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"Old Town" Roseville, California recently has undergone a several-million dollar makeover by the City of Roseville, and it's a wonderful, fun place to go, as it contains many vibrant clubs and locally-owned-and-operated, one-of-kind restaurants, which is the specialty of The Sacramento Breakfast Club.  During my many sojourns to "Old Town," I'd noticed the Pacific Street Cafe, and I noted that it seemed to be the sort of restaurant that our club prefers to visit. Friday, May 9, 2008 turned out to be my day to pick the restaurant, (and pay for it...) so Pacific Street Cafe seemed to be the logical choice.  

Photo:  Pacific Street Cafe is located in beautiful "Old Town" Roseville, which has recently undergone a multi-million dollar restoration.  Note the attractive landscaping and the brick crosswalk, all part of the project.

Pacific Street Cafe is located at the corner of Pacific and Lincoln streets, in an Victorian-era brick building, in "Old Town" Roseville.  The restaurant gets it's name from the fact that it's located on Pacific Street, and the right across Pacific Street are the Union Pacific railroad tracks which lead over Donner Pass, over the Sierra Nevada mountains to Reno, and points east.  Of course the restaurant is locally owned and operated, and their menu features their slogan, "A Friendly Eatery Dedicated To Fine Foods and A Friendly Atmosphere."  That mission statement pretty well describes the wonderful dining experience that you will enjoy, but there's so much more...

Photo:  The large-scale model train enters a "tunnel," which is actually a partition between dining rooms, as two of the efficient wait-staff go about their duties, not paying any attention to the fascinating model railroad.

The interior decor is clean, spacious, airy and modern, yet it attempts to recreate the atmosphere of a early twentieth century restaurants, which such touches as paneled waist coating, carved molding, flowered wallpaper, hanging, bank-style light fixtures, and paintings with gilded frames.  Modern touches include recessed lighting, pastel decor, and realistic-looking artificial plants.  To add to the intrigue, Pacific Street Cafe features a large-scale model railroad that runs on a track near the ceiling, that circles the restaurant.  The railroad is quite impressive, as it features curves, tunnels and scenery, and the train slowly circles the restaurant every few minutes.  This isn't your typical choo-choo train, as it's a merchandise train consisting of a couple of dozen cars, lead by two model Southern Pacific EMD GP-38 diesel locomotives, and tailed by a model caboose.  It's a pretty impressive sight!  If you like to watch the real thing, just look out the windows and you can watch Union Pacific's busy main line in action as you enjoy a fine meal.  If you're a "railfan," this is the place for you!

Photo:  Brad and Lauren seem to lock eyes, as Brad places his order of eggs benedict, with a huge platter of biscuits and gravy on the side.  David and Dan are still pondering their choices from the extensive menu.

Pacific Street Cafe is open from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm daily, so naturally they serve breakfast and lunch only, which is a huge plus in our book, as you just know the restaurant's heart and soul is in the breakfast that they serve! Their breakfast menu includes two full pages of any breakfast entrée that a breakfast lover could hope to choose from, and their menu is spiral-bound, which is something we've never seen before.  The owners of the restaurant must have a keen eye for beauty, as at the time of our visit, the wait staff was composed entirely of attractive, young waitresses.  As we were to find out, the wait staff is not only attractive, but they are personable, friendly and very efficient.  Beauty... efficiency... beauty...  efficiency... Wow!

Photo:  Friendly waitress Lauren brings my platter of tri-tip and eggs, and David's corned beef hash, topped with two fried eggs to our table.  Her efficiency, and award-winning smile are worth a million dollars or more.

We had the pleasure to be served by friendly Lauren, who is not only very attractive, but posesses a "bubbly" personality, and performs her job with outstanding efficiency, and makes the diner feel at home.  She must have been born to be a waitress, or she must be a graduate of Waitress 101, as she's that good of a server, and truly easy of the eyes of this 50-something webmaster...  We really appreciate a restaurant the features friendly and efficient service.  

Photo:  Today's Sacramento Breakfast Club members are, from left to right, Dan MacLeod, David Demario, Eric Rench, your author and webmaster, Jesse Chavez and Brad "Cabbage Patch" Holther.  Friendly Lauren took the photo, as a result of her outstanding service and friendly nature, I left her a $20.00 tip for a $60.00 meal.

We entered breakfast nirvana when our orders arrived, as each meal was attractively presented, and featured ample portions.  Beauty is only skin-deep, and the rubber meets the road when your fork meets the meal, and we were instantly transported to breakfast heaven when the fork met our mouths.  If you're a lover of a breakfast composed of fresh ingredients, cooked to perfection, reasonably priced and attractively presented, than Pacific Street Cafe is your kind of restaurant.  If I was limited to a single word to describe my meal, the word would simply be... delicious.

Each of us ordered a different item from the extensive menu, as the idea was to compare notes.  We're buddies, and we value each other's opinion on... what else?  Breakfast entrées of course!  In my case, I order tri-tip, homestyle potatoes, eggs, french bread, and a bowl of gravy on the side.  My heart yearned for the biscuits and gravy platter, but my mind ordered me to sample the trip-tip steak, as I'd never experienced tri-tip for breakfast. New adventures, new conquests...

Photo:  My breakfast consisted of the tri-tip steak and eggs, along with home style potatoes, french toast, side dish of gravy, and a bottomless mug of some of the best coffee that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  Note the small cup of barbecue sauce on the plate, which is just right for dipping pieces of the steak into.  As a dedicated grilling fan, I appreciated the attractive grill marks, seared on the steak.  Talk about an attractive presentation!

Take a blender and pour into the glass jar these factors:  Attractive decor, great service, outstanding cosine. Whirl all of the ingredients together for a minute or two, and the result is Roseville's Pacific Street Cafe.  The restaurant has been a local favorite for many years, and after today's visit, it will become a regular restaurant, on the long list of favorite breakfast restaurants, maintained by The Sacramento Breakfast Club.  Pacific Street Cafe is highly recommended by members of The Sacramento Breakfast Club. 

Pacific Street Cafe
310 Lincoln Street
Roseville, CA 95678
916 782-5673

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