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Jimboy's Tacos, located on Sunrise Ave. in Roseville, CA, is a link in a chain of around 25 restaurants in the greater Sacramento area that specialize in delicious, "American Tacos" and other "Mexican-influenced" goodies.  This restaurant is amazing, as the cuisine is pure "comfort food" and the friendly staff will make you feel at home.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's mid-afternoon on Friday, March 03, 2023, and I've arrived at the Sunrise Ave. location of Jimboy's Tacos, who has been dishing out delicious "American Tacos" since 1954.

This restaurant, and like most of the other Jimboy's locations - all 40 stores in three states - are franchises, but are under the umbrella of Jimboy's Tacos, of Folsom, CA.  

Jimboy's Tacos originated back in 1954 after the founder, Jim Knudson, began selling tacos out of a trailer in the Lake Tahoe area, and the rest is history.  Jimboy's Tacos is a favorite of the greater Sacramento area, as of this writing, there are 24 locations in the greater Sacramento area, including three stores in Roseville.

Photo:  Jimboy's Tacos is essentially a "fast food" restaurant, but unlike other chains, this restaurant is a Sacramento area born-and-raised restaurant, which offers favorite west coast Mexican-inspired cuisine.

You enter the restaurant and walk up to the order counter and make you selection from the menu, which is displayed on large video monitors.  You place your order, you pay for it, and you receive a receipt and a "number."

After you get your "number," you get a drink cup - if you ordered a drink - and you can filler 'er up at the self-serve "soda fountain" that features Coca Cola products.  Then, you seat yourself at any open seating, and when your "number" is called, you simply walk up to the counter, and your order will be waiting for you.

My "number" today was 38, so that me feel "special," if you know what I mean...

There are no printed menus, so you order from the video monitors.  Like most "fast food" restaurants, Jimboy's has a web site, with the menu listed online, and does a thriving take-out business of orders place online, and by phone.

The Sunrise location is one of the locations that offers domestic and Mexican beer.  Yowzaaa!

Photo:  The large dining room is divided by low partitions into several sections, and furnished with tables and booths.  There is a large expanse of windows looking out to Cirby Way which offer sunlight, for attractive, natural lighting.  

Jimboy's Tacos doesn't make any pretense of being "Mexican" as the dining room states, "The Original American Taco."  That's true, as when Jim Knutson started his business, back in 1954, most U.S. diners weren't familiar with tacos.  Times have changed... simply fast-forward to 2023!

Photo:  The dining room is large, attractive, comfortable and amazingly clean.  For a modern, "fast food" restaurant, I found the layout of the dining room to be very tasteful.

Photo:  The first screen of the menu lists combinations, sides, and "Tacos," including the signature offering, "Ground Beef Taco."  I ordered two of them, as how could I resist?

Photo:  Besides tacos, Jimboy's offers burritos, salads, combo plates, drinks and selections for the 12 and under crowd.  Many locations, including the Sunrise Avenue store offer beer, but it's not on the menu.  No worries, as the beer is in a cooler behind the counter, so just ask the friendly staff.

Photo:  Meet Dennis, my amazingly friendly host to cheerfully took my order, called my number, and delivered it to me with a smile.  Such a great host, who welcome all guests with a smile, and treated everybody like royalty.

Photo:  You pick up your plastic utensils at the order counter, along with little packages or red and green taco sauce, along with ketchup.  If you're in the mood for fresh salsa, Jimboy's Tacos has you covered, as my friendly host offered me several varieties of fresh salsa to choose from, which are kept on ice behind the counter.

Photo:  I'm a happy "foodie," as I have two "Ground Beef Tacos," fresh salsa, and a side of refried "Pinto Beans" to enjoy for today's lunch.

Photo:  From the "Tacos" section of the meal, I went with two "Ground Beef Tacos," along with an "Extra" of "Pinto Beans," refried, naturally.  "Ground Beef Tacos" are the "signature" dish of Jimboy's Tacos, and these delicious tacos has made Jimboy's a go-to restaurant in the greater Sacramento area since 1954.

My friendly host asked if I was interested in fresh, in-house made salsa, and he gave me a couple of small cups of delicious, red salsa.  Green salsa was also offered, which would have been perfect on a burrito.

The menu, and the web page describe the tacos as, "What we're famous for since 1954!  Chef-grilled stone ground corn tortilla, cheese, lettuce, parmesan dusted."  These tacos made Jimboy's Tacos famous!

Each taco starts out with a helping of Jimboy's seasoned ground beef, which is the original recipe that the founder of the restaurant chain, Jim Knudson came up with.  The ground beef is inside of a lightly deep fried corn tortilla, liberally dusted with parmesan cheese, which is the "trademark" of the tacos the restaurant serves, and is a "standout" in west coast taco cuisine.  Grated, melted cheese and lots of shredded lettuce complete each taco.

For my side, I went with "Pinto Beans," and the menu offers a choice between "Refried" or "Whole;" it was an easy choice for me, as I went the way of "Refried..."

The side of "Refried Beans" was a little cup of around six ounces of beans, topped with melted, shredded cheese, along with a couple of tortilla chips, which made for a great presentation, and great dipping.  The beans were hot, creamy, rich, flavorful and simply delicious!  What a great side to a couple of delicious "American Tacos."

Jimboy's Tacos are simply delicious, and over the years, have amassed a dedicated following of taco lovers in the greater Sacramento area, and on the west coast.  The parmesan-dusted corn tortillas are unique, and when you combine the seasoned ground beef, melted cheese, shredded lettuce, and the expertise of Jimboy's culinary staff... you're talking about delicious tacos!  

Jimboy's doesn't make any pretense about creating "Mexican" tacos, as they advertise as, "Jimboy's... The original American Taco since 1954."  Well said!  The tacos served at Jimboy's Tacos are simply DELICIOUS!

Photo:  "Ground Beef Taco" shows the ground beef, melted cheese, shredded lettuce, and the corn tortilla, dusted with parmesan cheese.  This is a delicious "American Taco!"

Photo:  My side of "Pinto Beans," which I opted for "Refried," was simply delicious, and made for an outstanding side dish to my tacos.  The refried beans were so great that if you ordered more of them, they could make up your complete meal, as these beans tasted like the beans you enjoy in a sit-down Mexican restaurant.  They were simply delicious!

The tortilla chips added to the presentation and made for great dipping.  As an aside... the refried beans were great to dip pieces of the tacos into... mmmmm good!

Photo:  One bite into a "Ground Beef Taco" shows all of the goodness, including the ground beef, melted cheese, shredded lettuce, and the corn tortilla, dusted with parmesan cheese.  This is the signature menu offering of Jimboy's Tacos!  You simply have to LOVE the melted cheese on this taco!

As a bonus, the Sunrise location of Jimboy's Tacos serves both domestic and Mexican beer!  

Since 1954, the greater Sacramento area has been craving the delicious "signature" tacos made famous at Jimboy's Tacos, and you can certainly satisfy your craving at the Sunrise Ave. location in Roseville.  You'll love the delicious cuisine that Jimboy's has to offer, and you'll enjoy the fast and friendly service this store is famous for.

For delicious "American Tacos," visit Jimboy's Tacos, located on Sunrise Ave., in Roseville, CA.

Jimboy's Tacos
1000 Sunrise Ave.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 788-0222

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