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Alright, you ask, do I like Thai food?  Yes, I do, but it has taken be awhile to get around to going to Khobkoon Thai Cuisine, due to the fact that I always seemed to be too early, or they weren't open as per their advertised schedule. No matter, as on Saturday, June 14, 2014, I was able to enjoy a wonderful lunch at Khobkoon, with the great companionship of longtime family friend Kristina Mendes.

Photo:  Khobkoon Thai Cuisine is located in west Roseville, at an upscale strip mall, which offers lots of free, easy parking.  They share the same building with Pho Vietnam Noodle Restaurant, which is now history, and a Japanese restaurant is rising from the ashes to take it's place.  

Photo:  You open the front door, and there are a couple of tables next to the door, and the cashier's station/counter is just beyond.  The dining room is to the right of the photo, but my lens wasn't wide enough to include it all into a single photo.  The swingin' doors, in the center of the photo, lead into the kitchen.

Photo:  Like every good Thai restaurant, Khobkoon Thai Cuisine has a picture of the royal family of the country of Thailand hung in the dining room.  At first, I failed to notice the photo, as we sat to the rear of the restaurant, and when I quizzed our server, Yulsa about the aparant lack of a "royal" photo, he proudly pointed to the painting on the wall, facing the counter.  I'd missed it as I entered the restaurant... Ah, relief!!!

Photo:  There are a couple of tables as you enter the restaurant, but the dining room is to the right, and it's long, narrow, and quite dark.  Kristina likes a booth, so she and I were seated at the extreme rear of the dining room. There are a couple of TV monitors, lots of Thai-theme pictures, and lots of Buddah statues in the dining room. The dining room is a bit of the dark side, but it's pleasant, and very comfortable.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Yulsa - I hope I got his name correct - smiles after he placed our lunch order on the table.  He was very friendly, non-intrusive, and offered superior service.  Kristina couldn't finish her lunch, or her drink, and he graciously packaged her lunch in a box, then bagged it, and placed the remainder of the drink in a covered, soft drink container.  Now, that's service!!!

Photo:    From the Lunch menu, I ordered a Number 20, which is "Satay."  I might add that Khobkoon Thai Cuisine has a separate lunch and dinner menu, which share many of the same options, but, naturally, the dinner menu is more extensive, the portions are larger, along with the prices.  Anyway, my lunch of "Satay" was satay, which is skewered, marinated, charcoal broiled, sliced chicken, or beef, - chicken for me today - served with peanut sauce, cucumber salad, and steamed rice.   Not shown  in the photos are a couple of Thai Singha beers that served me well.  Family friend Kristina doesn't drink, so she was pressed into driving duties.

Photo:  Kristina ordered a Thai iced tea, which she absolutely loved.  I took a sip of it, and I agreed with her, as it's delicious.  Silly me for ordering beer... Anyway, Kristina's lunch was a "Number 11" from the lunch menu, which is actually a "Pad Thai."  That's stir-fried rice-stick noodle, with shrimp, ground peanut, bean sprout, and green onion.  The menu doesn't say anything about the noodles - lots of 'em - or the tofu.  This meal was a mouthful; I helped Kristina with some of it, but she took most of it home in a box, as she got a TON of food.  This was Kristina's first time ever at a Thai restaurant, and she absolutely enjoyed herself, and now is a confirmed fan of Thai food.

Photo:  Long-time family friend, Kristina Mendes, and me, Eric Rench, pose at our table, as our friendly server takes our photo.  I highly recommend Khobkoon Thai Cuisine for good food, and great service.

Everything about Khobkoon Thai Cuisine is good, including the food, the service, and the comfortable dining.  If you're in the mood for great Thai food, and a great dining experience, look no further than this wonderful restaurant, as they have all of the bases nailed.  Khobkoon Thai Cuisine is a great restaurant!

Khobkoon Thai Cuisine
7452 Foothills Blvd. Ste. #150
916 771-7995

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