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Sometimes, you just have to have a hot dog!  Despite the fact that I'd just devoured one of the best carne asada tortas that I'd enjoyed since my last trip to Mexico, when I'm in the mood for a hot dog, there is no stopping me.  Hot dog outlets are limited to the lone Wienerschnitzel store on East Main Street, but I was in luck, as Wienerschnitzel was less than a block from the motel where I was staying.  

Photo:  If you've been to any Wienerschnitzel store built in the last 10 years, you've been to the outlet in Barstow. It's like any other store, in that you walk in and the counter is to your left, and the dining room is to your right.  It's bright, clean, modern and sterile.  The counter is stainless steel, and the menu board is placed above the counter. Yep, you're at Wienerschnitzel!

Photo:  It's the people that make the difference, as the building, the decor and the menu are the same at every restaurant. After placing my order of two regular dogs, I whipped out my camera and took a photo of the counter girl, Kim, who really started to ham it up for me.  The others joined in the act, and were dazzled and amazed that I was taking photos.  Doesn't everybody take der photos?  Apparently not...

Photo:  Kim is the girl to the right of the photo who took my order, and requested to take my photo!

Photo:  What was funny is after I received my order of dogs, Kim said, "You took my photo, now let me take yours," which made me laugh.  Well turnabout is fair play, so I let her take my photo, and I've published it with this article, just to show you that I'm a truthful man.  I'm wearing a down jacket, because on this Wednesday evening, December 29, 2010, the outside temperature was near the freezing mark, and there were gusty winds, making it even colder.

Photo:  My hot dogs were plain ol' dogs, garnished with only mustard, as they were out of relish (what??????) and I NEVER desecrate a hot dog by garnishing it with catsup.  The hot dogs were basic, fresh, and tasted just like any der dog served at any other Wienerschnitzel.  But heck, I satisfied my hot dog fix for the night!

1305 E. Main St.
Barstow, CA 92311
760 256-1700

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