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As of this writing, Fresh Wok Mongolian BBQ is the newest restaurant in Roseville, as they enjoyed their "soft" opening last weekend, and as of my visit, they were still "softly" opened.  

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little after the 11 in the morning opening time of Fresh Wok Mongolian Barbecue on Tuesday, December 24, 2019.  It's Christmas eve, and the Bel Air Shopping Center is a very busy place on this late Tuesday morning.  Fresh Wok is located next to the Bel Air supermarket.

As of this writing, Fresh Wok Mongolian Barbecue is the newest restaurant in Roseville.  I wish success to this fine restaurant!

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the counter, and the spacious seating.  If this restaurant looks familiar, you might recognize it from the former Jasmine Mongolian BBQ restaurant that opened early this February, but lasted only a few months.

The interior has been almost completely refurbished, but the Mongolian wok hasn't changed since the previous owner installed it.  Obviously, the Mongolian grill is the centerpiece of the restaurant.

Photo:  The menu, for the "soft opening," is short, and about as simple as it can get.  Today, I was treated to the full "Lunch" bowl at the price of a "Kid's" bowl.  Was it my business card, my promise of a great "Yelp" review, or my charming personality?  I don't know, but I thank the management for giving me a great lunch at a bargain price.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll see the long counter, and the grill to the left, which is the centerpiece of the restaurant.  You can get a peek into the kitchen at the center, rear of the photo.

Like almost all Mongolian barbecue restaurant, you pick up a bowl and you choose from the meat, vegetables, noodles, and everything else what you want, and the chef will place your meal on the grill, and cook your meal, to your specification, as you watch.  If you have any questions, just ask, and the chef will be happy to help you choose your ingredients to make the lunch that you've always dreamed of...

Photo:  After you pick up a bowl for your "Lunch," the first stop is the "meat station," where you can choose between beef, pork, chicken or turkey.  I went with beef and turkey.

Photo:  After you've filled your bowl with your choice of meat, you move to the "vegetable station" where many fresh vegetable choices await you.  Noodles are included here - Mongolian barbecue isn't "barbecue" without noodles - and all choices are fresh, and locally sourced.

Photo:  My "meeter/greeter" assistant chef tops my bowl of with tofu and tomatoes, at the serving station just after the vegetables.  Next stop is the "sauce station," where my bowl will receive a healthy dose of "house sauce."

Photo:  After I filled my bowl with goodies, the chef put everything on the grill to cook.  The smell of my cooking meat, veggies and tofu was wonderful, and it was great to watch the chef in action.

Photo:  You can get a little peek into the kitchen, to watch the staff in action.

Photo:  The chef at work, grilling my lunch, on the Mongolian wok, which is the centerpiece of the restaurant, and makes things work.

Photo:  I started out at the "meat" station, and filled my bowl with beef and pork.  I love chicken and turkey, which was offered, but I can't stay away from beef or pork.

After the "meat" station, I worked my way over to the "vegetable" station, where I filled my bowl with noodles, green onion, bell pepper slices and bean sprouts.  My chef then added tofu, as per my request, and I finished my bowl with "House Sauce," which added lots of "zing" to me delicious lunch.

After my lunch was finished cooking on the grill, and presented to me in a bowl, I added fried noodles, peanuts, along with a hearty dose of hot sauce.

Fresh Wok Mongolian BBQ uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and the vegetables and the meat is "local," and as fresh as it gets.  

Photo:  I'm all smiles, as I prepare to enjoy my "Lunch" at Fresh Wok Mongolian BB!Q, in Roseville.

Photo:  After my delicious bowl of "Mongolian Barbecue Lunch" was grilled and ready, I was amazed to see that a table was set for me, and included a bowl of Mongolian rice, soup, an eggroll, a couple of chips, a bowl of dipping sauce, and a nice glass of icewater.  

Mongolian rice is very similar to Chinese style rice, as it's plain white rice, with peas and fried eggs added, which makes for an amazing side to the "Lunch Bowl."  The soup... I'm not sure what it was, but it was thick... may be tofu? ... with rice and noodles.  Whatever... I ate it with glee!  The eggroll was crispy, deep fried, and just plain delicious, along with the chips.  The sticky sweet/sour dipping sauce was just right to make for an amazing lunch.

Fresh Wok Mongolian BBQ serves delicious Mongolian barbecue, and is a welcome addition to the west Roseville dining scene.  I welcome them to the west Roseville dining scene.

Fresh Wok Mongolian BBQ
4006 Foothills, Blvd. #106
Roseville, CA 95747

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