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Broderick Roadhouse took Roseville by storm, last July, when they took over a former Chili's building, and brought their famous "Johnny Cash burger" to town.  The original Broderick Roadhouse, located in West Sacramento, has been an area favorite for many years, and their "Johnny Cash burger" was was named "People's Choice Pick" in the Sacramento Burger Battle, held back on September 23, 2013.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Broderick Roadhouse, also known to many locals as "Broderick's Roadhouse," has been open since late July of this year, and it's become a very popular spot for Roseville lovers, as the menu features twelve different burgers, and a wide array of add-on's and additions.  The building is a former Chili's location, but you'd hardly recognize the heritage, both inside and outside, due to the extensive remodeling the new owner has done.

Photo:  After my visit the previous December, I "friended" Broderick Roadhouse on Facebook, and had made comments on some of their posts, particularly a post of their "True Blue Burger," which is the second burger on their menu.  Management invited me to pay them a visit to enjoy the burger, and compare it to the signature burger, the "Johnny Cash."  Late Thursday morning, March 22, 2018, I took them up on their offer to check out another of the over-the-top burgers the menu offers.

I was welcomed by the friendly manager, Noel, on the left, who is also the "meeter, greeter, seater" person, and my wonderful server, Jordan, on the right.  Today I had the pleasure to meet Jordan for the first time, but Noel and I were acquainted from last December's visit.

Photo:  As you enter the front door, you'll notice the dining room is divided into two sections.  I prefer the dining room to the right, as it features the full-service bar, has a "sports bar like" feel to it, and offers plenty of natural lighting for photos.

Photo:  The dining room to the left is partitioned, and offers more "intimate" dining.  Like the other dining room, long tables to seat large groups face the front of the restaurant.  The main dining room also features television monitors, which are tuned to sporting events, but on this late March morning, no major sporting events were being broadcast, so the monitors were tuned to cable news.

Photo:  The burger portion of the menu features a wide array of over-the-top burgers.  The "Johnny Cash Burger," heads the list, and according to Noel, is the most popular burger served by the restaurant.  Note exotic offerings such as a duck or a boar burger.  During future visits, I plan to "go down the line" and eventually sample every burger, as I did with every pizza at my favorite pizza restaurant in Roseville, Campelli's Pizza.

Photo:  My amazingly friendly server, Jordan, delivered today's burger of choice, the "True Bleu Burger," with a smile.  The staff at Broderick Roadhouse is super-friendly, love photos to be taken, and treat you like family.

Photo:  Thanks, Jordan, for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy my "True Bleu Burger," along with a pint of "Broderick IPA."

Photo:  Today's burger of choice:  "True Bleu Burger," along with an order of "regular" fries.  The menu describes the burger as, "California certified Angus beef, Applewood smoked bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, fried onion crisps, and garlic aloi."  You can have your meat cooked any way you want, my "de facto" standard is medium, so that's how I requested my meat to be cooked.

The meat was cooked, as per my request, and it was cooked medium... perfectly... tender and not at all pink inside. The bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, fried onion crisps and garlic aloi complimented the delicious beef patty, but didn't overpower it.  I noticed a delicious, smoky flavor, which made my mouth water as I ate this amazing burger. All the ingredients worked together to make the "True Bleu Burger" one of the best burgers in Roseville.

The fries weren't your "everyday" fries, as they were twice-fried, and some of them actually had skin, which I love. (After all, it's a potato, right?)  The fries were a deep golden color and were fried perfectly, and weren't oily or excessively salty.

Overall, this was an amazing lunch!

Photo:  Cut open "True Bleu Burger" which shows all of it's goodness.  This is an amazing burger!

Now the big question, asked by "me" to "me," and to "me" by my friendly server Jordan:  "Which do you like better, the "Johnny Cash," or the "True Bleu Burger?"  I can't answer that question, as they're both amazing burgers!

Back on December 27, 2017, I had the opportunity to visit the Roseville Broderick Roadhouse for the first time. Here's the write-up I posted:  

It's 11:30, Wednesday morning, December 27, 2017, and it's time to enjoy what will probably be my last burger of 2017.  And what a burger... the "Johnny Cash!"

I found it very interesting as I approached the restaurant, there were two guys wearing Broderick Roadhouse shirts, working on the landscaping!  Management gives their contractors tee shirts, or staff takes care of the landscaping? You decide, but it's a new concept to me...

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted by a friendly greeter - Noel, who's out of the picture seating customers - and a plaque that gives a brief history of David C. Broderick, an early California pioneer and United States senator.  The restaurant is to the left, and the bar, which we're looking into in the photo, is the right.  Note the Christmas tree, as today is December 27th, only two days past Christmas.  I'm giving myself a late Christmas present, in that I want to enjoy one of the most highly-desired burgers in the greater Sacramento area.

The Roseville location is the latest in a small chain of four - at this writing - restaurants, with three located in the greater Sacramento area, and one in the east Bay Area.  The chain traces it's roots back to 1893 - I'm not clear on this history - and the "original" Broderick Roadhouse, which opened back in 2012,  is located in the city of West Sacramento, near the Broderick boat ramp.  My first taste of the "Johnny Cash burger" was back on September 02, 2013, at the Broderick Roadhouse near the river.  Click on this link to read the story I published on this web site, and note the GIGANTIC differences between the two locations, under the same ownership.

Photo:  The main dining room is divided into several sections, and the furniture is mostly booths.  To the right of the photo are two large, high tables, which can seat 12 or 14 people.  The gal in the center of the photo, who was running the restaurant, got a big grin on her face, as I snapped the photo.  I told her, "I'm an F.B.I. agent casing this joint, but I won't harm you..."  Notice the glowing Edison-style light bulbs, which seem to be a trademark of Broderick Roadhouse.

Photo:  I arrived shortly after the 11:00 opening, and I had most of the bar to myself.  I chose to sit in the bar, not at the bar, as booths surround the bar, and like the restaurant, there is a long, high table for 12 or 14, which appears in the foreground.

Like the main dining room, the bar is decorated sort of "modern rustic," as it sports distressed wood paneling, bricks, and the exposed Edison light bulbs which seem to be a trademark of Broderick Roadhouse.  You can't see it in the photo, but there's a Fender "Stratocaster" electric guitar mounted on the wall, the type of guitar the great Jimi Hendrix used to pay.  Vintage rock 'n roll music was playing in the background, and I especially enjoyed listening to Lynard Skynard's "Freebird," which really seemed to set the mood.

Television monitors are mostly tuned to sports, in today's case, college football, specifically the "Independence Bowl," which was playing during my visit, as late December is the time of the year for college football bowl games.

Photo:  Broderick is well-known to regional burger lovers, as the menu features twelve different varieties of burger, and a wide assortment of add-on's, so you can customize your burger to fit your taste.  Note the "exotic" meat such as bison, duck, wild boar and lamb... Duck burger?  Note-to-self:  I must try a "duck burger" during my next visit.

Note sandwiches, salads and even a few vegetarian options grace this page of the menu, along with a wide variety of fries.

Before I even walked into the restaurant, I knew I was going to order the flagship "Johnny Cash burger," which just happens to head the menu, but I wanted to see what other options were available, and to snap a photo of the menu.

Photo:  For an appetizer, I ordered a frosty pint of Rolling Rock beer, which is very low in alcohol, so I'd be good to drive, especially after enjoy my half-pound burger.  Silverware and napkins are placed on the table, in a quart-size galvanized pail.  I loved the napkins, as they're BIG, which is a good thing when you're feasting on one of Broderick's juicy burgers.

Note the lack of hot sauce, relish, mustard or mayonnaise, as you don't need to dress your burger with any condiments.  I "assume" if you asked the staff would provide condiments, but you don't need them to enhance the amazing burgers.  My assumption is the ketchup is used for fries, as true to form, when my fries arrived, I dipped 'em in ketchup.

Photo:  My "Johnny Cash burger" arrived less than 15 minutes, brought to me by two super-friendly staff members, Gabby, to the left, and Caitlin to the right.  Caitlin was my server, but the burger and fries was SO HUGE she asked Gabby for assistance!  Yes, I'm kidding, but at a half pound, the burger is HUGE!

Caitlin and I enjoyed quite a conversation, as she was very interested in my web/Facebook activities, and the fact that I'm a "foodie" and that I love to take photos of fine restaurants, and post write-ups.  I think she brought Gabby over so she could really see me, this crazy dude, who loves to eat burgers, takes photos, and who loves to "talk the talk."

Photo:  I'm all smiles, as Caitlin snaps my photo, as I'm ready enjoy one of the best burgers in western Placer County, along with an order of perfectly cooked fries.  Since the restaurant was lightly seated, I sat at a booth near a window, as to enjoy ample natural light for photos, but if the restaurant was more fully seated, I would have sat at the bar.  Thanks, Caitlin, for taking my photo!

Photo:  I love burgers.  I know burgers.  I could eat burgers every day for the rest of my life.  I know when I find a burger to love, and today I fell in love - all over again - with Broderick Roadhouse's famous "Johnny Cash burger," which has won many awards and garnered the praise of many burger lovers from every corner of the greater Sacramento area.

The burger starts with a half pound patty of fresh - never frozen - peppered, smoked, Niman Ranch beef, cooked to your preference.  Holding it all together is a toasted brioche bun, that arrived fresh from the kitchen.  Toppings include white and yellow Cheddar cheese, thick, applewood-smoked bacon, red and green pickled pepper strips, fried onion crispy chips, and barbecue sauce.  We can't forget the speared slice of dill pickle that tops this amazing burger, which adds to the already stunning presentation.  Where's the mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and relish?  Forget condiments, as they're not needed, as they'd just confuse the delicious, sweet, smoky, warm, perfectly-blended taste of this award-winning burger.

I understand this amazing burger is the brainchild of co-owner Chris Jarosz, who has made quite a name for himself on the Sacramento dining scene.  I head he named it the "Johnny Cash burger" after Johnny Cash's hit song, "Ring of Fire," as the burger is supposed to be hot, due to the black pepper and the grilled peppers on the burger.  The burger is NOT at all hot, as it's on the "sweet" side, and is just delicious in every way.

No, I'm not neglecting to mention the fries, as they were delicious, but were only relegated to sideshow status when paired up with the "Johnny Cash burger"

Photo:  I cut my burger in two, and took off the pickle, and took this photo to show the colorful goodness of this amazing burger.  Barbecue sauce is the only condiment, as this amazing burger shouts BARBECUE!! There are no other condiments, as no condiments are needed, as they would only mask the goodness of this amazing burger. Note the medley of colors, the melted cheese and the beautiful presentation.  The photo doesn't do this wonderful burger justice...  Like the kid I am, the first thing I ate was the pickle, as I just couldn't help myself.

Over the years, the "Johnny Cash burger" has consistently been in the Top-10 favorite of every "foodie " poll or contest attempting to determine "who makes the best burger in the greater Sacramento area?"  There are many fans of this amazing burger, and you can count me as one of them...  I can't really say if it's the best burger that I've ever enjoyed, but Broderick Roadhouse, and the "Johnny Cash burger" elevates a delicious burger to a higher level, and transports you to "burger nirvana."  

Go to Broderick Roadhouse, enjoy being pampered, and treated like royalty by the friendly staff, and fall in love with the "Johnny Cash burger..."

Broderick Roadhouse
1516 Eureka Rd.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 771-2722

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