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Friday, June 06, 2014, the Sacramento Breakfast Club had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast and a great meeting at Kim's Country Kitchen, in Lincoln, CA.

Photo:  Kim's Country Kitchen is a favorite of the Lincoln locals, and the restaurant a couple of tables ourside, for who enjoy sidewalk dining.  The restaurant is located on "G" Street, which is the main street in town, but now, it's known both as "G" Street, and Lincoln Blvd., since Highway 65 bypassed town a year or so ago.

Photo:  Check out the decor, as it's pure "country," complete with lighted camping lanterns, and mounted trophies. The "special" board at the left of the photo announces today's special is prime rib and eggs; somehow I missed that and only spotted it as I took this photo, after we'd already ordered.  Oh well... next time.  Our group is seated at the large table, in the center of the photo.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Kit, brings our orders to the table, as Sharlene and Tessa comtenplate their breakfasts.

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento breakfast club, from left to right, Eric Rench, Jeff Brown, Teri McCloud, Robert Kipperman, Sharlene Rench and Tessa McCloud.  I gave away my usual camera to a friend, and was waiting for a new camera to arrive, so all of these photos were shot using my iPhone camera, which actually does a credible job.

Photo:  A very nice touch at Kim's Country Kitchen is that ice water, ice tea, and soft drinks are served in an ol' fruit jar, and they actually bring you ice water, despite the current drought in Northern California.  My breakfast today of chorizo, eggs, country potatoes, large corn tortilla and coffee.  Diced onion and bell pepper are an option when you order country potatoes, and I opted for that option, as the photo shows.  This breakfast was delicious!

We loved the food, as it was delicious, there was lots of it, and the price was reasonable.  The decor is "funky," country, and very much reflects the local character.  The only drawback is the acoustics, as they're terrible, and with the high noise volume in the busy restaurant, it's difficult to chit-chat without yelling, and everybody else has the same issues.  Other than being noisy, Kim's Country Kitchen is a fine restaurant, that we'll be sure to visit at a future meeting.

Kim's Country Kitchen
537 "G" St.
Lincoln, CA 95648
916 645-2727

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