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For unknown reasons, it's  been over six years since I've paid a visit to Campelli's Pizza, located on Foothills Blvd., in Roseville, CA, to enjoy some of the best pizza you can imagine in western Placer County.  Foothills Blvd. should be renamed to "Pizza Blvd." as within a mile, there are no less than thirteen pizza restaurants!  Campelli's West , as the restaurant is now known, stands head and shoulders above the Foothills piaaz crowd, as their staff is amazingly friendly, and their pizza is as good as pizza gets...

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just past the opening time of 11:00 in the morning on Friday, March 19, 2021, and after near a 6-year hiatus, I'm paying a visit to Campelli's Pizza, now known as Campelli's West, located on Foothills Blvd., in Roseville, CA.

Since my last visit, there have been many changes, including an expansion to include a "party room," and as a result of COVID-19, outdoor dining was installed, which now is a permanent part of the restaurant.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted with the menu, placed above the cashier's station, and pans on the wall, which show you the sizes of pizza you can choose from.  Most of the menu features "Campelli's Creations," but they'll be happy to build a pizza to your specifications, as that option is on the menu.  Check out the complete restaurant and beer menu by clicking on THIS LINK.

Photo:  Since it's just after opening time on a weekday morning, I enjoyed the dining room to myself, yet I chose to dine outside, as virus or not, when outdoor dining is offered, I always to enjoy dining outside, as it seems to make the delicious pizza taste even better.

I'm at the rear of the main dining room looking toward the entrance, and the kitchen to the left of the photo.

Photo:  The "party room" was added last year, just before the virus it Placer County and the rest of the world.  It features tables and booths to seat a large group and is located next to the beer and wine bar.

Photo:  The beer bar serves locally produced micro brew, and is displayed on a monitor above the taps, and also on the restaurant's web site, www.campellispizza.com.  I'd never had the pleasure to enjoy most of the selections, so Justin offered me generous free pours of the various brews on the menu.  

After enjoying several general sample of fine, locally-brewed beer - all delicious - I went #1 on the menu, which was a glass of Loomis Basin "Get Back Jack" porter stout. The menu is on video and online, as it's dynamic and constantly changing.

Photo:  I take a peek into the open kitchen and watch the staff at work, making delicious pizza.

Photo:  Staff now works behind a shrouded, plexiglass barrier - thanks to COVID-19 - to make delicious pizzas. Scroll down this article to see the many changes since the restaurant has been remodeled, and since the virus thing happened.

Photo:  Justin places my pizza in the oven.  It's around 11:30 in the morning, and the restaurant is beginning to get busy.

Photo:  As I'm waiting for my pizza, I watch friendly Abby pour a pitcher of beer for nearby diners.  Besides micro brews, the bar also features a good selection of wine, most of it locally produced, as Placer County has an excellent "wine trail."

Photo:  Meet Justin, my friendly server and pizza maker, who delivered my delicious pizza to me with a masked smile.  My pizza was delivered to me in only about 15 minutes after placing my order.

Photo:  Thanks, Justin, for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy my amazing "Camp's Combo" pizza, from the "Lunch Specials" section of the pizza menu.

Photo:  Since today was Friday - a weekday - I ordered a "Lunch Specials" and a "Camp's Combo" pizza from the "Campelli's Creations" section of the pizza menu.  The "Lunch Special" is a "personal size pizza" - which is 7" - and a soft drink for price of this writing of $7.99 plus state sales tax.  Beer can be substituted rather than a soft drink, at a price.  I opted for a beer, in my case, a local brew, a Loomis Basin "Get Back Jack" porter stout.  At 8.5% alcohol content, one was enough to make my lunch complete.

The menu describes the "Camp's Combo" as, "Our classic combination of pepperoni, ham, salami, Italian sausage, olive, onion, bell pepper and mushroom."  Such a modest description for a superior pizza!  My definition: One of the best pizzas in western Placer County!

The foundation of an amazing pizza is the crust, and Campelli's makes their dough from scratch; nothing is loaded from the Sysco truck, as the dough is made in-house, from scratch, and the dough is made fresh daily before the restaurant opens.  The crust is hand tossed, and baked to a thin and crispy golden brown, and holds together as you enjoy your amazing pizza.  Naturally, there is lots of perfectly melted mozzarella cheese to hold all the delicious ingredients together.

"Camp's Combo" includes pepperoni, ham, salami, sausage, olive, onion, bell pepper and mushroom.  Your pizza includes lots of meat, as Campelli's doesn't skimp on the meat, and it's fresh and delicious.  I was amazed as the bell pepper had a little "crunch" which added to the attraction, while the other veggies were baked smooth, and perfectly placed on top of the amazing crust, meat and cheese combination.

"Camp's Combo" is a pizza that you'll tell your grandchildren about, as Campelli's West produces one of the best pizzas in western Placer County.  The pizza is hand made from fresh ingredients, skillfully crafted, baked to perfection, and served by friendly staff.  What more could you ask for a perfect pizza?

Photo:  One slice of "Camp's Combo" shows all of the goodness included in this amazing pizza.  If you're a lover of amazing pizza, this is YOUR restaurant!

Campelli's West never fails to offer some of the best pizza you can imagine, and the "Camp's Combo" never fails to disappoint.  When you're in the mood for an amazing pizza, along with a fun dining experience, think of Campelli's West, located in Roseville, CA.

Let's go back to November 16, 2014, to a previous visit to Campelli's Pizza...

Imagine this... You're a football fan, specifically a San Francisco 49'ers fan, and the 49'ers are playing the New York Giants.  Yes, it's late Sunday morning, it's half time, and the 49'ers lead.  All is well, right?  Not exactly so, as on Sunday, November 16, 2014, our house was on the market and we had an open house scheduled, and I had to leave at noon, and make myself very scarce.  What to do?  Enjoy the football game and some of the best pizza in Roseville at Campelli's Pizza!

Photo:  My predicament was that our house was on the market, and we had an open house scheduled, as the owner of the house, I had to be scare.  My refuge?  Campelli's Pizza, as the restaurant offers outstanding pizza, a relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, and a great place to watch N.F.L. football.  Quite a refuge when I'm kicked out of my house!

Photo:  You walk in the front door, and you can seat yourself at the bar, but also enjoy lots of comfortable seating at booths, with a good view of, on this Sunday afternoon, football on the strategically placed television monitors that offer great views of the action.  Friendly hostesses Henna and Line are behind the bar, as I snap the photo as I enter Campelli's Pizza on this early Sunday afternoon.

Photo:  Like most pizza restaurants, Campelli's has their menu posted above the order counter.  You make your selection and pay for it, and the friendly staff will deliver your order to your table.  Note that breakfast and brunch pizza will be coming soon... Stay tuned to this web site, as I'll post it.

Photo:  Looking from the back of the restaurant, towards the order counter, and the entrance.  It's early Sunday afternoon, November 16, 2014, and I'm watching football, and getting ready to enjoy delicious pizza.  I'm sitting at the bar, and you can see my beer and bar stool near the center of the photo.  I've been to Campelli's Pizza many times before... click on THIS LINK to review my previous adventures at this great pizza restaurant.

Photo:  Jenna, one of the two pizza gals working today, takes a break and enjoys lunch.  I asked her if her lunch was "on the house" and she said it wasn't.  Henna, along with her co-worker Linnea, are friendly gals, great pizza-makers, and nice people to chat with.

Photo:  Linnea Richards delivers my order of deep dish bread sticks, with a smile.  The menu reads, "Fluffy, fresh baked dough, topped with garlic butter.  Served with marinara or creamy ranch sauce."  You can also add the option to "make 'em cheesy" for a dollar more.  No problem, so I made mine "cheesy," and I chose the creamy ranch dressing.  Linnea and Jenna made the dressing, and the bread sticks as I was sitting at the bar, so I knew it was fresh and delicious.  Oh yes, such great food!

Photo:  Sunday's, Campelli's Pizza offers beer at $5.00 a pitcher, which is definitely a draw for me.  Thanks, Linnea, for snapping my photo with the cheesy breadsticks, and my discounted pitcher of beer.  As this photo was taken, the 49'ers lead the football game, which was to continue during today's visit to Campelli's Pizza.

Photo:  I've visited Campelli's many times - check out this link - but today was the first time that I'd enjoyed the deep dish bread sticks, covered with cheese.  I opted for the ranch dressing, which I saw the staff making from scratch, as I sat at the bar.  The bread sticks were an "appetizer" before my wife, and the main meal arrived.

Photo:  Mmmmm... Bread sticks, ranch dressing, and beer.  Quite an appetiser while I watch football!  As good as the bread sticks look in the photo, I can assure you they were better in my mouth!  The ranch dressing was outstanding.  Campelli's Pizza serves delicious food!

Photo:  "American - pizza - Gothic" perhaps?  Well, whatever you call it, the picture is on the wall at Campelli's.

Photo:  Later in the afternoon, my wife, Sharlene, arrived, and we ordered PIZZA for lunch.  Friendly Linnea delivers the pizza to our table.

Photo:  Sharlene and I with our "half and half" pizza, along with a second $5.00 Sunday pitcher of beer. Campelli's Pizza is happy to split your pizza between two selections from the "Campelli's Creations" section of the menu.  The $5.00 pitcher of beer, as of this writing, is a special deal on Sunday, and it only applies to Bud Light. At $5.00 a pitcher, it's an outstanding deal, and it makes for a good afternoon when you're kicked out of your house.

Photo:  We ordered our pizza from the "Campelli's Creation" section of the menu, with half of it as "Riva Hawaiian," which is one of my favorites, and the other half being "Isabella's Garlic Ranch," which just happens to be my wife's favorite.  This way, we can mingle, and truly "mix and match."  The photo doesn't even do the pizza justice, as the pizza was simply fabulous!

Photo:  Today, I enjoyed the best of both worlds, a slice of heaven, side by side.  "Riva Hawaiian" and "Isabella's Garlic Chicken" pizza, side by side.  Which one is better?  Quien sabe???  

Photo:  One week later, Sunday, November 23, 2014, another open house!!!  In order to watch the 49'ers play, we had to find a restaurant that has the game tuned-in, and of course, Campelli's Pizza is always "in tune" with football.  One again, Linnea delivers pizza to our table, as Sharlene texts our realtor on her iPhone.

Photo:  Today, we ordered a large "Camp's Combo" from the "Campelli's Creation" section of the menu.  "Camp's Combo" is a classic combination pizza, and includes pepperoni, ham, salami, Italian sausage, olive, onion, bell pepper and mushroom.  It's absolutely fabulous!  Like all pizza served at Campelli's, the dough is made by hand, in-house, before the restaurant opens.  After the ingredients are placed on the pie, it's drizzled with a garlic-butter combination, and then placed in the oven.  Great pizza, any way you look at it!

Photo:  A close-up of a single slice of the "Camp's Combo" pizza.  Notice that it isn't soggy or greasy.  This is good pizza!

Update:  November 28, 2014... We knew this was coming, as the staff let us know about the "Breakfast Pizza Brunch" that was to be launched today, as a "soft opening."  Campelli's Facebook page posts the following:  "We are happy to announce that our BREAKFAST PIZZA BRUNCH launches this weekend at Campelli's Pizza!  We will have a special preview soft opening this Friday and Saturday from 10-2pm, and continue serving Breakfast Pizza Brunch on Saturdays only!"  Naturally, we had to check this out...

Photo:  On this Friday morning shortly after 10 O'clock, Campelli's Pizza is starting their "soft" opening of their "Breakfast Pizza Brunch" and the new menu announces it.  After today, pizza brunch will only be available on Saturdays.

Photo:  Our "Kitchen Sink Pizza" arrives to our table, complete with a smile, hot sauce and sour cream.

Photo:  "Kitchen Sink" breakfast pizza, after being placed on our table.  Campelli's describes the pizza as, "Just like the famous omelette, this one has everything but the kitchen sink!  Mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, ham, sausage, crispy bacon, eggs, hash browns, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.  Served with sour cream."

Photo:  Here's a slice of "Kitchen Sink" and I can testify that it's delicious!  Today was a first for me, as today was the first day in my life that I'd ever been treated to a breakfast pizza.  It's quite an experience.  Jared Campelli, the owner of the restaurant prides himself as the only pizza restaurant in Roseville that offers a breakfast pizza on Saturdays.  I certainly wish them well in their new endeavor.

Photo:  Since today was their "soft opening" of breakfast pizzas, Campelli's staff was happy to present to me their other breakfast offering, the "Chorizo Fiesta Pizza," and give me a free slice, after I'd taken this photo.  Campelli's describes this offering as:  "Loaded with spicy chorizo sausage, eggs, hash browns, roasted red peppers, olives, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and cheddar cheese.  Served with salsa, sour cream and lime."  I think I might even see cilantro as well.

Photo:  Slice of "Chorizo Fiesta Pizza."  My wife and I ordered "Kitchen Sink Pizza" as she's not a fan of spicy food. Why didn't order a "half and half" I don't knows, as perhaps we just weren't thinking.  After sampling both varieties of pizza, I must admit that my favorite has to be the "Chorizo Fiesta Pizza," as I crave anything remotely Mexican, spicy and delicious.  The pizza is mildly spicy until you hit the jalapeno slices, with kick up the heat a notch or two. This is delicious pizza, and a very interest addition to the Roseville weekend brunch scene...

Photo:  Sunday, April 26, 2015 finds me enjoying pizza at Campelli's, as Linnea brings a "Camp's Combo" to me, with a smile.  I requested chorizo instead of pepperoni, and the friendly staff was happy to provide the substitution.  Such a delicious pizza!

Photo:  I pose with my personal size "Camp's Combo" pizza, as friendly Linnea snaps my photo.

Photo:  Pizza and beer on this beautiful Sunday afternoon in late April.  Does it get any better?  $5.00 pitcher of beer on Sundays at Campelli's Pizza makes Sunday a must-do for the best pizza in Roseville, and a pitcher of ice-cold beer, at a bargain price.  My personal size "Camp's Combo," with chorizo, rather pepperoni, is ready to enjoy. Trust me, this is good pizza!!!

Campelli's Pizza, in my humble pizza opinion, is as good as it gets when it comes to pizza.  The pizza is fabulous, the staff are attentive and friendly, and the dining is very comfortable.  If you're kicked out of your house and want to drink beer and watch football, Campelli's Pizza offers an outstanding refuge.  Check it out!  By the way, the San Francisco 49'ers beat the New York Giants 16 to 10.  Outstanding pizza and great football!

Now, let's go back to earlier visits...

Ninety-nine percent of restaurants I've visited, that specialize in pizza serve great pizza.  So what sets apart a great pizza restaurant from an unforgettable pizza experience?  Read this article, and then rush over to Campelli's Pizza, for an unbelievable pizza, and an unforgettable pizza experience!

Photo:  Campelli's Pizza is located in a small-upscale shopping center in one of the newer areas or Roseville.  You can find them on the web at www.campellispizza.com, as their web site has the menu offerings and the current prices.

Photo:  The dining room has a definite "sports bar" feel, as it has a small bar, and several flat screen televisions that are tuned to whatever sport is in season.  Like most pizza restaurants, you place your order and pay for it at the counter.  I chose to sit at a stool at the bar, near the cash register, so I could chat with the friendly staff, and watch them create my pizza.

Photo:  The super friendly owner of Campelli's Pizza, Jared Campelli, smiles for my digital camera.  This guy is super friendly, super talkative, and makes you feel right at home.  Oh yes, he knows how to make superior pizza!

Campelli's Pizza doesn't use frozen dough, as Jared arrives a couple of hours before the restaurant opens to make the dough from scratch, so you can be assured that Campelli's has the best crust in Roseville.  It's fresh, flavorful, and helps to place Campelli's Pizza to the top of the shelf.

Photo:  Sunday, March 24, 2013, Courtney Claycomb delivers my "personal size" pepperoni pizza, with a smile, which is character of her.

Photo:  On Sundays, you get a pitcher of beer for the unbelievably low price of just $5.00!!!  Is it 2013, or is it 1983?  The "personal size" pepperoni pizza is $5.95, so you're talking about an unbelievably delirious lunch for just change over $11.00!  Draught beer is "cheap-cheap" on Sundays... so I plan my trips to Campelli's Pizza for Sundays to take advantage of the bargain-basement beer prices.

Photo:  Just in case you're wondering what a delicious, personal size pepperoni pizza looks like, well ... here it is! This is just a cheese and pepperoni pizza, which is pretty basic, but it's delicious!  

Photo:  Courtney was more than happy to snap my photo, as I pose with my "personal size" pepperoni pizza, and a pitcher of pale ale.

Photo:  On this Sunday, March 17, 2013, there were two unbelievably friendly staff members on duty, Linnea Richards, to the left, who worked the beer taps and the register, and Courtney Claycomb, at the right, who assembled the pizzas and cooked them.  When Linnea wasn't working the register or the beer taps, she assisted Courtney making the pizza.  Both ladies were super friendly, and made me feel like a member of the family. Folks, that's service!

Photo:  Since today was St. Patrick's Day, Campelli's Pizza offered green beer, so I figured that I'd tap into it, so some of the luck o' the Irish would rub off on me.  Super friendly Linnea brings the first of three beers to me. In reality, it's draught Budweiser beer on tap that's dyed green, but the green makes a the beer seem a bit more festive, on this day when everybody is Irish.  Linnea pointed out to me that on Sunday, Campelli's features a 16-oz glass of Bud, or Bud Light for only $1.35 a glass!  Unbelievable!  I'll be keeping that in mind, as I hike by Campelli's several times a week.  Photo gives a good idea of the comfortable, sports-friendly dining room.  During football season, you can bet I'll be parked at the rear of the restaurant, watching the game and powering-down bargain-priced draught beer.

Photo:  The pizza is made in-house, from fresh ingredients, and baked in a large pizza oven, located just behind the counter.  I sat at the bar, so I was able to chit-chat with the friendly staff, and watch them make my pizza. After removing my pizza from the oven, Courtney, slices it into six slices.  I ordered a "Riva Hawaiian" personal-size pizza.

Photo:  Courtney delivers my 7-inch pizza to the bar where I'm sitting.  Campelli's Pizza offers a wide array choices, labeled as "Camplelli's Creations," including the Riva Hawaiian pizza that was my choice for lunch.  My delicious pizza featured Dole pineapple, smoked ham, and crispy bacon, and it was unbelievably good!

Photo:  Today, I'm all "Irish," and my green attire, and my green beer can attest to that.  If if was football season, I'd be rooting for Notre Dame!

Photo:  My delicious Riva Hawaiian pizza, along with green draught beer.  Campelli's Pizza is amazing!

Photo:  On Sunday afternoon, April 07, 2013, I enjoyed a  personal sized "Meat Mercado" pizza, and a pitcher of $5.00 ale.  "Meat Mercaco" pizza includes pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, and crispy bacon.  Jared and the staff told me it was one of their most popular choices, and I can agree, as the pizza was "to-die-for," as it was that good. What a way to enjoy a early Sunday afternoon!

Photo:  Sunday, May 12, 2013, and I'm enjoying a "Camp's Combo" personal size pizza, and a pitcher of $5.00 ale, which is a Sunday special.  My goal is to sample every pizza on the menu.

Photo:  Sunday, June 02, 2013, I ordered a "Fumo BBQ" pizza.  Friendly Jenna poses with the delicious pizza. I'm in the process of going down the menu, and ordering every offering from the menu, and posting it on this web page.

Photo:  "Fumo BBQ" pizza, complete with a pitcher of $5.00 ale; the bargain-priced beer/ale is only offered on Sundays.  The menu describes a "Fumo BBQ" pizza as, "Our tangy bbq sauce, with bbq chicken, red onion, bacon and Cheddar cheese.  I describe it as DELICIOUS!

Photo:  The plan is to work down the menu, and enjoy every one of Camp's specialty pizzas.  Today, Sunday, June 23, 2013, I enjoyed an "Isabella's Garlic Ranch" pizza, which the menu describes as "Garlic ranch sauce with herb chicken, bacon, red onion, mushroom, garlic and basil.  It's delicious, and the $5.00 pitcher - a Sunday special - of Bud Light makes the pizza taste even better.

Photo:  July 07, 2013... working down the menu, I stopped on "La Fiesta," which is a Mexican-inspired pizza.  The menu describes it as "Seasoned taco meat, olive, onion, jalapeno, tomato, cheddar cheese and fresh lettuce."  Is it good... YES!!!!  Not shown is the $5.00 pitcher of Bud, which is a Sunday special.

Photo:  Sunday, July 21, 2013, I'm enjoying a personal size "Chicken Parmesan" pizza and a $5.00 pitcher of Bud Lite.  The menu describes the "Chicken Parmesan" as, "Herb chicken smothered in tons of marinara sauce and chopped garlic, topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.  OK, that's that the menu says.  What do I say, "Delicious!"

Photo:  Sunday, August 04, 2013, my wife, Sharlene, joined me at Campelli's for a delicious lunch.

Photo:  Vegans would be proud of us, as today, we ordered a "Gipetto's Veggies," which is a totally vegetarian pizza, and the beer is vegetarian as well.  Gipetto's includes mushroom, olive, onion, bell pepper and tomato.  It's a vegetarian delight, and it's delicious.  However, give me meat...

Photo:  August 11, 2013, Meeanee smiles as she delivers my "Tuscan Pesto" pizza.  She prepared it for me, cooked it for me, and delivered it to me with a smile.  Meeanee knows how to make pizza!  She's a regular staff member on early Sunday afternoons, and she's always friendly and helpful.  The staff at Campelli's Pizza treats me like family...

Photo:  "Tuscan Pesto" pizza and Sunday-special $5.00 pitcher of Bud Light beer... what a lunch combo!

Photo:  The "Tuscan Pesto" pizza is as good as it gets, and it's near the top of my favorites of "Campelli's Creations."  It includes pesto sauce, herb chicken, mushroom, garlic and artichoke hearts.  Creamy white sauce, cheese cooked perfectly, and Campelli's in-house made, garlic/pesto coated crust make this a winner of a pizza!

Photo:  Sunday, September 15, 2013, Meeame delivers my Chicken Caesar Salad pizza to me.  Only the "Margarita Pizza," which is a new addition to the menu, and I'll have been through all of Campelli's Creations.

Photo:  My Chicken Caesar Salad pizza, along with the Sunday special $5.00 pitcher of beer.  The menu describes a Chicken Caesar Salad pizza as "Mozzarella, parmesan, herb chicken and bacon over a creamy Caesar dressing. After it's cooked, we add crisp lettuce with more Caesar and parmesan cheese."  Well, it's a top contender for the "top shelf" at Campelli's Pizza, as it's a delicious pizza!

Photo:  Looking at the calendar, I can't believe it's been almost TEN months since I'd enjoyed Roseville's best pizza at Campelli's Pizza.  Since my last visit, new menu boards have been added, and the "Classic Margherita" has been added to the menu, which is the only change.  The prices are still the same, and very reasonable, and, yes, Campelli's Pizza still offers a pitcher of Bud Light beer on Sunday for only $5.00.

Photo:  The owner of Campelli's Pizza, Jared Campelli, is taking an order on the phone, while Blake works the counter, and was the guy today that took my order, cooked my pizza, and presented it to me.  Other than the new menu boards, I couldn't see any changes inside since my last visit, back in September of last year.

Photo:  Today, early Sunday afternoon, July 13, 2014, I can say that I've enjoy every pizza that Campelli's Pizza has on the menu, as I ordered a "Classic Margherita," which was the last on my "to-do" list at Campelli's.  The menu describes the "Classic Margherita" ad "Fresh mozerella, tomatoes and garlic, topped with fresh basic, sea salt, cracked pepper, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze on our thin and crispy crust."  Although this isn't my favorite pizza on the menu, it was certainly delicious, and I enjoyed every bite of it, as I discussed restaurants and food with co-owner Ashley Campelli.  "Classic Margherita" isn't as substantial as other pizzas on the menu, so it made a perfect lunch, as I still wanted to save room for dinner tonight.

Now I can say that I've been completely through the menu, and have sampled every pizza that Campelli's Pizza serves.  All pizzas on the menu are delicious, and after sampling all menu items, Campelli's still remains my favorite pizza restaurant in Roseville.  As far as my three favorites, I'll have to vote for "Camp's Combo" as my favorite, followed by "Riva Hawaiian," and third would be "Tuscan Pesto."  If you have trouble deciding, just pick a pizza, as they're all delicious.

Campelli's Pizza has it all, including unbelievably good pizza that's as delicious as a pizza gets, a fun, "sports bar-like" dining room, Sunday, bargain-priced draught beer, and unbelievably friendly staff.  Campelli's Pizza has quickly become one of my favorite hang-outs!

Campelli's Pizza West
7480 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 784-8440

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