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A month or so ago, we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast meeting at Rivers Edge Caf, which is one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, and the charming owner of the restaurant, Shannen Park, introduced us to Melissa Cabral, who is a reporter for the local news/magazine show, Good Day Sacramento, which we watch on a regular basis.  Melissa expressed interest in joining us for one of our meetings, and since Good Day Sacramento is a fun a "quirky" show, we chose to meet at Uptown Caf, since it's a "quirky" restaurant, and offers some of the best food on the planet. So after arranging things with Good Day Sacramento, and George Karyszym, the chef, and owner of Uptown Caf, things all came together at 0900 on Friday, March 01, 2013.

Photo:  Uptown Caf features a mural, which only provides a clue of the decor that awaits inside.  Unlike many other businesses in this part of Sacramento, Uptown Caf offers ample, free parking.

Photo:  Uptown Caf's kitchen is located in the "original" building, and besides the kitchen, it offers counter dining for two!  Yes that's right, counter dining for two people!  Did I say, "compact?"  Uptown Caf is actually the combination of three, separate, co-located buildings that combined into the current configuration when owner, George Karyszym purchased the business 17 years ago.  

Photo:  Our friendly server, Tracy, who happens to be owner George's daughter, gives me her award-winning smile as I photograph her hard at work.  The time clock says it's 0822, on this beautiful, sunny first day of March, 2013. The outlook:  A delicious breakfast!

Photo:  Uptown Caf is composed of three... maybe four... entities, depending on how you count them.  Count them... the kitchen and "compact" breakfast counter, the "patio," complete with wood burning stove, (not shown in this write-up,) the main dining room, which is shown in this photo, as Tia takes an order, and the "other" dining room, where we were seated.  That adds up to four venues.  Any way you look at it, the food is good!

Photo:  We're on live television, as Good Day Sacramento reporter, Melissa Cabral, prepares to perform a "taste test," to blindfolded Sean and I, on live television.  Backing up a bit, a during the 0700 hour of the show, Melissa and fellow anchor Julissa Ortiz baked Girl Scout cookies live on tv, which was quite a production.  So the plan was to have members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, along with George Karyszym, the owner of Uptown Caf, to perform a blindfolded taste test, to see which cookies were the best:  Ju and Mel's or the genuine article.  Sadly, the "genuine article" won out, by a 66% margin... Sacramento Breakfast Club salutes the efforts of Mel and Ju!

Photo:  While Sean and I were blindfolded, and on live television, Tracy brought our breakfasts to our table.  Darn, as I could smell my breakfast, but I couldn't dig into it, as I was doing the "taste test" for Good Day Sacramento.

Photo:  Dan ordered salmon for breakfast... it's on the breakfast menu!  ... SALMON!!!  How many restaurants in Sacramento, or anywhere else, offer salmon, blackened, at Dan's request!  Eggs, tomatoes, custom-ordered by Dan, toast and more... Dan's breakfast at Uptown Caf!  You get the idea... great breakfast!

Photo:  In a previous visit to Uptown Caf, I ordered bratwurst and eggs, which was today's intention, but when I saw the new and revised menu - Tracy put it together and did the graphics - I could not resist to order catfish and eggs, Cajun style.  Of course, the award-winning home style potatoes, which you must eat to believe, as the potatoes are "that good," and sourdough toast on the side.  Yes, I truly wanted bratwurst, as where else in Sacramento can you be served bratwurst and eggs for breakfast but at Uptown Caf?  Or, where else in California can you be served bratwurst and eggs for breakfast?  I guess I was in a weird mood, as catfish won out.  But... it's all good!

Photo:  Camera guy Scott focuses the CW31 television camera on the Sacramento Breakfast Club, as  Melissa Cabral, talks about our breakfast adventures on live Sacramento television.  The owner of Uptown Caf, George Karyszym, is at the extreme right of the photo.  George was very instrumental in welcoming Good Day Sacramento and the Sacramento Breakfast Club to his fine restaurant this morning, which made for a delightful experience.

Photo:  Uptown Caf provided the Sacramento Breakfast Club with a complimentary New Orleans-style beignets, as Melissa is proud to display for my digital camera.  I have to admit that it took a bit of web surfing for me to come up with the correct pronunciation of "beignets."  

Photo:  Today's members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right, Sean McCloud, Bev MacLeod, Sharlene Rench, Teri McCloud, Dan MacLeod, Melissa Cabral, and Eric Rench.  As usual, Sean flashes his Carmichael gang sign... we're used to it!

Add it all up:  Funky decor, superior service, delicious food, a GIGANTIC breakfast menu, and fun, friendly people. Any day, Uptown Caf is a great place to enjoy breakfast, but when you add Good Day Sacramento, it makes a superior breakfast experience!  Add it up and it makes Uptown Caf a total winner, in the eyes of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  Highly recommended for a superior breakfast experience!

Uptown Caf
1121 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815
916 649-2233

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