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Bunz Sports Pub & Grub is a fun sports bar, that features a complete bar, 20-something different beers on tap, television screens that carry every sporting event, and very friendly staff.  Not to mention... great pub food, and breakfast on Saturday and Sundays!

Photo:  Bunz is absolutely HUGE, as it's located in what appears to be a former two-story residence.  Silly me, I should have asked about the history of the building.  I've been passing by this fine sports bar for years, and only on mid-Saturday morning, December 12, 2015, did I get around to paying them a visit.  I'm glad I did!

Photo:  You know where Bunz's heart and soul lies when you see a logo like this on the door.  Go Raiders!

Photo:  The lower floor of Bunz Sports Pub & Grub is absolutely gigantic, and is divided up into several distinct sections.  As it's a sports bar, sports memorabilia, pictures, posters, banner, and anything sports decorates the restaurant.  Naturally, the emphasis is devoted to Northern California sports teams.  Note the bar in the background, which gives an idea of the modestly-sized, yet very complete bar. This would be a fun place to enjoy Superbowl Sunday...

Photo:  As gigantic as Bunz is, the only bar is quite modest in size, yet it's very complete, as they can mix any drink you can imagine, and there are over 20 beers on tap.  My friendly bartendress, Shawna is at the end of the bar, along with one of the owners, and my camera-shy server.

Photo:  The upstairs is divided into several rooms, naturally decorated in spots themes, but on this Saturday after opening, chairs were on the tables, from the night before, and there really wasn't much to take photos of.  We're looking from upstairs to the entry of the restaurant, in the lower right corner.  Note the mural, the trophies, and the logos that display the interests of most patrons.

Photo:  Looking toward the bar from another of the district rooms on the first floor.  I LOVE the sports decor!

Photo:  My camera shy server, who delivered my breakfast, graciously took my photo.  Thanks, honey.  Bunz is open for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo:  I ordered the "Bunz Breakfast Plate," along with a draught beer.  Yes, I know it may be a little early to enjoy a beer with breakfast, but it's Saturday, it's almost Christmas, so why not?  The menu describes the place as, "Three eggs your way, breakfast potatoes, your choice of meat:  Ham, bacon or sausage patty and choice of toast: White, wheat or sourdough."  I went with my favorites, including eggs over easy, sausage patty - I was surprised to get two - and sourdough toast.  

I judge a restaurant's breakfast on how the eggs over easy are cooked, as I like my eggs as stated; over easy.  My eggs arrived perfectly cooked, over easy, so I knew my breakfast would be delicious, and I wasn't disappointed.  The potatoes were golden on the outside, and chewy on the inside, the sausage was cooked to perfection, and the sourdough toast was buttered, and some of the best toast that I've enjoyed in a long time.  This breakfast was amazing!

Photo:  Meet Shawna, today's friendly bartendress, who was only too happy to pose with my meal, as my actual server was camera shy.  She asked me if I wanted any condiments for my breakfast, and I asked for a bottle of picante sauce, and she remarked, "I LOVE hot and spicy sauce on my breakfast."  She brought me a bottle of Tapatio brand picante sauce, and remarked it was her favorite, and she loved it on almost everything.  That spawned quite a conversation between us, about picante sauce, Mexican food, Mexican restaurants, and my eating adventures in Mexico.  I promised to bring her a couple bottles of picante sauce that I'd purchased in Mexico, varities that aren't available north of the border.

I arrived shortly after 9 in the morning, when the pub opens on weekends, and for most of my visit, I was the only customer.  I could have chatted with her for quite some time about food, but our conversation was interrupted by a regular customer. No worries, as a good bartendress chats with customers as time permits, yet puts service first, as it should be.

You normally don't associate a sports bar with a great breakfast, but Bunz Sports Pub & Grub serves a delicious breakfast!  There is nothing like sitting at the bar on a mid-Saturday morning, sipping on an ice-cold draught beer, and enjoying a delicious pub-style breakfast at Bunz Sports Pub & Grub.  If you're looking for a great breakfast, Bunz is the place to go...

Bunz Sports Pub & Grub
311 Judah St.
Roseville, CA 95675
916 786-6655

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