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Wednesday morning, December 29, 2010, I got up early, not quite sure of what I was going to do today - probably more railroad watching - but I was sure of a couple of things:  a)  I was hungry  b)  I was hungry for an authentic Mexican breakfast.  Before arriving in Barstow, I'd googled for restaurants in Barstow that offer Mexican breakfasts, and I came up with several names, including Lola's Kitchen, where I'd enjoyed breakfast the morning before, and Los Domingos Mexican Restaurant, which is located in the local Quality Inn.  In the United States, I'd never heard of a Mexican restaurant located inside a hotel, so I had to give Los Domingos a try.  

Photo:  Los Domingos Mexican Restaurant is located inside the Quality Inn, at the east end of town.  That's my truck parked in front, complete with a vast array of radio antennas, which goes with the territory, since I'm an avid amateur radio operator.

Photo:  You walk through a hallway, turn to your right, and you come to the counter of the restaurant, where I was greeted by friendly Laner, who was the only server working in the restaurant on this Wednesday morning.  I got to chatting with her, and she told me that the restaurant is owned by three chefs, and that she is originally from Long Beach, but "came to Barstow to look for a career, but only found a job."  She asked my what I was planning to do for New Years Eve, and I told her that I was planning to be home with my family, and she said that she was planning to stay in town with her boyfriend, and just "kick back." 

Photo:  Los Domingo's has a large, and very tastefully decorated dining room, and offers a great view of the courtyard and the pool.  On this early Wednesday morning, there was only one other customer in the restaurant, so the place was pretty empty.  During summer months, I can imagine sitting at one of the booths near the window, sipping an icy cold margarita, and watching girls in their swimsuits lounging around the pool.  Naught!  I'd rather be railfanning!

Photo:  I talked Laner into taking her photo after she'd placed my order on the table.  After I sat down at the sable, she brought the menu, and a bowl of fresh, warm tortilla chips, and a bowl of delicious salsa.  Wow!  I love chips and salsa for breakfast!

Photo:  Laner took my photo, as I'm about ready to dig in.  Los Domingo's menu features items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it's more than extensive - it's gigantic.  The menu features two pages of breakfast combination dishes.  I chose tamale and eggs, as I'd never had that particular combination before.

Photo:  I was already enjoying chips and red salsa arrived, when Laner brought my breakfast to the table, and I was surprised to see that it included a bowl of green salsa.  Check it out:  Refried beans, a beef tamale with two fried eggs placed on top, hashbrowns and coffee.  Ultimately, I poured all of the salsa verde on my hashbrowns... this is one of the best breakfasts that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  Do yourself a favor when you're in Barstow and pay a visit to Los Domingo's Mexican Restaurant.

Photo:  Sonny, who is a regular customer, sat in the booth next to me, and he and Laner know each other quite well, so I joined in the conversation.  This guy swears by the restaurant, and says he eats breakfast here at least once a week. You know something?  If I lived in Barstow, I'd definitely join him for breakfast every week.

The price of my breakfast, including coffee and California state sales tax, came to a little under $10.00.  I was so impressed with the quality and quantity of my breakfast, and Laner's outstanding service, cheerful personality, and answering all of my questions, that I rewarded her with a $5.00 tip, which in turn, I was rewarded with a sincere "thank you."  Thank you, Laner, and Los Domingos Mexican Restaurant for one of the best breakfast that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy!

Los Domingos Mexican Restaurant
1520 E. Main St.
Barstow, CA 92311
760 256-1381

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