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La Placita Mexican Restaurant doesn't have much of a web presence, and it's tucked away in a shopping center, so if you didn't know it was there, you'd easily miss it.  I noticed a few fliers with menus in the lobby of the motel where I was staying, and when I checked addresses, I saw that La Placita was just across Main Street from me, and a short block east, so for dinner on Wednesday, December 28, 2010, I chose to give La Placita Mexican Restaurant the ol' college try.

Photo:  La Placita Mexican Restaurant is very small, and only has a few tables inside, but it offers outdoor, patio dining if you're so inclined, but on this cold December evening, there were no takers.

Photo:  Owner, operator, chief cook and bottle washer Badgie, puts carne asada on the griddle for the start of my torta.  Photo was taken at the extreme rear of the restaurant, so you can see how small it is inside, and only has a few small tables.  The good thing is that you get to watch Badgie prepare the food right before your eyes, and ask him lots of questions, if you're so inclined.  La Placita reminds me of many small restaurants I've enjoyed during trips to Mexico, as you get to chat with the owner/cook/waiter as they prepare your food, right before your eyes. Note the colorful menu posted on the wall near the door.

Photo:  Close-up of the colorful menu shows all of the dishes La Placita has to offer.  I was in the mood for a carne asada torta with everything on it, as I hadn't enjoyed one since my last trip to Mexico two months prior to this visit. They offer menudo and caldo de res on weekends... got to give the menudo a try some day.

Photo:  As the carne asada is cooking on the griddle, Badgie spreads refried beans on the Mexican bolilo roll, which has already been cut in half and lightly toasted on the griddle, just like in Mexico.

Photo:  Badgie grins as he prepares my delicious torta.  I asked for everything, and I got everything, including several slices of avocado.  If you've never enjoyed an authentic Mexican torta, you're missing out on a pure slice of heaven!

Photo:  I felt since I'd taken so many photos of Badgie, that I should get him to take one of me, as I hold the torta that he had just created for me.  Yes, I'm wearing a down jacket, as the outside temperature was just under freezing, with a moderate breeze, which no doubt dipped the wind chill factor into the teens.  Check out the soft drink cooler filled with Mexican sodas...

Photo:  My carne asada torta started out on an authentic Mexican bolilo, sliced in half, lightly toasted, and loaded with carne asada, cheese, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, onions, and crema, which is essentially mayonnaise thinned with lime juice.  There are probably other condiments, but I lost track after taking one bite of this delicious Mexican sandwich.

La Placita Mexican Restaurant serves one of the best carne asada tortas that I've had the pleasure to enjoy in a long time.  Owner/operator Badgie is a nice guy, and it's good to see a 20-something operate a successful business, and produce a fine product, and a reasonable price, which at the time of this writing, was $5.25.

La Placita Mexican Restaurant
1320 E. Main St.
Barstow, CA 92311
760 255-4912

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