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Every Friday is a special day at Kim's Country Kitchen, as prime rib is offered as a "Friday special" for both breakfast and lunch.  Imagine... a large cut of prime rib, cooked the way YOU want it as the "star" of your breakfast or lunch!  It happens, every Friday at Kim's Country Kitchen, located in downtown Lincoln, CA.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Kim's Country Kitchen is located in downtown Lincoln, CA, on the ground floor of the 1920's era "Emmada Building." The restaurant is open every day from 07:00 in the morning until 01:00 in the afternoon for breakfast and lunch.

It's Friday, November 12, 2021, a little after 7 in the morning, and Friday means PRIME RIB at Kim's!

Photo:  The decor at Kim's is as "country" as it gets, and offers comfortable dining, amidst mounted animals, antiques, toys, pictures, and just about anything that your grandmother might have stored in her attic.  The dining room is both charming and "funky," and reflects the warm, small-town hospitality of Lincoln, and the country charm that Kim's offers.

As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted by a friendly staff member who will seat you at the table of your choice.  Since I'd arrived only an hour after opening - I didn't want to miss out on Friday's prime rib - the restaurant was lightly seated, and I pretty much had my choice of seating.

Photo:  The counter features a sign that lists daily specials.  Kim's recently began serving draft beer, with rotating beers, and Feather Falls Brewing micro beer is on tap today.  The friendly lady facing the camera is the owner of the restaurant, Kim Morales.

Photo:  The breakfast menu is extensive, and features everything a breakfast lover could desire.  There are daily specials posted in the restaurant that aren't listed on the menu, and prime rib is always highlighted every Friday.

The restaurant is open from 06:00 in the morning until 01:00 in the afternoon, which makes Kim's Country Kitchen serious about serving breakfast.  However, any selection on the menu is available any time the restaurant is open.

The full menu can be seen by clicking on THIS LINK.  You'll easily be redirected back to this page.

Photo:  Shortly after I was seated, the restaurant began to get busy, and seemed to be doing a very brisk business in to-go orders.

Photo;  The restaurant features a small counter near the entrance to the kitchen, with just four stools.

Photo:  My server, Chris, was very photo shy as she brought my order to my table.  Despite the fact the restaurant was busy on this Friday morning, my order arrived about 15 minutes after I placed it.

Photo:  Thanks, Chris, for taking my photo, as I prepare to enjoy my delicious breakfast of "Prime Rib and Eggs."

Photo:  It's Friday, and at Kim's Country Kitchen, Friday means PRIME RIB for either breakfast or lunch! I went with "Prime Rib and Eggs," along with hash brown potatoes, and sourdough toast. There are many reasons to look forward to Friday, and prime rib at Kim's has to be the major reason!

The "star" of the breakfast was a thick, juicy slab of prime rib, cooked to order, in my case, medium.  The slab is on the large side; I'd guess it's around six ounces.  It's served with a dish of au jus, and my server asked if I was interested in a small side of horseradish.  Yes, sign me up!

I went with two fried eggs, sunnyside up, along with a slab of Kim's delicious hash brown potatoes.  The chef at Kim's has talent, as the hash brown potatoes were golden brown and crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy inside, which is the way talented chefs cook perfect hash brown potatoes.  I mixed the sunnyside eggs with the hash browns and added a bit of Cholula Mexican hot sauce for a taste sensation. A sprig of parsley and a slice of orange were for presentation and garnish, and I ate them too.

The order of toast was perfectly toasted, buttered evenly, and made for an amazing side to enjoy with my breakfast. Toast also came in handy to enjoy all of the juicy goodness that I couldn't put into my mouth using a fork.

My "Prime Rib Breakfast" was simply delicious, as the prime rib was juicy, tender, and cooked perfectly medium, as per my order.  The eggs, toast and especially the crispy hash brown potatoes added depth and a taste sensation to this fantastic breakfast.  Kim's Country Kitchen serves a great prime rib breakfast!

Photo:  Calling all lovers of prime rib: Kim's Country Kitchen is YOUR breakfast destination of choice on Fridays, as every Friday, Kim's offers prime rib for breakfast and lunch.  Make your way in early, as quantities sometimes run out, and you DO NOT want to miss out on all of the prime rib goodness that Kim's has to offer.

Let's go back to Friday, August 09, 2019, when I enjoyed another amazing breakfast of prime rib and eggs at Kim's Country Kitchen...

I have actually heard people describe the Lincoln dining scene as "boring" or "too much pizza and Mexican food," neither of which resonate with me, as I find all dining scenes fascinating, and I could basically stuff myself on pizza and Mexican cuisine for the rest of my life.  No matter how "boring" you feel the Lincoln dining scene may be, if you're in the mood for the kind of cooking your grandmother would be proud of, look no further than Kim's Country Kitchen, in the heart of downtown Lincoln, CA.

Photo:  Kim's Country Kitchen, located in downtown Lincoln, CA, has been under new ownership for the last three months or so, and I felt it was time to pay them a visit, to see the changes, and to enjoy one of the best breakfasts in western Placer County.  

Under the new ownership, there have been a few minor menu changes, but the core menu, and the core values that this long-time Lincoln restaurant have been know for haven't changed, as the food is as great as ever, and perhaps even better, as the new owner adds daily or weekly specials, and now serves prime rib on Fridays, for breakfast or lunch.

Today is Friday, August 09, 2019, just a bit before 7 in the morning, and I've arrived hungry, and plan to enjoy a breakfast featuring a large slab of prime rib.

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, you'll be greeted with "country decor," mounted animals, and even a small boat hanging from the ceiling.  If you have a sweet tooth, slices of pie are available from the pie counter, and you can even take home a whole pie.

You'll be greeted with a friendly staff member who will seat you, but since the restaurant was very lightly seated on this early Friday morning, I sat myself at the large table in the foreground.

Photo:  The electronic sign, located near the pie case, welcomes you, and lets you know Friday is prime rib day. Honestly, this sign is the only change that I could see to the interior of this fine restaurant, since my previous visit, when this restaurant was owned by a different "Kim."

Photo:  Kim's breakfast menu lists all of your favorite offerings.  Specials, including "Prime Rib Fridays" aren't listed on the menu, but they're listed on the electronic black board, and on Kim's Facebook page.

Photo:  Mr. Mule Deer, along with other mounted animals, grace shelves located near the ceiling, decorate the restaurant, and add to the cozy, country theme.

Photo:  Meet super friendly Kim Morales, the owner of Kim's Country Kitchen, who brings my "Prime Rib Breakfast" to me, along with a plate of "Biscuits and Gravy" on this Friday, "prime rib day" at Kim's.  On this Friday morning, Kim was wearing many hats, as she was not only running the restaurant, but she was serving her hungry customers with a smile. Kim is a great hostess and a great person!

On this early Friday morning, my breakfast arrived about fifteen minutes after placing my order, which is fast!

Photo:  Thanks, Kim, for snapping my photo, after she placed my GIGANTIC breakfast on the table.  Note the ol' fruit jar full of ice water, which adds a nice touch.  I guess I'm starting to get old, as this fine breakfast got the better of me, as I couldn't finish it all, and took some of it home in a box, to enjoy for dinner.

Photo:  Since Friday is "Prime Rib Day" at Kim's, and I'm a lover of prime rib, I went with the "Prime Rib Breakfast Special," which isn't on the menu, and only offered on Fridays.  This breakfast is SO DELICIOUS that you'll most likely want to skip any other day of the week, so you can enjoy a prime rib breakfast at Kim's on Fridays!  

Prime rib specials are offered on Fridays for lunch as well, so if you miss breakfast, and you're a lover of prime rib, you won't mss out.

The slab of prime rib is the star of the breakfast, and Kim's gives you a HUGE slab, that's sure to satisfy the appetite of a NFL linebacker, or Paul Bunyan himself.  It's cooked the way you specify - in my case I ordered my rib cooked medium - and the meat is juicy, tender, lightly spiced, flavorful, and cooked to perfection.  It's buttery smooth when you cut off a piece, and it melts in your mouth.  If you've never enjoyed a breakfast featuring a slab of prime rib, you're missing out on a true pleasure in life, and when you stop by Kim's Country Kitchen on a Friday, you can savor a breakfast of prime rib, cooked YOUR way by Kin's talented chef.

The prime rib is complimented by a horseradish dip and a bowl of dipping sauce, au jus.  I couldn't decide which I loved more... so I basically dipped chunks of meat into the horseradish sauce, and dipped hash brown potatoes into the sauce au jus.  Delicious!

The prime rib is the star of the show, but the eggs, hash brown potatoes, along with the biscuits and gravy- yes, there are TWO biscuits, which all work together to make the breakfast a balanced joy.  I ordered my eggs fried over easy - which is my de facto standard - and arrived perfectly fried, over easy, which is the mark of a talented chef. The order of hash browns was large, and cooked to a golden brown, yet crisp but tender on the inside.  

The biscuits and gravy were actually an optional side, as toast is standard, but if you've got an appetite, and if you're a lover of biscuits and gravy, you MUST go this route, as Kim's makes maybe the best biscuits and gravy in all of Placer County!  The biscuits are in-house made, fresh, fluffy, delicious, yet they hold together well with the gravy. The gravy is absolutely out-of-this-world delicious, as it's creamy, flavorful, and has lots of meat.  If you're a fan of biscuits and gravy, you can't go wrong at Kim's Country Kitchen.

Photo:  The main plate with my prime rib, two fried eggs, hash brown potatoes, along with horseradish and sauce au jus.  If you're in the mood for an amazing breakfast of prime rib, mark your calendar for any Friday, at Kim's Country Kitchen.

Kim's is an amazing restaurant, as the food is delicious, the decor is "country," the dining is comfortable, and the staff is super friendly.  Add "Prime Rib Friday" to the mix and you've got a winning "foodie" combination at Kim's Country Kitchen, located in downtown Lincoln, CA.

Let's go back to December 12, 2017, during a previous visit to Kim's Country Kitchen, when the restaurant was owned by a different "Kim..."

Photo:  Kim's Country Kitchen is located in downtown Lincoln, on Lincoln Blvd., which is the main street in town.  It's just before 7 in the morning on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, and it's time for breakfast!  No worries, as Kim's opens every morning at 0530, as the restaurant is very serious about breakfast.  There is a bench, and a couple of small tables on the sidewalk, in front of the restaurant, if you want to dine outdoors.  Today, outdoor dining wasn't an option for me, as the temperature was hovering in the low 30's.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the dining room is long, narrow and very cozy.  The name of the restaurant, Kim's Country Kitchen is fitting, as the decor is as "country" as it gets, including many mounted animals.  Many of the trophies are "imported" from the previous owner's hunting expeditions, as moose, bison and elk aren't native to Placer County, and the neighboring Sierra Nevada mountains.

The white haired gentleman working the coffee pots kept my mug of delicious coffee full, and provided lots of entertaining conversation as I enjoyed my early Tuesday morning breakfast.  I'm not sure of his employment status, as he told me that he's a friend of the owner, Kim, and he comes in nearly every morning to help out, just for "something to do."

Photo:  It's 7:15 in the morning, and I'm standing in the center of the dining room, looking at the counter, and the kitchen in the background.  The large table in the foreground is used as a "round table," as regulars who know each other sit there and socialize, as they come and go.  It's also used for larger groups, such as the Western Amateur Radio Club, who regularly meets at the restaurant Saturday mornings.

Photo:  It's mid-December, and Kim's dining room sports a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.

Photo:  The breakfast menu at Kim's Country Kitchen.  If you want something that isn't listed on the menu, or if you want a menu choice prepared differently, just ask, as the staff is more than happy to make changes, and will cook anything for you, as long as they have the ingredients on hand.  

You flip the menu over, and the lunch menu is on the other side, but I was here for breakfast, I didn't photograph the lunch menu.

Photo:  After placing my order, I sat at my table, pondered some of the mounted trophies on the wall, and watched my favorite morning show, "Good Day Sacramento" from one of the several monitors located around the dining room.

I've been to this fine restaurant before, most recently photographed back on June 06, 2014, with the now-disbanded Sacramento Breakfast Club.  Click on this link for the complete article of the breakfast we enjoyed, some three years ago.

Photo:  The owner of the restaurant for over 10 years, Kim, greets customers seated at the small counter.  

Photo:  Meet Kim, the owner of the restaurant, who was also my friendly server.  The restaurant wasn't busy on this early Tuesday morning, so I had the ample opportunity to chat with Kim, and take lots of photos.  Her "helper," kept my mug full of delicious coffee.

Photo:  I have a smile on my face, as Kim takes my photo, as I'm ready enjoy my wonderful breakfast.

Photo:  My breakfast at Kim's Country Kitchen of chorizo and eggs, which is a breakfast menu staple, but, as per my request, custom-made for me.

At Kim's, and at most California restaurants, chorizo is mixed with eggs, and it's served as a scrambled mixture. That's all good, but I like my chorizo and eggs prepared a little different, the way the dish is commonly served in Mexico.  As I placed my order, I explained to Kim that I'd like my sausage served separately, and my eggs cooked over easy.  She said, "no problem," and let me know the chorizo was a link, and if that was ok with me. Absolutely... sign me up!

My amazing breakfast of two, perfectly cooked eggs over easy, hash brown potatoes, a chorizo link, two flour tortillas, and ... surprise ... salsa verde!  I applied the salsa verde to the hash browns, and I was instantly transported into "breakfast nirvana," as the in-house-made salsa verde transported the freshly made hashbrowns to a new level.  This breakfast was one of the best breakfasts that I've enjoyed for a long time, as Kim and her staff definitely know how to serve a fantastic breakfast in Lincoln.

Kim's Country Kitchen is definitely a restaurant that you'd want to take your mother to, for that matter, it's a place to take anybody who appreciates delicious, "country cooking," with a Lincoln flair.  One of the masters of culinary expertise, the late Elvis Presley, would absolutely love this restaurant, and if he was visiting western Placer Country, I'd be happy to enjoy a hearty breakfast with the "King" at Kim's place.

When you're in the mood to enjoy one of the best breakfasts or lunches to be found in western Placer County, Kim's Country Kitchen, in downtown Lincoln, should be your culinary destination.

Kim's Country Kitchen
537 Lincoln Blvd.
Lincoln, CA 95648
916 645-2727

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