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On a cold, dreary Saturday morning, I can't think of a better way to get warmed up, but visiting a fine Mexican restaurant, and enoying a breakfast of menudo...  Jalisco Fairway, in Roseville has their menudo base covered, as they serve menudo on Saturdays and Sundays, for your dining pleasure.

Photo:  There are three "Jalisco Grill" restaurants in the greater Sacramento area, but the location on Fairway Drive seems to have broken away from the chain, and has created a new identity for itself with the name of Jalisco Fairway.  On this rainy Saturday morning, January 16, 2016, I arrived shortly after the restaurant's 0900 Saturday opening, in order to grab a bowl of menudo, which is a great way to start out a rainy Saturday morning.  Later plans in the day include watching N.F.L. football divisional playoffs.

Photo:  View of the dining room, as you enter the restaurant.  The counter is to the left, with the extensive menu posted above it.  Like in most taquerias, you place your order at the counter, pay for it, receive a number, sit yourself at a table, and your order is brought to you.  The dining room is very clean, comfortable and spacious.  The all-you-can-eat chips and salsa bar is at the rear of the dining room.  I noticed the young lady in the middle of the photo was also enjoying a bowl of menudo on this Saturday morning.  Jalisco Fairway serves menudo and pozole on weekends, and only in the morning, as they usually run out by afternoon.  Menudo and pozole are very popular breakfast foods in Mexico, especially on weekends.

Photo:  The serve-yourself, all-you-can-eat chips and salsa bar is very well equipped, and the chips are warm and fresh, unlike many other Mexican restaurants.  There are six different salsas, along with a bowl of lime quarters.  It's interest to note there is a sign on the bar that says the salsas with black spoons are spicy.  I decided to give the smoky chipolte salsa the "ol' college try," and found that it was definitely on the spicy side, but not too spicy for my taste.

Photo:  My order of menudo arrived less than five minutes after placing my order; I had just returned from the chips and salsa bar.  The girl asked if I wanted more tortillas - heck yes! - and she brought an extra bowl of warm, corn tortillas.  There is no better way to compliment a fine bowl of menudo than with a stack of warm, freshly-made corn tortillas.

Photo:  A big, steaming hot, delicious bowl of menudo, with all the garnishes, along with a Mexican beer, and a helping of chips and salsa from the bar, makes a delicious Saturday morning breakfast.  Like most folks who love menudo, after the photo was taken, I loaded my bowl with the fresh condiments, along with dried oregano.  Thanks to the extra tortillas, I enjoyed a DOZEN tortillas with my breakfast!

Photo:  Your author and photographer, ready to enjoy a delicious Saturday morning breakfast at Jalisco Fairway. Thanks to the gal who brought my order to the table for snapping my photo.

Great menudo!  Just the thing to warm up your body, and satisfy your appetite on a rainy Saturday morning.  Jalisco Fairway serves great menudo, and the all-you-can-eat, serve-yourself chip and salsa bar really makes for a wonderful dining experience.  Good times and delicious Mexican food at Jalisco Fairway in Roseville!

Jalisco Fairway
9050 Fairway Drive #155
Roseville, CA 95678
916 787-1682

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