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What goes together better than pizza and beer?  Fast Freddie's Pizza and Pasta is located only a couple of doors from the Onyx Club, which features $1.25 draught beers before 1800.  So after you leave Onyx, and you need more in your stomach than beer or popcorn, a stop at Fast Freddie's would be a worthwhile option.

Photo:  It's 3 O’clock on Saturday, June 8, 2013, and the temperature is 106 degrees!  Warm weather doesn't stop me from taking a hike, and after perching myself on a barstool for a couple of hours, at the nearby Onyx Club, I was ready for some pizza!  Fast Freddie's Pizza and Pasta is located in historic downtown Roseville, on the west side of the railroad tracks.

Photo:  On this warm Saturday afternoon, I was the only customer in the restaurant, and I seated myself at the "bar," and watched the chef prepare my pizza.  The kitchen is the lighted area, behind the brick counter, in the center of the photo.  Yes, there is plenty of draught beer on tap!

Photo:  Like most pizza restaurants, you choose from a menu, in this case, it's mounted on the wall, behind the counter, place your order, pay for it, and in return, you receive a plastic number... then you seat yourself.  When your pizza is ready, they'll bring it to your table and retrieve your number. Such is the protocol at Fast Freddie's Pizza and Pasta.  The good news is that no tip is expected.  Since I was the only customer in the restaurant at the time, I didn't get a plastic number... I just got my pizza in a timely manner.

Photo:  During the time of my visit there were two guys working the restaurant, one guy, pictured, took the orders, took the money, served the pizza, answered the phone - which was constantly ringing - and performed cleanup duties.  The other guy seemed to be the pizza chef.  Fast Freddie's seemed to be doing a brisk take-out business this afternoon, as the phone seemed to be constantly ringing, and the chef seemed to be super busy.  I suppose it was too warm to venture out, although Fast Freddie's air conditioner was working very efficiently.

Photo:  Hereeeeee's Eric, complete with personal size pepperoni pizza, and a cold glass of draught beer.  As can be seen in the photo, the decor of the restaurant is rather quaint, with many snapshots of customers, and a few photos of movie stars, sports figures, and famous politicos who have supposedly enjoyed pizza at Fast Freddie's.

Photo:  I ordered a personal size pepperoni and cheese pizza, which arrived piping hot from the kitchen, in about 15 minutes.  The pizza was delicious, and was a good value.  Although the pizza was good, I'd rate it on a par with a chain restaurant pizza, as a place like Campelli's has this pizza completely outclassed.  However, Freddie's pizza is priced about $1.00 less, and it's located next to the Onyx Club, so there are trade-offs to be considered.  Fast Freddie's serves a good pizza, and it's a regular on my list after a serious afternoon at the Onyx Club.

Fast Freddie's serves good pizza, and the restaurant is only a couple of doors down from my favorite watering hole, the Onyx Club.  Freddie's is a solid place to keep in mind, if hunger strikes you, after a climb down from "barstool mountain, at the nearby Onyx Club.

Fast Freddie's Pizza and Pasta
130 Main St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 660-5610

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