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Tuesday seems to have lately become my favorite day of the week, as in my life there are six Saturdays and one Sunday.  Why have I fell in love with Tuesday?  Simple... many restaurants hold a weekly "Taco Tuesday" event, where you can enjoy tacos for nearly the same price as you'd pay for nearly the same taco on the streets of any Mexican city or town.  Bar 101 Eats and Drinks, located in downtown Roseville, CA recently began offering their "street tacos" every Tuesday for $1.50 each, which is a dollar less than other days of the week.  So... it was time to pay Bar 101 a visit, after a 6+ year hiatus...

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's couple minutes past the 11:30 in the morning opening time on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, and I've arrived on "Taco Tuesday" to enjoy a few "Street Tacos."  Each Tuesday, tacos are a dollar off the regular price.

Bar 101 Eats and Drinks is located in the "entertainment" district of downtown Roseville, which is located on the west side of the railroad tracks.  The railroad tracks divide downtown Roseville in two.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the full service bar, and the many television monitors tuned to sporting events.  Today I "opened up" the restaurant, and for the first 15 minutes or so, I had the whole place to myself.

Photo:  Kylie is behind the bar, pouring a beer for a customer who just walked in the door.  The restaurant and sports bar is very roomy, and the tables are spaced apart, thanks to the COVID-19 and "social distancing" that is in effect.  There are no stools at the bar, as seating at the bar is closed, thanks to the virus.

Photo:  Today was a beautiful, sunny morning, with temperatures in the mid-60's and I chose to sit outside, on the beautiful patio, to enjoy the lovely late morning.  The patio has been considerably expanded in the last couple months to allow more outside dining.  A small fence surrounds the patio, as per state law with it comes to serving alcohol.

Photo:  This painting on the wall gives you an idea of the "mission" of Bar 101 Eats and Drinks.  If you're not familiar with the California state flag, this is a spoof on the flag, with a humorous twist.

Photo:  The second page of the restaurant menu has what I was looking for:  "Street Tacos."  To see the complete menu that Bar 101 Eats and Drinks offers, click ON THIS LINK.

Photo:  My friendly server and bartender, Kylie, pours my Boneyard beer from the tap at the bar.

Photo:  Kylie brings my Boneyard beer to me behind a masked smile.  As of this writing, all staff at restaurants in Placer County are required to wear masks, and diners are supposed to wear masks inside, unless they're actually eating.  If you choose to dine outside on the patio, you don't have to wear a mask.  

Even if it wasn't for the virus restrictions, I'd still dine outside, as when the weather is as beautiful as it was today, I always prefer to dine outside.

Photo:  Meet Kylie P., my super friendly hostess, who brings my plate of "Street Tacos" to me with a masked smile. Kylie was kind enough to check on my a couple times, and provided friendly and efficient service.

My lunch arrived less than 10 minutes after placing my order, which makes for lightning fast service!  This isn't "fast food," as the food is crafted and made to order...

Photo:  I'm ready to enjoy my delicious lunch on the comfortable patio, as Kylie snaps my photo, on my request. Thanks!

Photo:  From the "Street Tacos" section of the restaurant menu, I went with four tacos, two with carnitas filling and two with seasoned pulled pork filling.  Since the tacos are quite small, three our four tacos makes for a filling lunch.  The glass of Boneyard beer, on the side, rounds out the delicious lunch.

Each taco starts with one toasted corn tortilla, about the size of a DVD.  This is the size of tortilla commonly sold on the streets of Mexican towns and cities, which makes for a perfect snack.  I was a little surprised to only find one tortilla per taco, as two tortillas is standard in Mexico, but the tacos held together well, and the tortilla didn't break apart.  All tacos on the menu are garnished with Bar 101's in-house-made taco sauce, for added zesty flavor.  For added flavor and presentation, the plate was garnished with a couple of lime slices, which I squeezed into my beer.

The "Carnitas" tacos were filled with savory, slow cooked and seasoned carnitas, and topped with creamy guacamole, along with in-house made pico de gallo, which is diced tomato, diced red onion, cilantro, and a dash of vinegar.

The "Pulled Pork" tacos weren't on the menu, but when Kylie mentioned pulled pork, I had to give them a try.  The pulled pork was tender, juicy, and like the "Carnitas" tacos, had a generous portion of meat.  For garnishes, the tacos had shredded lettuce, along with a helping of pico de gallo.

Both varieties of "Street Tacos" were simply delicious, and made for a delicious lunch.  I certainly missed the second tortilla per taco, but as I mentioned earlier, the tacos held together well, which is a trademark of a well-crafted taco.

Rounding off my lunch was a pint of Boneyard beer, which is a German pilsner type of craft beer, brewed in Bend, Oregon.  It's a very robust and delicious pilsner beer, and it tastes similar to any quality, German beer.

Photo: Two of my tacos, showing one of each variety that I ordered.  The "Carnitas" is on the top, and the "Pulled Pork" is on the bottom.  Both varieties were delicious, but if you asked me for my favorite, I'd go with the "Carnitas."

Any day of the week is a good time to visit Bar 101 Eats and Drinks, but if you're a fan of delicious, authentic Mexican "street tacos," Tuesday is your day to visit, as you will enjoy your fine tacos for about the price you'd pay at a street vendor in Mexico.  The tacos are delicious, the service is friendly, the beer is cold, and the patio is inviting. Delicious and juicy tacos, at Bar 101 Eats and Drinks in historic downtown Roseville!

Lets go back to early Tuesday evening, July 08, 2014, when I paid a previous visit to Bar 101 Eats and Drinks...

Bar 101 Eats and Drinks is a little difficult to categorize, as they are primarily a sports bar, and feature a "pub-like" atmosphere, yet they cater to families, as the menu features a "Kids Menu" sections.  The first word in their name, "Bar," finally made me to decide to put them in the "Bar" section of my review of Roseville restaurants.

Photo:  Bar 101 derives it's name from it's address, which is 101 Main Street.  It's located the heart of Roseville's entertainment district, on the west side of the railroad tracks, and is within easy walking distance - three miles - from my place, so I don't have to worry about drinking and driving.  Just out of the photo is Onyx Club, which another of my favorite places to visit.

During the months of May through July, the City of Roseville holds an event called "Downtown Tuesday Nights" where they close four blocks of Vernon Street, and turn the street into a block party.  The event features the customary farmer's market, old cars, food booths - supposedly - crafts, arts and live music, and is billed as a safe, family-friendly event which is certainly is, plus, it's a lot of fun.  

Photo:  Bar 101 is definitely a bar, and has a neighborhood atmosphere, very much like depicted in the television show, "Cheers."  Photo of the main dining room, and if you look to the extreme right of the photo, you can see a small, adjoining room that includes a couple of pool tables.  I sat at the bar, next to the gentleman wearing the gray shirt and dark pants.  Bar 101 is very safe, classy, and family-friendly, as long as kids don't "belly up to the bar," which would violate California State Law.  The restaurant was about half-full on this early Tuesday evening.

Photo:  My view of Bar 101, as I perch on my stool, at the bar, enjoy a $2.00 Tecate beer, and contemplate which burger I want to order from the menu for tonight's dinner.  It's early Tuesday evening, July 08, 2014.

Photo:  Much to my luck on this early Tuesday evening were a couple of "Tecate girls" circulating around the restaurant, and offering smiles, Tecate beer encouragement, and discount drink coupons.

Photo:  After I took their photo, the "Tecate girls" put a necklace around my neck, and insisted that I have my photo taken with them. I asked the guy sitting at the bar to snap my photo, which he did, as I mug it up with the girls.  I'm definitely drinking the proper beer, as Bar 101 featured $2.00 Tecate beers, which is definitely a bargain.

Photo:  My friendly server, Gina, seems to wonder why I'm snapping her photo.  I told her about this web site, and my Facebook page, and my love to photograph beautiful women, and she sort of shrugged it off, and went about her business.  I guess she gets lots of guys who take her photo, and promise to post it on the Internet, and never do.  Well, I'm different!

Photo:  The menu consists of many "pub like" items, such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, fish and chips, and a lot more.  The menu is basic, and limited, but I just KNEW that EVERYTHING would be delicious!  After reviewing the four burgers the menu offers, I selected "The San Francisco," mostly because of the guacamole.  More on my burger later...

Photo:  I'm ready to enjoy "The San Francisco," as I pose at the bar, along with my Tecate beer.

Photo:  At Bar 101, under the "burger" section of the menu, it reads, "All our burgers are made with an 8-oz, Angus Beef Patty, topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, and our house-made thousand.  Served with your choice of French fries or slaw."  More specifically,  the menu describes "The San Francisco"  as "8-oz Angus on grilled sourdough, topped with homemade guac and Swiss.  As the menu states, you can choose between fries or cole slaw, and I 'em both, but I opted for fries, because in my mind, there is nothing that goes better with a burger than fries.  These fries were cooked PERFECTLY, just the way I LOVE them, golden brown, crispy on the outside, chewy on the outside, and neither salty or greasy, just cooked PERFECTLY!!!  Note the burger is served open faced, on a sheet of butcher paper, on top of a large, round galvanized pan.  Kind of rustic... The only condiment I added to my burger was mustard, which I always use on a burger.  The fries didn't really need anything, but the "kid" in my won out, and I squeezed ketchup on my plate to dip the fries into, as I do enjoy ketchup on my fries.

Photo:  "The San Francisco," after I put it all together, and was ready to bite into it.  "The San Francisco" burger is served on a couple pieces of grilled, sourdough bread, so is it a burger or is it a sandwich?  I don't know, but what I do know is that it's simply delicious!  I ordered my meat cooked medium, and that's how it arrived:  Medium, complete with melted Swiss cheese topping it, yum!  The lettuce, onion and tomato were fresh, and the house-made guacamole was delicious, and really made the burger.  As stated, the fries were delicious, and were some of the best fries that I've enjoyed since my visit to Hotel Jeffery a couple of weeks ago.  Whether you call it a burger or a sandwich, "The San Francisco" is delicious, and definitely a high-class dinner choice.

Bar 101 is very "clubby," and a good place to hang out, and enjoy a few drinks and a great burger with your friends.  The food is great, the people are friendly, and you can't beat the location in Roseville, or the atmosphere. Bar 101 is a great place to enjoy a delicious burger!'

Bar 101 Eats and Drinks
101 Main St.
Roseville, CA 95670
916 774-9505

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