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After spending a bit of time inside a "big box" store, such as the Home Depot, can make a person rather hungry, as items like tools, lumber and gardening supplies have a tendency to arouse one's appetite.  Good news if you're shopping at the  Home Depot, on North Sunrise Ave. in Roseville, CA, as LJ Café is there, to satisfy your hunger as you shop!


Photo:  LJ Café is located in front of the North Sunrise location of the Home Depot, in Roseville.  The building is small, but clean and well-maintained. Tables and chairs are located in front for your dining comfort.  The sign partly states, "Roseville Original," and "Since 2012."  Prior to 2012, and changing ownership, the restaurant was known as Mochas and More... check out the review that I published back in 2007.


Photo:  The menu is posted on the side of the restaurant, next to the order window.  It's quite limited, but seems to cover all the bases, considering the café caters to the shoppers going in and out of the Home Depot.  As show in the photo, the emphasis is on hot dogs, hamburgers, burritos and drinks, with combo meals offered.  I have a tendency to pass on the chips and drinks, as I prefer to head straight to the hot dog.


Photo:  My visit on Sunday, December 1, 2013,  Jerome hands me my "Chicago Dog."  At $4.50, it's a good value, and it's delicious, but it's only a "Chicago Dog wannabe," as it's far from authentic Chicago-style hot dog.  


Photo:  I post with my "Rusty Dog" that I enjoyed, on one of the provided tables at the restaurant.  The next day when I ordered my "Chicago Dog," I fully intended to enjoy it at the restaurant, but an annoying dude sat down at my table.  It seemed he was attracted to me as I was wearing camo clothes, and he started talking about turkey hunting.  After attempting to blow him away, I gathered up my hot dog and left, and enjoyed it at home, as I watched the San Francisco 49'ers beat the St. Louis Rams in NFL action.


Photo:  Here's LJ Café's version of a "Chicago Dog," which is a great dog, but if you're familiar with what a REAL CHICAGO-STYLE DOG is all about, you'll not a few glaring errors, such as the cut of the tomatoes, the placement of the mustard, the lack of a poppy seed bun, not even a sprinkle of celery salt, the absence of dill pickle spears, sport pepper wedges, and perhaps the most glaring error... where's the neon green sweet pickle relish?  Thank goodness ketchup wasn't included!  Despite the fact that this is only a "Chicago Dog wannabe," it was delicious, and represented a good value at $4.50.  Yes, I plan to enjoy their dogs every time I'm in the area.


Photo:  November 30, 2013, I enjoy a "Rusty Dog."  The blackboard states "the BEST DOG EVER!" and although it's a delicious dog, I can't say it's the "best dog ever."  It includes a quarter-pound grilled hot dog, on a fresh, chewy bun, and is garnished with onions.  Jerome asked if I wanted mustard, ketchup and relish, and I told him to hold the ketchup, but give me the rest.  At $4.00, the "Rusty Dog" was a good value, and provided a satisfying lunch. One very interesting fact as the dogs come pre-dressed according to the customer's order, as LJ Café does not have a serve-yourself condiment station, which seems to be an industry standard.

OK, the "Chicago Dog" wasn't authentic, but it was good.  The "Rusty Dog," was just plain good.  There is nothing fancy about LJ Café , but the dogs are good, the staff is friendly, and the price is right.  

LJ Café
324 Sunrise Ave.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 945-0288

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