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For several years I've been wanting to pay a visit to The Boxing Donkey, but for many reasons, the visit just wasn't able to take place.  When you visit a restaurant, with the intent to take photos, and post a write-up on a web site, you want to visit the place when it's not busy, so you can actually get a chance to talk with the staff, and not annoy other patrons with photos.  It seems like every time I planned to visit The Boxing Donkey, the place was packed, so I had to resort to "Plan B."  However, on this Sunday, May 31, 2015, the restaurant gods smiled upon me, and all things fell into place...

Photo:  The Boxing Donkey is located in historic downtown Roseville, on the "west side" which is generally considered as the entertainment district of Roseville, as there are several clubs clustered within a two-block radius. Check out my reviews of Owl Club, Bar 101 and Onyx Club, which are all located within a block of Boxing Donkey. Check out the Irish flag.

Photo:  The bar, and bar dining area, as you walk into the restaurant.  Boxing Donkey also features a large dining room, away from the bar, and spacious patio dining.  For the best service you should check in at the bar if you intend to sit in the adjacent dining room, or the patio, as the friendly staff does not regularly check the other dining room, or the patio, as most diners prefer to sit at the bar, or one of the nearby tables.

Photo:  I found this sign, located above the bar, quite amusing.  No, I didn't enjoy any whiskey, as beer is my libation of choice.

Photo:  There is a spacious patio, located outside the restaurant, that allows gracious, outdoor dining.  As per California state law, the patio is fenced, to allow patrons to enjoy alcoholic beverages.  On this beautiful spring afternoon, I didn't dine outside, as I preferred to enjoy my meal at the bar.

Photo:  As I paid a visit to the men's restroom, I couldn't help but to notice, and photo the funny pictures I saw, as I was going about my business.

Photo:  On this early Sunday afternoon, May 31, 2015, my friendly bartendress and server, Taylor, chats with fellow patrons at the bar, as I wait for my lunch to arrive.

Photo:  My friendly bartendress and server, Taylor, brings my "Nemo" to me, with a smile.  I found it interesting the fish sandwich was served in a baking pan, but it added to the atmosphere, and perhaps made the delicious lunch taste even better.

Photo:  "Nemo," a pint of Guiness, and me, are ready enjoy lunch.  Thanks, Taylor, for snapping my photo.  In addition to the Guiness, I enjoyed a pint of Old Rasputin, which should be renamed to "Hopalong Cassidy" as it has lots of hops, and a very "hoppy" taste.  My friendly server, Taylor, stopped by to discuss with me what I though of Old Rasputin, as she likes it, and I have to admit that I do too.  At 9.8% in alcohol, what's not to love?

Photo:  Well, I truly "found Nemo," as I ordered, "The Nemo."  The menu describes Nemo as, "Our Guiness beer-battered fish, deep fried and served on a French roll, topped with coleslaw, cheddar cheese, tartar sauce and pickles."  Note the mountain of "Donkey Fries," which kept me busy for quite some time.  This fish burger was AMAZING, as the fish was deep fried perfectly; crispy on the outside, and moist and tender inside.  The roll was sweet and fresh, and tasted like it had been baked only ten minutes before serving.  The pickles were dill pickles slices, which really made the sandwich.  The sandwich was a perfect symphony of ingredients which complimented, but didn't overpower the main attraction:  The fish.  Maybe this is the best fish sandwich that I've ever enjoyed?

Photo:  "The Nemo," cut open, so you can see the goodness.  This is one BODACIOUS fish sandwich!  When you're in the entertainment district of Roseville, do yourself a favor and visit The Boxing Donkey and order a "Nemo."

I have never even been close to Ireland, and I have no idea if this place is similar to an Irish pub, but I can tell you it's a fun place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  They have many television monitors, and during my visit, I watched three innings of Giants vs. Braves baseball, and when I left, the Giants were on top, 2-0 at the top of the 4th inning.

OK, besides baseball, the bar, and restaurant is comfortable, the beer is awesome, the staff is friendly, and the price is right.  The Boxing Donkey is a wonderful bar and restaurant, and a great in historic downtown Roseville to enjoy cold draught beer on tap, and delicious Irish pub grub.

The Boxing Donkey
300 Lincoln St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 797-3665

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