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Flame-N-Chickz has arrived in Roseville!  This new restaurant moved into the store next to Bel Air supermarket that has been the home to a Chinese restaurant, and two separate Mongolian barbecue restaurants.  The restaurant opened their door for business on Thursday, May 12th, and I rushed to the restaurant on Saturday morning, at the 11:00 o'clock opening time, as I couldn't wait to enjoy "Nashville Hot Chicken" for the first time.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  I've been tracking the progress of Flame-N-Chickz for a couple of weeks, and I took a few photos and did a write-up, which you can view on this link.  Flame-N-Chickz is located in the Brickyard Center in Roseville, CA, next to Bel Air supermarket.  It's just past the 11:00 in the morning opening time on Saturday, May 14, 2020, and I've arrived to enjoy "Nashville Hot Chicken" for the first time in my life.

I've lived in Roseville for nearly 25 years, and Flame-N-Chickz is the fourth restaurant to occupy this space since I've been in town.  Panda Restaurant was a longtime restaurant that closed when the owners retired, followed shortly by Jasmine Mongolian BBQ which lasted only a few months, and finally by Fresh Wok Mongolian BBQ which closed during the COVID days in mid-2020.  The store sat vacant until I noticed a temporary "Open Soon" sign, and activity to indicate a new restaurant was arriving in our area.  Click on the name of each restaurant to check out my former visits, and click on this link to watch the construction of Flame-N-Chickz.  Whatever the case, there is no other restaurant- to my knowledge - in the greater Sacramento area that serves "Nashville Hot Chicken."

Flame-N-Chickz sports a SoCal phone number, and is based in Southern California, but Roseville is the solo location, but management has plans to expand into a chain.  I wish them success!

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the counter with the menu posted on the video monitor, which makes ordering easy.  Furniture is made up of tables for four, which can be pushed together to acommodate larger groups.  The room is divided by a low partition which separates the order counter area - which actually has one table near the window - from the main dining area.  

When it comes to decor, how many ways can you say "spartan," as there is absolutely nothing in the way of decor, as the walls feature waistcoating and abstract, geodesic red lines, to contrast with the white paint.  The dining room is well lit with recessed lights, and provides great light for photography.

Photo:  The dining area features colorful tables and chairs, which match the walls, and offers comfortable, well-spaced dining.  There is a serve-yourself soft drink machine at the rear of the room where you can help yourself to all of the Coca Cola products you can drink, from your bottomless drink cup.

Photo:  The friendly gentleman who welcomed me to the restaurant, and took my order, Isaak, serves a walk-in customer.  During my enjoyable lunch, I noted many diners arriving and picking up to-go orders, which I can assume were placed on the restaurant's website.

The "format" at Flame-N-Chickz is similar to a "fast food" restaurant, where you choose your order from the menu above the counter, pay for it, and choose any open table.  If the restaurant is busy, you'll be rewarded with a number, and when your order is ready it will be brought to the counter where you pick it up.  As I "opened up" the restaurant on this late Saturday morning, it wasn't busy, and when my order arrived, Isaak called out, "Eric, your order is ready."

Photo:  The menu is posted above the counter on a large video monitor, and - naturally - on the restaurant's web site.  Note the menu is very compact, offering three "combos," along with single orders of sliders, tenders, fries and salads.  Drinks are bottled water, bottled soft drinks, or all-you-can-drink Coca Cola products from the "serve yourself" soda machine.

Note the "scale" of heat for the spiciness for your chicken.  I'm assuming the heat level is rated in "Scoville Heat Units" and goes from bland to a crazy-hot, raging inferno that requires a signed waiver.  I went with "Medium" which worked out perfectly for me.

Photo:  A view out of the front door of the Brickyard Center parking lot, which offers nearly unlimited convenient parking, as you enjoy a fine meal.  El Azteca Mexican restaurant is located two doors down if you're in the mood for great food with a south-of-the-border flare.

Photo:  Meet my amazingly friendly host Isaak, along with the talented chef, Mike, who presented my delicious lunch to me with a smile.

Photo:  Mike took my photo as I hold my meal and smile, as I know I will be enjoying this fine meal.  All meals - regardless of dine-in or to-go - are served in styrafoam containers, and you dine with plastic utensils.

Photo:  I went with "Combo #2," which includes one slider, a tender, along with a side of fries.  For the heat level, I opted for "medium," which lies on the lower scale of heat, and this level of heat worked out perfectly for my taste buds.  Both the tender and the slider were simply delicious, but the slider won my love and undying affection, as it was simply AMAZING!

The slider is based on a "Chicken Tender," which is a 3-oz or so piece of breast meat, seasoned, marinated and deep fried to a dark, honey-golden brown.  Then, the chicken is coated with house-made sauce, and YOUR choice of spice level, ranging from "No Spice" up to "Flamin'," which is so hot that you must sign a waiver.  Maybe that's just a publicity thing?  Whatever the case, I went with "Medium," which is about as hot as a jalapiņo pepper, which is perfect for my taste buds, as it affords a level of "kick," but isn't scorching hot.

The "Tender" was placed on a soft, fresh hamburger bun on a bed of green and purple kale, lettuce leaves, and garnished with "house dressing" which I believe is "Flame-N-Chickz speak" for 1000 Island dressing.  There was a small cup of dressing on the side, which made for a perfect dip for my fries.

The chicken was tender, moist, juicy and perfectly deep fried, with just the right amount of batter to ramp-up the taste sensation, but not overpower the delicious chicken.  The kale and lettuce added some "cool" to the slider, and the dressing worked perfectly with the batter and spicy seasoning to add contrast and a bit of sweetness to the sandwich.  The "Slider" served at Flame-N-Chickz was simply amazing!

The side of "Tender" was exactly the same slice of meat as I enjoyed on my "Slider" except that it had a couple slices of dill pickle chips for garnish, presentation, and added taste.  Delicious in every way!

The side of fries worked wonders for this delicious lunch!  There were large, "crinkle cut," and deep fried perfectly, just the way I love them.  Medium golden brown on the outside, tender and white on the inside, with just enough salt for taste, and a slight "crunch" when I bit into them.

All orders are served in a "to-go" box regardless of whether your dining "in," or order "takeout."  I suppose that's a nod to the 20-something's who always prefer to eat their meals elsewhere.  Personally, I'm "old school" and I always prefer to enjoy my meal in a dining room.

Are you in the mood for an amazing lunch?  At $13.88 it isn't cheap, but it's worth every penny, as my lunch was fresh, made from quality ingredients and simply delicious.

Photo:  I cut my "Slider" in half so I could look at a cross-section of the goodness this sandwich offers.  Look at the tender chicken, coated with savory, "medium" spice, the kale, along with the dressing that made this a taste sensation.  

Today was the first time that I've ever enjoyed "Nashville Hot Chicken," or for that matter, even heard of the genre. The chicken, both the "Tender" and the "Slider" were simply delicious, and a welcome change from most deep fried chicken.  Flame-N-Chickz has found a "niche" in the crowded Roseville scene and serves a whole different "bird," so to speak.  Flame-N-Chickz is a welcome addition to western Placer County dining!  Welcome to Roseville!

4006 Foothills Blvd #106
Roseville, CA 94747
818 913-5922

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