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The small Placer County City of Lincoln isn't exactly an eating destination for those who are in search of delicious, authentic Mexican food, yet the city has a handful of great Mexican restaurants and taquerias that serve outstanding Mexican cuisine.  One restaurant that comes to mind is Mi Pueblito Taqueria, which serves some of the best Mexican food in town...

Photo:  Mi Pueblito Taqueria is co-located with a Subway store, on "G" street at Lincoln Blvd., which is the main street in downtown Lincoln. There's plenty of free parking in back of the restaurant.  Today is Monday morning, December 21, 2015, and I'm at the restaurant around 1000, which is an hour after the restaurant opens at 9 in the morning.

Photo:  I'm at the rear of the restaurant, looking towards the entrance, the open kitchen is to the left, along with the counter, and tables are to the right.  I love a restaurant with a counter, especially when it's combined with an open kitchen, where you can watch the staff prepare your meal, and chit-chat with them, as time permits.

Photo:  The modest chip and salsa bar is at the rear of the restaurant, and offers fresh tortilla chips, fresh in-house made pico de gallo, and three other varieties of salsa, all fresh, and made in-house.  I love the giant blow-up Pacifico beer bottle.  The co-owner of the restaurant, Roberto, told me that a lot of kids like to use it as a punching bag, which I thought was pretty funny.

Photo:  Roberto and his wife, Teresa, co-owners of the restaurant, work at the open kitchen, preparing my early lunch.  This is the view from my seat at the counter, which made it great to watch the staff in action, and to pepper them with my many questions.

Photo:  Teresa, co-owner of the restaurant, fries corn tortillas.  I asked her what was in the pots, and she told me the large one has chilie roja, and the smaller ones have beans and rice.  As I sat at the counter, watching Roberto and Teresa prepare my lunch, I could smell the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.  I'm a total sucker for restaurants with an open kitchen.

Photo:  As I was waiting for my meal, I ordered a Pacifico beer, and helped myself to a basket of chips, and fresh pico de gallo salsa from the chip and salsa bar.  Such a great way to begin lunch!  Who needs to order an appetiser when you can help yourself to all the chips and salsa you can eat?

Photo:  Meet Roberto, co-owner of Mi Pueblito Taqueria.  He, his wife and his brother have co-owned this restaurant for 22 years, and the restaurant has been in the same location for all this time.  The family also owns another outlet in nearby Wheatland.  Roberto is a great chef, and a great person, as he's very friendly, and loves to chat, while he prepares my delicious lunch.  He told me most of the menu items are family recipes, and that everything is made from scratch, in-house.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Photo:  I was hungry, so I ordered a "Combination," which featured a pork tamale - it's near Christmas, plus it was cold and raining outside - and a chilie relleno.  All combinations feature rice, beans, and a small salad.  I still was working on the pico de gallo and the chips that I'd picked at the chips and salsa bar, and I also decided to try a sample of hot chipotle chilie pepper salsa.  

Just as Roberto had said, the food was fresh, delicious, and very authentic Mexican.  Such an enjoyable lunch!

Photo:  Roberto snapped my photo, as I sit at the counter, ready to enjoy a fantastic lunch at Mi Pueblito Taqueria, in downtown Lincoln.

The food is amazingly delicious, the price is reasonable, and the co-owner, Roberto, is as friendly as a person can be, and treats you like you're a member of his family.  When you think about it, when you're dining at his restaurant, you are family.  Add everything together, and it makes for a wonderful and memorable Mexican dining experience at Mi Pueblito Taqueria.

Mi Pueblito Taqueria
370 "G" St.
Lincoln, CA 95648
916 645-0898

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