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Sacramento, the capitol city of the great state of California, is a city with a population approaching nearly 500,000 folks, and it's a wonderful place to live and work, as it offers reasonable housing prices, by California standards that is, and the area features a diverse amount of recreational opportunities, from the opera to the great outdoors, and everything else that you could imagine.  If you're a connoisseur of breakfasts, Sacramento offers enough fine breakfast restaurants to keep a breakfast-addict in business for many months, without going to the same restaurant twice. Yet some restaurants are worth visiting again and again, and Eggie's Coffee Shop, located on busy Fulton Ave., definitely fits into the repeat-visit category of restaurant, worth of the efforts of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.


Photo:  It's gray and dreary outside, but it's warm and cheery inside of Eggie's Coffee Shop, on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA.

Eggie's Coffee Shop is not a chain restaurant, and outside of the Sacramento area, few folks have probably heard of it.  It's a locally-owned and operated, mom and pop style restaurant, that has been at the same location for 27 years.  Because of the fact that the restaurant is locally-owned, it caters to the tastes of its clientele, which are the local residents of the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento, CA.  If you want to experience the local coffee shop cuisine of Sacramento, pay a visit to Eggie's.

As you walk through the double glass doors - are the doors configured the way they are to keep the "green guys" happy, or is it just housekeeping, or simple economics? - whatever... as you walk in, you're greeted by a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign:  Today, Friday, February 19, 2010,  I was the vanguard of the Sacramento Breakfast Club and since I was all by my "lonesome," I was offered a seat at the breakfast bar, or one of the many tables for two. Well, I explained what was going to happen, so I was pointed to the "dining room" of the restaurant, which features mixture of a ratio of 80/20 of tables vs. booths.  In our case, since we're a club, tables won over booths, and since I was the vanguard of today's club meeting I shoved several tables into place, to accommodate today's members.


Photo:  Inside Eggie's with the breakfast counter and the kitchen to the right, and the entrance to the dining room, where we were seated, to the left, rear of the photo.  You could say the decor is a bit on the "retro" side...

The decor of the restaurant is rather plain and simple, and could be described as "countyish," in keeping with the spirit of Sacramento, but it's comfortable, squeaky clean, friendly, and after you walk in the door, you'll feel at home.  The decor features waistcoated, paneled walls with peeling wallpaper and crooked, framed pictures, but what the heck? ... that's Café Americana...   If you live in Sacramento, chances are you'll know the guy at the counter, or the couple in the booth next to you, as the majority of the patrons are all friendly, local residents.

Since no longer work the night shift, I have a tendency to be the vanguard of the club, but I'm usually a sleepy vanguard, as today, like most meetings, I'd completed my shift at midnight, drove home, slept a bit, and found myself, sitting in Eggie's main dining room, sipping coffee at a table for 10, at 07:45 in the morning.  Actually, the friendly waiter, José and I pushed four tables together so all of the club members could sit together, and spread out a bit.  It wasn't a problem, as the restaurant wasn't particularly busy, and we practically had the dining room to ourselves.  Shortly after 08:00, when the club members began to arrive, I was on my fifth or sixth cup of coffee; by then I'd pretty much lost count.  


Photo:  Our waiter, José places Matt's breakfast on the table before him, as Bev looks on.  My plate of linguica and eggs is in the foreground; the biscuits and gravy have yet to arrive.


Photo:  My breakfast of a 6-oz linguica sausage, perfectly grilled, country style potatoes, two eggs over easy, and my favorite side dish, biscuits and gravy.  Check out the attractive grill marks on the sausage.

Like many of the restaurants we frequent, Eggie's is open for breakfast and lunch only - that's a green flag for members of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  Their menu offers an amazing array of good ol' American comfort food selections, with any classic breakfast entrée you could imagine, but the menu does include a few surprises, such as British bangers and Louisiana hot links.  You don't often see bangers on a breakfast menu, and yes, I was sorely tempted to order bangers, but linguica and eggs won out, as I'd been thinking about linguica since our last club meeting.

Our orders arrived in a timely manner, with our waiter José getting a helping hand from Betty, a long-term waitress who we've had the pleasure to meet during previous visits.  Our breakfasts arrived fresh and hot from the kitchen, presented just as you'd expect, and prepared exactly as ordered.  The portions are huge, the prices are reasonable, and the service is fast and friendly.  You can't go wrong enjoying breakfast at Eggie's Coffee Shop.

Since we don't live in a perfect world, the only negative thing that I can say about Eggie's is that their parking lot is too small, as we had to park about a block away and hike to the restaurant.  On an afterthought, maybe that's not a bad thing, as a little exercise both coming and going from the restaurant will help burn a few unneeded calories that you're sure to acquire after a breakfast at Eggie's.


Photo:  Today's Sacramento Breakfast Members, from left to right:  Brad Holther, Bev MacLeod, Matt Donnelly, David DeMario, Mark McIntire, Sergio Gaona, Dan MacLeod, DeAnn Harris, and yours truly, Eric Rench, who got a little cut out of the photo.  Thanks to our waiter José for taking the photo.

You'll walk away from Eggie's Coffee Shop with a smile on your face, a very full stomach, and a lot of greenbacks left in your wallet.  The Sacramento Breakfast Club absolutely loves Eggie's - today's visit was the third official meeting held at Eggie's - and you will too.  Eggie's Coffee Shop is highly recommend by the Sacramento Breakfast Club!

Eggie's Coffee Shop
1650 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95825
916 488-4356

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