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I know of many people who hate "big box" stores, such as WalMart, Lowes and Home Depot, who cite many crimes that such stores commit, such as the fact that the huge stores destroy local businesses, pay only minimum wage with no benefits to their employees, outsource local talent, bust unions, pollute the environment, contribute to global warming, and the critics offer many other reasons why these retail establishments shouldn't be allowed to exist.  Despite whatever Greenpeace or the Sierra Club might say about "big box" stores, the hated stores do have a habit of supporting concessions, and in the case of Home Depot in Roseville, California, they sport a fine concession, near the exit to their store, called Mochas and More, and when you get to the "more" part, that means that they sell a very fine hot dog.  I suppose that the left-wing environmentalists don't like care to savor an excellent hot dog, as left-wing socialist lunatics seem to prefer vegan cuisine. If this sounds a little bit political, sorry, but this is my web site, and I can say anything that I want to say!

Photo:  Located outside the main exit of Roseville's Home Depot, Mochas and More offers delicous drinks, hot dogs, and shady tables where you can enjoy your meal, in front of the store.

Roseville's Home Depot sports a very fine concession, located just north of their main entrance, called Mochas and More, and as mentioned in the previous paragraph, in my case, the "more" refers to their delicious hot dogs. Mochas sells coffee, soft drinks, mochas, lattes, sodas, nachos and hot dogs.  Although this particular Home Depot location is open 24/7, Mochas and More is open from 7:00 AM, unit 7:00 PM, seven days a week.  So grab your lumber, hardware, plumbing stuff at Home Depot, and stop at Mochas and More on your way out for a delicious hot dog.

Mocha's order board is placed in plain sight, just to the left of the order window.  You order what you want, in my case a Polish dog, and the friendly girls takes one off the vertical rack that's already cooking, places it in an extra-large roll, and you have your dog in your hand in only a couple of minutes.  Your dog arrives quite plain, and I asked her about the condiments, and she said they were at the rear of the stand, and indeed a fine selection of hot dog condiments was presented to me.  Hot dog nirvana for only $2.95, which is a price that I can live with.

Photo:  A candid photo into the kitchen, as the friendly girl prepares my delicious hot dog.

During the couple of minutes that my dog was being prepared I looked inside the kitchen and noted that all fixtures are constructed of stainless steal, and although there was only one girl operating the place, everything appeared to be neat, orderly, and clean.  Actually, Placer County is very keen on regulating vendors of food, so this place had to pass all of their rigid standards.  Ahhh... Mexico!

After placing my order and paying for it, I had my Polish dog in my hand, and I was directed to the rear of the hot dog stand, restaurant, or whatever you want to call Mochas and More.  Choice of condiments include mustard,  ketchup, saurkraut, diced white onions and relish.   Gee, where was the mayonnaise?  

Photo:  My Polish dog is loaded with condiments, from the condiment station, to the right of the kitchen.

Despite the lack of mayonnaise, I enjoyed a delicious hot dog, purchased from Mochas and More, as it was grilled to perfection, served on a very fresh hot dog bun, and I was allowed to apply to my hot dog a selection of very fresh condiments.  Whenever you exit Roseville's Home Depot, pay a visit to Mochas and More for a delicious hot dog. Recommended for hot dog lovers!

Mochas and More
Home Depot
324 North Sunrise Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 782-9600, ask for "Mochas and More..."

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