi.  He told me that it's a "next-door thing," as they're neighbors, they support each other.  There are two great restaurants located next door to each other; read my review of Monk's Cellar, as Monk's is truly a great restaurant.

Photo:  My order arrives, complete with a smile from my friendly server, Hugo, and an approval from the gentleman behind the counter who crafted this fine sushi roll.  Hugo was very attentive, friendly, and professional, and he answered all of the many questions I asked.

Photo:  After Hugo placed my order on the counter, he agreed to snap my photo, as per my request.  I'm doing pretty good, as I have a nearly full pitcher of Sapporo beer, which kept me in good shape.

Photo:  Today's lunch of a "Good Day Sacramento" roll, miso soup, and a pitcher of Sapporo beer.

Photo:  Nearly every morning, I wake up to Good Day Sacramento, which is a popular morning news/magazine show aired on television, in the greater Sacramento area.  Good Day seems to caters to people who love to eat, as they frequently visit restaurants in the viewing area, and they have visited Ninja Sushi and Teriyaki, and have broadcast on-air reports from the restaurants.  Since this was my first visit to Ninja Sushi, and since I'm a fan of the television show, my choice of sushi roll was obvious:  "Good Day Sacramento" roll.

What is a "Good Day Sacramento" roll you ask?  First thing, it's made of fresh, delicious, hand-crafted fish, rice, seaweed, and a whole lot more.  The "Good Day Sacramento" sushi roll contains deep-fried shrimp, crab, avocado, tuna, salmon with teriyaki, garlic, along with spicy mayonnaise sauces, topped with green onion and masago. Naturally, the roll includes rice and seaweed, and it's simply delicious!  The flavors are complex - you can taste each ingredient when you bite into the roll - yet they blend together to make a perfect sushi roll, fitting of the name "Good Day Sacramento."

Photo:  Every meal includes a complimentary dessert of fried ice cream.  After I devoured my delicious "Good Day Sacramento" roll, and the pitcher of beer, I really wasn't in the mood for dessert, and I almost "passed," but I decided to "go for it," and I'm glad I did, as the fried ice cream was nearly as wonderful as the sushi roll!  

Ninja Sushi and Teriyaki is simply amazing!  The food is beyond delicious, the service is attentive, efficient and friendly, and where else in town you get a complimentary appetizer along with desert with your meal?  Good times, great value and delicious food are all included in a visit to Ninja Sushi and Teriyake, in downtown Roseville.

Ninja Sushi & Teriyake
238 Vernon St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 784-3441

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