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Lola's Kitchen is a small, family owned and operated Mexican restaurant tucked away in a shopping center, located near the center of Barstow on Main Street.  Lola's opens at 0400 in the morning, and features delicious, home-style Mexican breakfasts, cooked by Lola herself, and stays open until 1900 in the early evening.  

On Tuesday morning, December 28, 2010, I had the pleasure to enjoy a delicious breakfast of chorizo, eggs, Mexican rice, refried beans, corn tortillas, and many cups of their perfectly blended coffee.  

Photo:  Lola's Kitchen is sandwiched between a pawn shop and a pet store, and is located at the west end of the shopping center, anchored by Barstow's only super grocery store.  If you look in the window, to the right of the door, you can see the reflection of the photographer, me, snapping this photo.

Photo:  The dining room of Lola's Kitchen is compact, (read... small) and I suspect they do a lot of take-out business, as Lola, herself, prepares an order for the gentleman dressed warmly to ward off the 32-degree chill of this Tuesday morning.  My table is located at the extreme left of the photo.  Note that Christmas decorations are still in place.

Photo:  A peek through the open door into Lola's Kitchen, literally into the kitchen, shows waiter Albert stirring a pot of beans, and Lola, barely visible behind Albert.  I love candid kitchen shots, which are a challenge due to insurance issues, but this photo was a cinch.

Photo:  My friendly server Albert poses with my breakfast, as he brings it to my table.  It's quite informal at Lola's Kitchen, as you simply walk in, sit at the table of your choice, and the server brings you a menu, and asks for your drink choices.  Let's see... at 0700 on a Tuesday morning, coffee was my beverage of choice, and along with my coffee came a bowl of fried tortilla chips and a small bowl of delicious, in-house-made red salsa.  Does it get any better than to savor a delicious hot cup of Joe, along with chips and salsa, while you're waiting for your Mexican breakfast order to arrive?  

Photo:  I'm not photo shy, so I asked Albert to photograph me just before I was to start enjoying my delicious breakfast.  If you're in a hurray, Lola's Kitchen features fast service, as from the time I placed my order, until the time it was placed on my table, was around the 10-minute mark, which is fast... fast... fast - I barely had time to ready the headlines of the newspaper before my breakfast order arrived.

Photo:  Lola's Kitchen menu offers authentic breakfast, lunch and dinner Mexican entrées, but since I was here for breakfast, I ordered a classic Mexican breakfast of chorizo, mixed with eggs, refried beans, rice, and corn tortillas. I'm a coffee lover, so I ordered coffee as my beverage of choice; the chips and salsa are complementary with the meal.

If you don't believe me, goggle "barstow lola kitchen" and you'll receive many reviews.  Most are very favorable, a few aren't, but I'm not writing for "them," as I only review restaurants for this web site.  OK, Lola's Kitchen offers a delicious Mexican breakfast at an attractive price, and I absolutely love Lola's!  Highly recommended!

Lola's Kitchen
1244 E. Main St.
Barstow, CA 92311
760 255-1007

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