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Here's a riddle for "foodies:"  What do mounted animals and Mexican food have in common?  Yes, it's not a common combination, especially in the Mojave desert.  I won't keep you in suspense any longer... Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant, in the charming desert city of Barstow. which is one of my favorite places to visit. You would think Casa Jimenez would be located in Alaska, as the restaurant showcases mounted animals not found anyplace near Barstow.  The mounted animals are entertaining, and the food is delicious...

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early Sunday evening, May 28, 2017, and we're HUNGRY for great Mexican food, and we know we've come to the right place.  Today we spent all day four wheeling in the Stoddard Valley area, during CA4WDC's Hi Desert Roundup 2017.  Casa Jimenez features lots of parking; if you can't find a space in front, there's plenty of parking out back.

Photo:  The spacious, clean, comfortable dining room as you enter.  Most likely the first thing you'll notice are the mounted animals.  I believe Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant has more mounted animals on the walls than a nature museum!  As soon as you enter, a friendly greeter will seat you.  I didn't know there were zebras in Barstow, but there's one mounted on the wall.

Photo:  Lots of mounted animals near the cashier's station as you enter the restaurant.  The full-service bar is to the right, obscured by mounted animals.  I wonder what a believer in P.E.T.A. would do when they enter the restaurant and see all of the "dead" animals?  Flatline?  Most likely...

Photo:  Our server, who's name I neglected to get, takes our order.  In the photo, we're looking towards the entrance to the restaurant... more mounted animals.

Photo:  After placing our orders, I wandered around the dining room, snapping photos of various mounted animals. As I was doing this, I got a peek into the kitchen, and like always, I snapped a photo.

Photo:  I especially liked the tom turkey mounted high above the cashier's station, flanked by a couple of mule deer.  There are many complete mounted animals, even some fish.  Somehow, I neglected to ask our server the story behind all of the animals.  Next time I visit Barstow, I'll know what to do.  Casa Jimenez is definitely on my "bucket list," as they serve Mexican, and American breakfast, along with menudo every day.

Photo:  Our dinners arrive, as Robert and Darold look on.  Casa Jimenez features fast service, as our dinners arrived only about 15 minutes after placing our orders.

Photo:  Thanks to our server for snapping our photo, as we smile, as we know we're about to enjoy a delicious dinner at Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant.  From left to right, Robert Kipperman, Darold Cooper, and me, your author, photographer and web master.

Photo:  Robert ordered the #23 from the dinner menu, which is the "Jimenez Special, Carne Asada con Frijoles de la Olla," which is basically carne asada and pot beans, along with vegetables.  Check out the steam, as this dish arrived hot from the kitchen on a cast iron skillet.  Robert loved his dinner!

Darold wasn't as hungry as Robert and I, so he ordered a burrito, rice and beans.  

Photo:  After four wheeling all day, I felt like fish, so I ordered the #69, which is "Majarra Frita - Pan Fried Fish, Fries and Salad."  The menu didn't say anything about including rice and beans, along with a large stack of corn tortillas, but I was hungry, and I didn't turn it down.

The fried fish was tilapia, which is very common in Mexican restaurants.  The fish was perfectly fried, and actually had a lot of meat.  When I was finished, all that remained was a skeleton, skin, and the head and tail.  The fries, rice, beans, tortillas and salad were delicious.  I loved my dinner, and left with a full stomach, and a smile on my face.

Such a delicious dinner!  All three of us raved about the food, the friendly service, and, naturally, the mounted animals.  When you're in Barstow, and you're in the mood for delicious, authentic Mexican food, stop by Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant.

Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant
925 Barstow Rd.
Barstow, CA 92311
760 252-3346

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