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In the lovely coastal town of Cambria, the main street in town, appropriately named "Main Street," roughly parallels Santa Rose Creek, which offers lots of wonderful scenery, and history.  The creek also offers fine dining, as the wonderful restaurant, Creekside Garden Cafe, offers fine breakfast and lunch, in a comfortable, outdoor setting.

Photo:  Creekside Garden Cafe is located in a small shopping center, just off Main Street, in Cambria.  Unless you know the area, the restaurant could be a little hard to find, but once you find it, you'll never miss it again. Creekside is open for breakfast and lunch, but a couple of nights a week, they're open for dinner to exclusively serve Mexican food.  Note-to-me:  I need to hit them up for dinner during my next visit to Cambria, as I'd LOVE to try their Mexican food.  

Photo:  On this mid Thursday morning, October 14, 2014, the indoor dining room is quite bare, as everybody is enjoying the patio, due to the gorgeous weather.  The entrance to the kitchen can be seen in the center of the photo.

Photo:  A portion of the breakfast menu.  Note that breakfast is served all day, which is a "checkered flag" if you're a breakfast lover, as I am.  Since Creekside Garden Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch only - with a couple of exceptions - the menu is focused on breakfast, which puts a smile on my face.

Photo:  The large and spacious patio offers comfortable outdoor dining on a beautiful day, such as today.  If the weather is chilly, Creekside Garden Cafe's patio includes large propane-fired heaters.  Umbrellas provide shade from the sometimes-warm sun, and the winter rain.

Photo:  Meet Ramon, our friendly and attentive server.  Ramon was super friendly, always had a smile on his face, and truly a nice person.

Photo:  Thanks, Ramon, for snapping a photo of Sharlene and I, as we prepare to enjoy our delicious breakfasts. Creekside Garden Cafe is a great restaurant to enjoy a wonderful breakfast, and the thought of a Creekside breakfast definitely brings a smile to Sharlene and I.

Photo:  Sharlene ordered the "Town and Country Scramble," which included scrambled eggs, green onions, Cheddar cheese, home style potatoes, and a whole lot more.  

Photo:  From the "Egg Citing" section of the menu, my breakfast was simply called "Cambrian."  The highlight of the menu, is the biscuits and gravy, and you get a choice of bacon or sausage - I chose, as always, sausage - home style potatoes, and two eggs cooked to your order.  Basically, it's biscuits and gravy, with a touch of Cambria thrown in, which made a perfect breakfast for me.

Cambria is "touristy" and somewhat expensive, and although the price of food is a tad steep at Creekside Garden Cafe, the restaurant represents an excellent value, due to the quality, quantity, wonderful atmosphere, along with the friendly and gracious service.  We're glad we enjoyed such a wonderful breakfast experience at Creekside Garden Cafe.

Creekside Garden Cafe
2114 Main St.
Cambria, CA 93428
805 927-8646

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