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At the top of Ernie's menu, the words "It's a Classic!" are printed, which pretty well describes Ernie's Coffee Shop, as it's a classic diner in all regards.  They serve classic diner cuisine, and are open classic diner hours.  In Ernie's words, "Its a Classic!"

Photo:  It's 06:30 in the morning on Friday, March 18, 2016, and I'm at Ernie's Coffee Shop, in South Lake Tahoe. Ernie's has been a South Tahoe institution since 1968 and offers classic diner cuisine, with something for every taste.  It's a good thing that I brought my appetite with me, as Ernie's serves large portions, which is something that I absolutely love when I eat breakfast in a restaurant.

Photo:  In keeping with the South Lake Tahoe area, the dining room is quite rustic, but it's spacious and very comfortable, and offers a nice balance of tables, booths and a counter.  Naturally, the background music is a mix of classic oldies and country music, which seems quite fitting for this wonderful restaurant.

Ernie's menu features diner classics, including a vast array of the breakfast items you expect from a diner, and lunch items such as burgers, fish and chips, salads, sandwiches, plus beer, wine, soft drinks, shakes and malts. Breakfast is a serious thing at Ernie's as it's served anytime the restaurant is open.  Ernie's is open for breakfast and lunch.

Photo:  When I dine alone, I prefer to sit at the breakfast counter, and my chair is the second from the right.  My friendly server, Carrie, has already place a large glass on cranberry juice at my place, and I'm enjoying a mug of Ernie's delicious coffee, which really hits the spot on a frosty March morning.  The kitchen is to the left of the photo.

Photo:  My friendly server, Carrie, cheerfully agreed for me to take her photo, as she brings a portion of my breakfast.  There is nothing that I love more than a cheerful, friendly server who loves to have her photo taken! Carrie took good care of me, and even offered a refill on my large glass of cranberry juice, which I declined, as I was more in the mood for coffee.

Photo:  On my request, Carrie snaps my photo, as I settle down to tackle the "Big Mountain Breakfast."  More on the breakfast in the next photo.  Thanks, Carrie!

Photo:  At $16.95, the "Big Mountain Breakfast" isn't cheap, but you have a breakfast appetite like I do, this wonderful breakfast a good value.  You get SIX large sausage links, home fries, three eggs, biscuits and gravy, PLUS juice and coffee!  That's breakfast!  Other meat choice include six slices of bacon, four country sausage patties or a big ol' ham steak.  If prefer, you can order has browns rather than home fries.  The breakfast also includes unlimited refills of coffee and juice.  Quite a breakfast...

That's the "quantity" aspect, but what about the "quality?"  My breakfast was cooked to order, it arrived in a timely manner, and it was delicious.  This is the kind of breakfast that I love!

Ernie's Coffee Shop has been in business since 1968, and has become a South Lake Tahoe icon.  If you're looking for delicious diner cuisine - lots of it - served by friendly staff at a reasonable price, pay a visit to Ernie's, located just south of the "Y," in beautiful South Lake Tahoe.

Ernie's Coffee Shop
1207 Emerald Bay Road (U.S. Hwy 50)
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
530 541-2161

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